The Water Wytch – my first piece in print!

Elemental foundations cover

I am still in shock, I think…

Back in the middle of April I submitted a short story to a print anthology.  It was my first attempt at doing so.  Fear and nerves were largely responsible for not trying before hand.  But for once, instead of giving into the fear, I pushed on through and submitted anyway…

And look what happened.  I got a short story published – in print!  I admit, I waited until the day my contributors copy of the book arrived (yesterday) before I dared to believe it really happened, spending the weeks in between waiting to be told there had been some kind of mistake.  But, it’s here, in black and white…The Water Wytch

It came with a pretty bookmark too, placed on the first page of my story.  What a lovely touch.  Those people at Zimbell House Publishing are great.elemental foundations bookmark

I still can’t believe it.  I can’t wait to read the other eight tales of elemental magic, next to which my own sits humbly, but no less proud.  Dreams really can come true…

Some useful Elemental Foundation links:

 Elemental Foundations on the publishers website | Smashwords | Amazon

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