A Little Summer Sunshine

A delightful day, spent in nature, the highlight of which was the glimpsing of a lilac coloured butterfly perched on a white clover flower.  It was also nice to see a multitude of dragonflies, bees, birds and butterflies, dancing through the air in pairs.  Today was definitely a reminder to cherish the small things…

Have a great weekend all!


5 thoughts on “A Little Summer Sunshine

  1. In respect of the Druids Seanrog…Good evening, Good evening, Good evening Sammi 😀

    Well now, you were certainly gifted with blessings today Sammi. Every sight and sound somehow feels as though it revealed itself to you with gentle intent and subtle persuasion. Every wonderfully rich and colourful image tells its own symbolic story…particularly the ‘lilac’ colouring of the butterfly and the Clover 🙂 How marvellous to also have been surrounded by so many airborne souls…your mind must be overwhelmed with inspiration and your senses overwhelmed with beauty. It sounds the perfect day to ease the dent of Thor and deliver your untroubled soul to a weekend that must surely now hold so many possibilities and/or promises? 🙂 You ‘sound’ happy and contented by nature’s abundance. Indeed, the images you have selected direct our gaze from close-up detail to infinite distance, perhaps suggesting that your thoughts expanded skywards as well in order to experience a new vision or enhance an existing one that is, has or will be already taking shape. 🙂

    I trust the happiness that glows between your words with the same warmth as the sunshine remains with you as the evening unfolds. Wonderful to see you ‘smile’ so brightly 🙂


    DN – 21/08/2015

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    • Good Morning Dewin, I hope you are enjoying your weekend?

      Friday’s little excursion did indeed offer a bounty of inspiration and blessings which have certainly been carried through the weekend (so far) 🙂 You are right in your appraisal, I have found it to be a little overwhelming…

      The butterfly was amazing, just as amazing as last week’s sparrowhawk…There seems to be a theme of wings making itself known here recently, both in the posts and our conversation…angels, feathers, all manner of birds, butterflies, dragonflies, bees…

      I am very happy and contented by nature’s abundance – there is just something that makes you smile and laugh and dance and sing when the sun’s out and the fields are full of wild flowers and the air is full of butterflies and birds and there is fruit on the bushes and in the trees waiting to be picked…it just reminds me of what is special and makes my heart hum! 🙂 It’s at times like this that I wonder how I can claim that the autumn is my favourite season…

      Wishing you the most charmed of days Dewin, and Brightest Blessings! 🙂

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  2. Good afternoon Sammi 😀

    Lovely to hear from you…wonderful to see your words (still) radiant with he glow of Friday’s little trip out to the countryside 🙂 Gaia seems to quite naturally favour those who appreciate her the most and rewards them handsomely with an abundance of blessings and energy. In a very positive sense, I am very pleased to hear the moment overwhelmed…is there anything better than to be left feeling expanded in all directions at the same time?!

    Indeed, the air is laden with Summer’s warm promise and the skies awash with her flying jewels…how wonderful to see them skit and scurry and dance upon the breeze, or rise upon thermals and updrafts to soar amongst the clouds. Their life upon the wing remains a mystery to those who arrived here and were grounded by their bodily host leaving all but the mind and heart with the ability to climb higher and higher in a bid to join them all. Is it any wonder they occupy our thoughts as they do, or lift us in admiration of their elevated ways? Your lilac Butterfly is beautiful, and a wonderful compliment to Sparrowhawk. Where one brings aspiration, flight, spirit, and liberty and is a solar emblem, the other conjures thoughts of immortality and the mysteries of spirit as it passes through life, death and rebirth, and finds direct associations with lunar symbolism. Indeed, it is said that when Psyche was released from death by Zeus she was lifted by her wings. Each arrived independently of the other over a short period of time to bring you their unique message, and one wonders what thoughts and feelings they have inspired in you during this time. Solar energy, Lunar energy, each a stream that flows through life in a river of its own, and yet when combined together bring such sweet music to the deserving soul 🙂

    Summer is a wonderful season to be sure. The long, hazy, crazy days of Summer always remind me of childhood and summer recess, holidays, sunshine, adventure, dreaming, fantasy and playtime. How those summer holidays used to seem like they might go on forever, such was the naivety and disassociation with time. Looking back, they were such wonderful times. Memories fad, but the delights of the seasons are appreciated still but in a different way and with a different sense of perspective. Perhaps I relish them more now than I once did because the responsibilities of sustaining life fall squarely upon my shoulders and sadly take claim to 60% of the average day. Little wonder I adore the 30 minutes spent immersed in heath and woodland listening to the chatter of squirrels and birds and warming to the presence of the Emerald Goddess 🙂 Every season has its virtues and each presents a different facet of Her mesmerising beauty to enthral and captivate the heart and mind, and make everything ‘hum’ 😀

    Thank you for charmed thoughts and a little sunshine on this overcast and slightly soggy day. Have a wonderful afternoon…


    DN – 23/08/2015

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    • Good evening Dewin

      Lovely to hear from you too 🙂 Thank you for leaving another poetic comment – they are always such a joy to read 🙂

      It is certainly worth being overwhelmed rather than risk being underwhelmed, and in turn lack the appreciation of blessings, being quick to forget them. That would be awful 😦

      You really are a font of mythological, symbolic and magical knowledge! 🙂 It’s always interesting and enlightening to read the meanings you find in symbols. Thank you for taking the time to interpret the butterfly and sparrowhawk. I was unaware that one represented solar energy whilst the other lunar – I like the balance that together they offer. 🙂

      Your heath and woodland sound enchanting – the perfect balm to the day-to-day tedium. Do the squirrels chatter anything of import? I can imagine they have a good many intriguing tales to tell 🙂

      You are so right, each season has it’s virtues…only, I don’t know whether I have felt such an appreciation for the summer as I have this year – usually I am too consumed with worrying about the horrible muggy British weather…

      Wishing you the Brightest Blessings for the week ahead!

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