A Song of Summer

Come walk with me

Through fields of barley

Come sing with me

As we make dollies of corn

Come laugh with me

Crossing meadows of wildflowers

Let’s dance in the sunshine

On the daisy-strewn lawn.


Come walk with me

Beneath the cool forest canopy

Come sing with me

Standing on the ancient hilltop

Come laugh with me

Skipping over dry, twisting stream-beds

Let’s dance in the moonshine

Never thinking to stop.


Come walk with me

Along hidden fairy pathways

Come sing with me

Down by the riverside

Come laugh with me

Dashing in and out of the hedgerows

Let’s dance in the starshine

For the rest of our lives.

~  *  ~

What would your song of summer say?  What would you include?  Feel free to leave a verse or two below 🙂


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