Silence and Shadows…(Earthbound #2)

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As time moves on, I cannot help but wonder.

Where am I from?  Who am I?  What am I?  Why am I here and not there?

Confusion reigns.  So many questions, and so few answers.

Each night, when darkness falls, I am reminded of my strangeness.  I ask for silence, but instead I get shadows.  Shadows that whisper messages in moonlight and starlight, telling me things that cannot possibly be true, no matter how many times I beg them to shush.  I want to be normal.   I don’t understand.

One night, something within me snaps and I run out of the house.  Through the woods I go, darting around trees, over logs and across ditches I can’t see.  I am oblivious to the dark.  The ground gets steeper; I climb higher and higher until I’m there; a clearing in the middle of the forest, atop a small hill.  A place I have never been before.  A place I never knew existed.

I look up, expectantly, my heart racing.  The moon is shining bright and strong, surrounded by a sea of stars.

I call out to them.

And then I wait…

2 thoughts on “Silence and Shadows…(Earthbound #2)

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