Inspired by the Spirit of Place

I have written before about the Spirit of Place, most recently at the beginning of June as part of a blogging challenge.  The post, Echoing the Past: The Spirit of Place explored my thoughts, feelings and experiences on the subject as I explained why it is so important to me.

This week I had the good fortune to be again inspired by the spirit of place. The setting was a picnic beneath an old oak tree, in the middle of the English countryside, which offered views for miles and miles around, as well as the chance to glimpse buzzards, red kites and rainbows.  However, the most captivating part of the day had to be being able to look on as rain moved along the river valley…

rain in the valleyThe gnarled oak tree itself was enchanting…

gnarled oak

…and the view from underneath it, looking up into it’s rich, green boughs fired my imagination …

beneath the old oakIt has been some time since I have been so moved by a place.  The only problem is, I am inspired to be writing things I shouldn’t be working on at the moment…I should be working on ghost stories and my next Andromache Jones mystery amongst other things but all I want to do is write more poetry about the natural world, the spirits of the earth, and of course, the green man…after all, it was his tree I was sitting beneath…

Being inspired by the spirit of place effects me in different ways to other sources of inspiration…perhaps it has something to do with being completely immersed in it.  What you see, hear, touch, taste and smell is all influenced by the environment you are in.  It can’t be switched off…

At any rate, this place now has a hold over my heart…I would love to see how it is altered by moonlight, and I think it would be a splendid place to watch the sunrise on a solstice morning…

Wishing you a weekend full of inspiration x

15 thoughts on “Inspired by the Spirit of Place

  1. Hey Sammi,

    To have sat with you once beneath the shaded bough to enjoy the company of your commentary was delightful. To do so again and slide still deeper into the vivacity of a joyous moment with you and share the resplendent panorama from beneath a virile canopy of arching green.. whether pooled in dappled moonlight or warmed by the rays of the sun, your spirit of place unravels me still further Sammi…one could almost steal a fragrant kiss from the lips of the moist wind…

    It’ a beautiful location and I can truly understand why you find a strong sense of beauty and attachment to nature here, why it has a hold over your heart 🙂

    I think watching sunrise on the Solstice from here would be an enchanting affair. From this vantage point, would the sun’s passage bring it to rise and crest the distant hills? How charming might that be. The English countryside has been so often described in words of poets and artwork from the masters and still she continues to amaze us with her wonder and grace…I love her ever changing mood, she seems dressed for all occasions.

    I do so enjoy the sensitivity in your words, the reach they have extending to reveal more of your enigmatic mystery. The moment has evidently left you inspired, smoothed like a pebble in one of your stream photographs by the caress of an immersive communion with passing grace and beauty. Whilst you feel inspired by nature and so loving towards her Green Man, so might the energetic connection find ways to channel itself from your heart and flow out through your pen and onto your Blog. I look forward to reading what you share.

    The upward elevation of the photograph into the trees is powerfully expressive of growth and vitality. The vibrancy of green hues and the bleed of skylight sprinkled between leaves and branches is wonderfully relaxing, and I feel my cares and woes gently taken upwards and dispersed to the ends of branches. The fractal like patternation of branches and leaves is unfathomably calming and reflective…knowing there is no end to elegance in nature’s bountiful song means I can go on whistling it forever.

    I have thoroughly enjoyed the sweetness of your spiritual place Sammi, the location feels very comfortable amidst the coolness of a passing shower when warmed by your company.

    I must ask…did you find and wish upon a single ‘desire’ being fulfilled this week? Perhaps it was again meeting with the Green Man? 🙂


    DN – 25/07/2015

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    • Hey Dewin,

      I hope you are well and are having an inspired weekend. Thank you for another beautifully poetic, enthralling comment – it was a pleasure to read 🙂

      To have you sit once with me beneath the old oak tree as I shared this enchantment was a blessing but to have your company and thoughts twice is something to cherish 🙂

      Alas, the hills in the photo are to the north, but I can imagine the sun rising in the east would flood the river valley with early morning sunlight and still provide enough of a spectacle to be inspiring. However, the idea of watching the sun rise or even set over distant hills is another enchanting vision that has been scribbled on to my list for the future…

      I did find something to wish for this week, and I do believe that the Green Man was the answer 🙂 Aren’t you very astute…

      Have a wonderful weekend, full of the brightest of blessings,


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  2. Hey Sammi,

    I think you all but taste his presence and feel the swell of summer push deeply into the rose of your heart.

    In light of your touching response, I thought of this beautiful poem, and felt a desire to share it with you…

    ~ To Earthward ~ by Robert Frost ~

    Love at the lips was touch
    As sweet as I could bear;
    And once that seemed too much;
    I lived on air
    That crossed me from sweet things,
    The flow of – was it musk
    From hidden grapevine springs
    Down hill at dusk?
    I had the swirl and ache
    From sprays of honeysuckle
    That when they’re gathered shake
    Dew on the knuckle.
    I craved strong sweets, but those
    Seemed strong when I was young;
    The petal of the rose
    It was that stung.
    Now no joy but lacks salt
    That is not dashed with pain
    And weariness and fault;
    I crave the stain
    Of tears, the aftermark
    Of almost too much love,
    The sweet of bitter bark
    And burning clove.
    When stiff and sore and scarred
    I take away my hand
    From leaning on it hard
    In grass and sand,
    The hurt is not enough:
    I long for weight and strength
    To feel the earth as rough
    To all my length.

    Have a wonderful evening. Sweet desires and sweeter dreams for when you get there 🙂


    DN – 25/07/2015

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  3. Hey Sammi,

    May I leave you another poem for idle contemplation?

    ~ Within this Earthen Vessel ~ by ~ Kabir

    WITHIN this earthen vessel are bowers and groves,

    and within it is the Creator:
    Within this vessel are the seven oceans

    and the unnumbered stars.
    The touchstone and the jewel-appraiser are within;
    and within this vessel the Eternal soundeth,

    and the spring wells up.
    Kabîr says:

    “Listen to me, my Friend!

    My beloved Lord is within.”


    DN – 25/07/2015

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    • Good morning Dewin,

      From poetic comments to comments full of poetry 🙂 Thank you for posting both of these poems. I have never read either before – in fact, I had never come across Kabir before, so I have had an enlightening, educating morning 🙂 The Robert Frost poem is an especially beautiful, evocative read and the way nature is used to illustrate both the joy and pain of love is the perfect mirror of expression…

      Have a wonderful day,


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  4. Good afternoon Sammi,

    Grizzled and smudged across the morning much like the grey sky, this little slice of Wales woke sleepily this morning to rain and chill, and a day reminiscent of autumn…

    Is this the end of summer already I ask as I close the open windows and pull-on another sweater from the drawer?

    The poems are a pleasure…Kabir is a favourite of mine, although a relatively recent find. I find much of his work reads as would a soliloquy…his words formed from a private conversations that he has within. Robert Frost’s work enjoys many close associations with nature: this poem is as you suggest a mirroring address of Love and Life, and the tragedy of living both, loving both, and losing both as well as we travel en route to embracing the weight of rough earth upon us.

    I had hope you’d enjoy the darker edge to this beautiful poem. The Green Man comes in many shades from coal-black to translucent emerald 🙂

    I am curious to know…what other enchanting visions do you have scribbled on your scribbling pad for the future?

    Enjoy your afternoon…tea and cake anyone?


    DN – 26/07/2015

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    • Good afternoon Dewin,

      I hope you are well. Your description of the weather is very much as it is here…dull and dark and wet…at least the colour palette of the autumn makes up for the weather.

      The Green Man does indeed come in many shades, each reflecting a facet of his personality, encapsulating both the light and the dark, a gentleness and as well as a ferocity…

      There are a great many things on that list but here are a few – they don’t make for exciting reading I’m afraid…revisiting Tintagel…seeing the New Forest in the autumn…revisiting the Dan yr Ogaf caves…going to an Up Hely Aa festival…seeing the northern lights…going fossil hunting…seeing the submerged forest at Borth…meeting up with some of my blogging friends from around the world…moving house…then there are a number of writing goals to still cross off the list…
      Do you have a list? Anything exciting on it? 🙂

      Are you making the tea? And baking the cake? 🙂

      Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

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  5. Hey Sammi,

    Good evening…how was your day?

    The smudge of grey thinned slightly this afternoon and I’m certain I saw a little blue sky…

    Your Green Man, he sounds like a Knight from ages past, ripped muscle in shining armour risen upon a mighty steed of oaken grain and broad-leaf green.

    My baking skills would be tested if asked to bake a cake…I’m pretty much lost with boiling water, making toast, and cooking a hard boiled egg 😀 And since you know of my tea-making brutality, you’ll understand why guests usually delight my stoop with home-made ambrosia or its shop-bought equivalent. As for the tea with cake…I can do little damage with instant coffee…well, almost anyway.

    The list on your scribble pad has my mind preoccupied and racing for answers…each entry is a reveal, another fascinating layer brought to surface. Dan yr Ogaf Caves are beguiling, Cheddar Gorge equally so…and I have visited the former twice before and each time I evaporate into the diffused glow of spot lamps and torches and find myself suffocated by a sense of entombment yet smoothed by the press of nature’s sculptured beauty as she is cast from within enfolding darkness… Up Hely Aa…I had to read further knowing of it by name only…what is your connection? I am more than curious, it look and sounds quite incredible 🙂 The remaining items on the list see you enchanted still further by mystery and ancient wonder, and moving house to perhaps start anew. You air signs have such tailored minds so as to flow through all things, and find your enthusiasm often so easily stirred by movement and change and the alluring warmth of flame..

    I’ve never been fossil hunting, although their are well regarded Welsh shorelines that might boast of their ability to offer up a ceaseless stream of finds from crumbling Jurassic cliffs and a rock plateaued sea-bed. In other ways historic and ancient, I do recall one very early morning whilst sat upon a small standing stone in a stone circle atop a hillcrest overlooking the Severn estuary. I was there visiting a burial cairn with a group of archaeology students, and whilst they prepared tools and contemplated discovery, I drifted off towards one end of the ridge and sat gazing up at the summit a little further above me. From my perspective I had a clear view that extended from the estuary to the summit of the hill about fifty feet from my locale. I think it was the first time I recall a sense of near perfect stillness…a serenity that begin nature’s symphony with whispered prayers in excited trees and culminated in a flurry of cloud clawing its way to the summit and dispersing in a perfect spiral in the updraft of the wind. I remember only that I was physically there, yet utterly mystified by a deep sense of connection to an ancient place and in watching the souls of those fallen lifted to the sky…

    It’s been a while since I remember that orchestrated morning in the hills lining the Severn, thank you for encouraging its recall…I think it timely somehow.

    I almost forgot to ask…should your focus momentarily leave the championing Green Man (or is that ‘leaf’) will there be a Monday’s challenge?

    And did you make tea and cake? I’m famished 🙂

    Have a wonderful night’s sleep Sammi C, aspiring authoress.


    DN – 26/07/2015

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    • Good evening Dewin,

      I hope you are well and that your week has gotten off to a good start? My Sunday was for once rather quiet and laid back, which was nice…and not having to rush to do anything meant I didn’t actually do much 🙂

      I suppose my idea of the Green Man does come across as quite the knight…I never made the connection before.

      As I flicked through my little notebook I was surprised to see that Cheddar Gorge wasn’t in it. Well, that mistake has been remedied 🙂 As to the connection to Up Hely Aa…there isn’t one baring interest and a love for night time displays of fire, but yes it does look and sound quite incredible. And travelling to the Shetland Islands would be fun and quite the adventure 🙂 It’s been years since I have visited Dan yr Ogof, but understandably it has made a lasting impression on me as it has no doubt, countless other visitors.

      Your tale is amazing to read. Thank you for sharing it. It sounds so…perfect, from the majesty of the setting to the experience itself. I marvel at how moved I am to simply read about it, so I can only imagine how the experience and its recollection move you. Again, thank you for sharing such a captivating, truly beautiful, emotive moment… 🙂

      Will there be a Monday challenge? I suppose after the success of last week’s, it would be silly not to 🙂

      I didn’t make any cake yesterday…however, I did make a batch of Welsh cakes on Friday…my grandmother’s recipe, cooked on my grandmother’s griddle…they were, of course, delicious 😀 I would offer you one, but they have all gone…

      Have a good night, Dewin, and take care,


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  6. Good evening Sammi 🙂

    To sense your smile within each word is cause good enough to lift the hum-drum of my evening and have me flex a grin 🙂 You share a wonderful warmth in the embrace of your words, thank you.

    How was your day? 🙂

    I am very pleased to hear you are throwing down the Green Man’s gauntlet and posting a challenge for brave souls… I enjoyed the lull of your tempting verse, and offered a hand to the Dreamer in my reply…

    Welsh cakes, baked on a traditional griddle and made to a secret family recipe are my absolute favourite lol 🙂 You ‘were’ going to offer me ‘one’ but only after they were all eaten! No! That is not at all fair. I’ll just have to arrive a little earlier for tea and cake next time. What are you about two or three hours away as the crow flies? Put kettle on Sammi and pop a couple of cakes in the oven to warm, I’ll come by ‘ere shortly 🙂

    (Between you and I….it seems as though every Welsh grandmother has a secret family recipe?)

    I find your description of Sunday the perfect antidote for today’s hard-won-yards in the office. Monday is always difficult to negotiate when coming at it from the high of a weekend…the ‘high’ being opportunity to indulge in any pastime whatsoever of course…but todays soggy start and wind blown morning just seemed to dull the shine by degrees. Indeed, by the time I reached the office, bedraggled and miserably wet, Monday had already degenerated into a swear word. Sodden footwear and damp trousers continued to incite discomfort until around lunchtime, and I do dislike being contained in wet clothes, finding it claustrophobic, a feeling of being bound in cloying, clammy, sticking cloth…it makes me think of warm food wrapped in cling-film 🙂

    Thank you also for engaging with my short tale 🙂 Knowing how much you enjoy the sacredness and spirit of place, I wish you could have shared the experience of that memorable morning. It is extraordinarily difficult I think to adequately describe an experience that captivates and enthrals beyond sense and reason using language designed to facilitate the transmission of thinking in a 3 dimensional world. At best we might detail the vision in the mirror but not describe the sensation of what is actually there. It is a concerning problem, but one I find more readily addressed within poetry. Perhaps it is the compression of thought distilled into a poem that when unpacked by the reader’s imagination spawns reference after reference and association after association, until just one word has exploded to become a dictionary in itself.

    Regards your writing…something that you do very well indeed is leaving sufficient room in your writing for your ideas and intimations to breathe: for your reader to stretch their imagination and piece together the suggestions you offer. I find I am always want to know more when I read your work and that peaks my interest and sustains my curiosity. Gaps are important, and deliberate gaps are genius 🙂

    Fire and night-time 🙂 Now there’s a combination to incite and draw Air towards a breathing flame! But yes, agreed, a trip to the Shetland Isles to share time and space and history with Vikings sounds a real blast! (February will be freezing, so take a body-warmer with you 🙂 ) I was flicking through some of the images on-line from previous festivals…it is an amazing sight, like bon-fire night on steroids lol 🙂 I am reminded without a shadow of a doubt of the Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas film Viking, and especially the scenes of mad merriment, open fires, flagons of ale, long curling beards, swords and shields, and testosterone fuelled Vikings leaping from raised shield to raised shield under the watchful burning eye of Oden. Up Helly Aa will be spectacular…you must go and have an adventure that’ll satisfy your Celtic wanderlust! 🙂

    I trust you have had a wonderful evening and will shortly journey to the Land of Zzzzz tired, weary and happy to be led by the Dreamer into a sugar-coated world of sweetness and dreams. See you in the Dreamtime 🙂

    Namaste Sammi

    DN – 27/07/2015

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    • Good evening Dewin,

      I hope you are well. Have you had a good day? You are more than a little smiling-inducing yourself 🙂

      I don’t suppose you want to hear about what cake I’ve been baking after my mean trick with the welsh cakes… 😉 In my defence, after being informed of how you take your tea, I didn’t think you would drink any tea I brewed so there was little point in offering the accompanying cake…or am I mistaken? 🙂

      Hmmm…two or three hours away? I suppose it depends on where you are, where you think I am and how fast crows actually fly 🙂

      I am glad you liked the poem. With her enchanting dreams and your poetic charm, it sounds like you are perfectly matched and I doubt she’ll refuse your suit 🙂

      Your Monday morning sounded awful! Poor Dewin! 😦 I hope you haven’t caught a cold? I couldn’t stop laughing as I read that Monday had degenerated into a swear word 🙂 And your warm food in cling film analogy conjured rather funny images indeed…it’s the sound of squelching shoes that I can’t cope with…

      It would be impossible not to engage with your tale. When you first mentioned it you said that its recollection was somehow timely…have you discovered why yet?

      Thank you for your kind words about my writing…I think most of it is more luck than judgement, but thank you anyway 🙂

      I will remember the body-warmer – thank you. A note shall be added to my little book 🙂 I am not sure that I have seen that film all the way through, but perhaps watching it should be added to my list of things to do in preparation for the great adventure? 🙂

      Enjoy the rest of your night, Dewin,


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  7. Good evening Sammi 🙂

    I’m so sorry to have arrived late this evening and no doubt missed out on your company 😦 I shall console myself by enjoying the ghost of you still present in the damp ink of words…

    How are you? How was your Tuesday? We are nearly halfway through the week already and then its the downward slide to the thrills and spills of 48 hours of freedom and abandonment to pleasure and pass-time. I can’t wait to get there! What plans do you have, what pleasures will you indulge in over the weekend I wonder? 🙂

    I feel a little short changed by the Welsh cake trick and wondered if you’d make amends in some way. But alas, you compound the problem and perpetuate your mysterious cake-baking ways to tease and tantalise my taste buds still further! And now no cup of tea either…Sammi, I feel ‘put out’ like the cat at night 😦 …but do tease me further and tell me of the delight you have baked anyway…sponge sandwich? Fruited teacakes? Cup cakes? Chocolate forest gateaux? My list is endless. Out of curiosity, what blend, or make of tea do you drink?

    I’d not be disappointed with your tea-making Sammi, anything wet, warm and sweet with a spoon in, and I’m a happy bunny for sure!

    You make a valid point regarding my attempt at estimating your distance away from this small corner of soggy green Wales. And whilst i have no idea where you live of course, I was sort of working on the assumption that it was a fast flying crow with a good sense of direction who knew how best to go about finding you. (It was my suggestion to follow the sweet smell of baking cakes and griddled welsh treats 🙂 Mmmm)

    ‘I am glad you liked the poem. With her enchanting dreams and your poetic charm, it sounds like you are perfectly matched and I doubt she’ll refuse your suit’ 🙂 Oh really? Then I shall let you know in due course if her expectations of me were adequately met, or whether I was shown the alternate door, the one that leads to the dark basement brrrrr!

    Thank you for the sympathy regarding my bedraggles and soggy Monday. I am dried now of course, but one wonders why I bother when the week has brought rain daily for my walk to work. I now keep a change of clothes at work just in case the umbrella folds in the wind. Oddly, my right walking shoe has acquired a voice of its own and developed something of a squeak. I think there must be a puncture in the sole and each depress of the shoe upon the wet pavement forces air out with a strangled pssssssst sound, whilst each time i raise my foot, the shoe sucks water in with a slurrrpping sound. Somewhere in-between psssssting and slurrrpping I find tread and take a stride or two, albeit sounding like a percussion instrument or drowning beat box!

    Thankfully no cold! (not yet anyway) Thank you for asking, that’s very kind. I am most fortunate to enjoy good health and rarely suffer with a cold…it must be the strength of the tea that fights off the virus 🙂

    Regards my hill-top burial site experience. Yes I did mention that I thought it timely although for the life of me I can’t recall why! I do recall it being a comment supported at the time by a chain of stray or idling thoughts that have been hanging around with me for a week or two and probably needed resolution in one way or another…and to that end I am eager to use the words ‘transition’ and ‘change’ but wonder how they apply. I shall think more on this and come back to you at another time with a more definitive answer 🙂

    Don’t doubt your work Sammi, you have a natural gift and the passion to really enjoy your authorship and to also continue finding personal reward and fulfilment. Often ‘we’, the royal ‘we’, are our own worst critique and see only the error of our writing ways and never the positives. I imagine with time and experience, and success (personal or professional depending on one’s measurement) comes the ability to realise and recognise the truer worth in our words.

    I am very curious to know how many little books of Sammi scribbles you have? 🙂

    Take good care to enjoy Oden’s Day and the declining hours counting down to the weekend ahead. I hope Wednesday will be perfectly poised and wonderfully balanced for you in each and every way. Sweet dreams indeed.

    Namaste Sammi

    DN – 29/07/2015

    P.S: I changed the screen resolution on my pc, made it very small and viewed this post and comments section. Interestingly, all I could plainly see were the number of smiles dotting this page! lol There’s enough of them here to make me laugh!

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    • Good evening Dewin,

      How are you? Have you had a good day? My yesterday was pleasant, thank you 🙂 The weekend still feels such a long way off though 😦

      Oh, I’m so sorry. It appears that I am digging a deeper and deeper hole for myself… *Note to self: Dewin wants tea and cake!* 🙂 The cake was a Victoria sandwich, filled with home-made strawberry jam and buttercream…needless to say, that’s all gone now too…You might need to find a faster crow 😀 As to the tea I drink, it really depends on the time of day…

      Oh my! The basement? What’s going to happen if you don’t meet her expectations?!

      “Oddly, my right walking shoe has acquired a voice of its own…” Oh no, that must be annoying, though I am curious to hear what “drowning beat box” sounds like 🙂 Were you “blessed” with rain again today for your walk to work? I only ask because I awoke to clear blue skies…

      Thank you for the little pep talk, re my writing 🙂 I hope I didn’t come across as ungrateful – that wasn’t my intention…

      I have too many little books of scribbles and thoughts to count, each for a different purpose or list…I have an awful habit of making lists for everything. It seems to be the only way I can focus my wayward Aquarian mind 🙂

      There are indeed a great multitude of smiley faces in this conversation, brightening up the page like little sunbeams and I suppose if they made you laugh they are working, right? 🙂 🙂 🙂

      Have a good evening, Dewin and enjoy the rest of your week,


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  8. Good evening Ms Cox,

    And how the devil are you?

    I ran the remainder of the way here having slipped my hold on the slow flapping Crow at some point just south of Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyll-llantysiliogogogoch 🙂 I know I’m too late for a slice of heavenly Victoria Sandwich, but is there still a cup left in the pot for a thirsty wizard to sip by your warm hearth?

    Indeed the weekend seems distant, and whilst clock-watching today at work, I could have sworn time was moving backwards, and my weekend edging further and further away. Gratefully I arrived at the office only slightly damp this morning, having evaded most of the early morning downpour by sheltering in the train waiting room. But still, a busy day all the same and a long one. I’ve a meeting with the boss tomorrow morning first thing…not sure what it is really about, so keep pinkies and perkies crossed and wish me well…

    Interesting to learn that you had blue skies this morning…that little piece of information may help advise me on your geographical location. (Or at least your current location as you have intention of moving, right?). I am curious to know how England always seems to get better weather than Wales, and why I choose to live here when there’s sunshine in every other place (it seems) the world over. Why is Wales forsaken by the weather!? lol 🙂

    I like the sound of having ‘too many little books of scribbles and thoughts to count, each for a different purpose or list’. Fascinating, I wish I were that organised or at least had a similar habit of writing notes down instead of trying to remember them all the time. Your list-making, it speaks of an aerated and highly creative mind, always thinking, always inspired, always open to ideas, opportunity and new invention. I’d imagine the depth of raw material you have at your disposal right now is vast. With such choice, and with an Aquarian mind, how do you decide which scribble to unpack and express in your inimitable style? I like the word ‘scribble’…one of those that adequately describes its action…a little like the word ‘gargoyle’, which sounds like the glug of water being sucked down a tube 🙂

    Yes indeed ‘oh my’ the basement! (Lions and Tigers and Witches, oh my!) If I do not meet her expectations then perhaps it will be the last dream I ever get to see. I’ve heard rumours she is pretty high-maintenance’ and doesn’t suffer fools gladly. By all accounts the basement is full to bursting with errant dreamers riding nightmares with burning red-eyes! Oh my! Maybe if you could have a little word with her and put in a good word for me….hmmm?

    Well Sammi, despite my hesitation and wish to share a comment or two with you, the midnight hour strikes its 12th chime and I must away to Zzzzzzzz. My evening has been enjoyable, as I hope your has as well. Thursday tomorrow and then just one to go before the weekend. I always find Thursday and Friday pass by more quickly, but that could be psychological, counting down is positive and gets us closer to the weekend, whilst counting upwards just becomes overwhelming, and I don’t do numbers very well. As for the smiley’s…keep them coming is what I say, and the more the happier we shall be. Laughter is the best cure-all in the world with the exception being Love of course. Perhaps the dreamer will accept a smile in payment for safe [passage through the night… I’ll let you know 🙂

    Have an excellent Thursday, and sweet dreams before it arrives…


    DN – 30/07/2015

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    • Good evening Dewin,

      I hope you are well and that both your Thursday and Friday were pleasant?

      Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwyllllantysiliogogogoch…it doesn’t matter how hard I try, I cannot say it…I can’t even get close 😦

      There is always tea in the pot for a thirsty wizard 🙂 And I suppose if you ran all the way here, it would be rude of me not to bake a cake or at least offer you a biscuit…any requests? 🙂

      Yes, I am intending to move but not yet – it’s a plan for the (probably distant) future. It may appear that England get’s better weather but could the trade-off be the inspiring moody atmosphere that Wales is blessed with beneath its slate coloured damp skies? I suppose that doesn’t really help for the walk to work though…

      I’d go mad if I didn’t scribble, and would, no doubt, permanently forget anything and everything that ever popped into my head – I have a short attention span and I find that inspired thoughts, like buses, often arrive all at once just to complicate matters 🙂 However, it’s not unheard of to look back over my scribblings – whether in one of the books of scribbles or on one of thousands of scrap pieces of papers that fill my home – and not have a clue what the notes on them mean…

      The basement sounds terrible and must be avoided at all costs. I will try to have a word with her, but she is starting to sound a little…difficult. I hope she listens – or accepts smiles as payment 🙂

      Wishing you a charmed weekend,



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