Writing extras…

When I write fiction, my mind automatically begins to think around what I am writing.  Is there another short story in this?  Is there a spin-off I could write?  Would it be interesting to write this from another’s perspective?  What if the main character makes a different decision; how would that change the outcome?

Writing about Andromache Jones and the things she get’s up to as part of River Garden’s Mystical Service is no different.  For The Magician, I came up with the idea of a fictional newspaper article, written from the viewpoint of a sceptical journalist.  For The Apparition, it was a River Garden’s Mystical Service leaflet that Andromache gives out to those taking one of her courses.  It’s title, ‘How to Sense Paranormal Presences’.  I am hoping to get these posted soon on my Andromache Jones site.

Of course, these little extras are nothing more than an amusing side to the stories, at least to me.  If you haven’t read the stories they are based around, the likelihood is that they will pose no interest to you.  However, it shows that the story isn’t always necessarily over when you reach the end, and that the characters and the storyline, the setting and the themes, have the potential to continue to inspire.

A little bit of inspiration can go along way…

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