Breaking Out of One’s Comfort Zone

Ada's JackI have been away for a few days, for a lovely break in Shropshire.  I love Shrewsbury; it’s such a beautiful town and I always feel inspired after visiting.  Whilst away this time, I decided to challenge myself to write something completely out of my comfort zone…a love story set during The Great War, AND…post it as I write it on Wattpad, a chapter at a time.

I don’t usually like to share what I have written until I have it perfect, at least to my eyes 🙂  I also have never shared something that wasn’t finished first, so I really feel like I am pushing myself with this challenge.  And yes, it is making me terribly nervous…

I’m not sure that I am completely happy with the title of the story or the front cover at present, but that is something that I can work on at a later date.

Here is the description of the story:

Ada’s Jack: A Tale of Love and The Great War

Ada’s Jack tells the story of a young woman in love at the start of The Great War. The young man she loves is eighteen year old Jack Baker, who also happens to be her brother’s best friend. Like millions of people across the world, their plans for a happy future are put on hold as young men are called up or volunteer for war service. But what will become of them?

Please check out the first chapter AND let me know what you think by following this link:

Ada’s Jack Chapter One

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