The Spirit Man – Short Story News

I am immensely happy to share a little bit of news with you all…my short story, The Spirit Man, has been included in another amazing anthology alongside some great sounding tales of earth’s ancient religions…

pagan front cover

My contributor’s copy of Pagan, published by Zimbell House Publishing arrived last week and just as I was with the first anthology I had a story in (Elemental Foundations), I am still a little overwhelmed…

the spirit man title

As with Elemental Foundations, the book came with a bookmark that matched the anthology, strategically placed on the first page of my story… πŸ™‚

pagan bookmark

Some useful Pagan links:

Pagan on the publishers website |Β Amazon

2 thoughts on “The Spirit Man – Short Story News

  1. Hey Sammi,

    You must be absolutely thrilled by this news! Sincere congratulations Sammi…I really am very pleased indeed that your talent is suitably recognised and rewarded by being put into print! It must boost your confidence no-end and bolster your thoughts of pursuing those bigger writing challenges coming your way very soon. I am happily delighted for you πŸ™‚

    I did read your last published ‘story’ and thought it an excellent piece of work. No doubt this publication will be just as good if not even better than the last. Will we get to read it I wonder and share your joy a little more? I very much hope so πŸ™‚

    The addition of the book mark is a fabulous touch, and the image spot on with the title! Was that the publisher’s doing, or was it the work of Serendipity I wonder?

    Congratulations Sammi…no longer the author aspiring, but now the authoress herself! You’ll have to change the header πŸ™‚


    DN – 18/08/2015

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    • Hey Dewin,

      I hope you are well. Thank you so much for the lovely, encouraging comment – I really do appreciate it πŸ™‚

      The bookmark was the work of the publisher and the placing of it on the first page of The Spirit Man was a beautiful touch. The illustration fits my story quite well – I saw a picture of the cover before I wrote it, so I think it influenced how I saw The Spirit Man – he’s a handsome chap πŸ™‚

      I don’t dare change the header…I’m worried about jinxing everything, so I am more than happy to remain author aspiring, for the time being any way πŸ™‚

      Wishing you the Brightest of Blessings,


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