What do you see?

Photo 1

Photo 1

A few moments to spare this afternoon and I snatched at them with both hands.  This week has been a busy one, but largely unproductive in terms of writing.  A bit of flash fiction, a handful of poems and a single chapter on my WIP.  Time has not been on my side 😦  However, when the chance to spend a little while outdoors presented itself, in (mostly) sunshine, I decided to enjoy the crazy cloud formations overhead, hence the inspiration for this post…

Nephomancy, from the Greek for “cloud” and “divination”, is the art of divining messages or foretelling the future by studying the clouds.

Photo 2

Photo 2

We have all done it, haven’t we?  Looked for pictures or recognisable shapes in the sky.  It’s just a bit of fun, to while away a summer’s day – or to give you something, anything, to do on a family picnic.  And one of the best parts of it surely has to be that more often than not, what we see is unique to us.  Where one might see one thing, another might see something completely different.  It’s just a little bit of fun…

Photo 3

Photo 3

But what if it wasn’t?  What if, for arguments sake, there was something more in it, just waiting for you to discover it?

Turning my camera skywards this afternoon, I snapped a few shots of the clouds.  Some of them are quite dramatic, others not so much.  One of them, to my eye at least, looked like a certain mythological creature – can you guess which one? 🙂

So what, if anything, do you see in the photos in this post?  And do the pictures or symbols have any meaning?

Photo 4

Photo 4

4 thoughts on “What do you see?

  1. Good morning Sammi 🙂

    Welcome to the weekend! How are you after your busy week?

    ‘Nephomancy’ is a great sounding word, and perfectly illustrated with four stunning photos. I imagine you have your own take on each of these images and have already decided on their meaning? What did you discover?

    If asked for my impression of each of them: Photo 1 – a sinuous S-shaped winged dragon/snake rising from the horizon with its wings pulled back. (I also thought sea-horse because of the extended snout’. Photo 2 – the three clouds on the right hand side of the photo, I look upon a form in metamorphosis, a non-descript cloud rising to become a winged creature in flight. Photo 3 – I see an open-balm hand above which floats a ball of cloud, like a wizard holding a Ball of Energy. Photo 4 – I view the circle of light appearing within the dog-headed dark cloud as a tear-filled eye gazing skywards towards the deepening blue.

    As for symbols…Dragons, Horses, Energy Balls, Hands, Flight, Sky-gazing. That’s a pretty decent list to occupy the mind for quite a while lol 🙂

    Very much enjoyed this visionary post Sammi. But tell me, do you consider it a means of telling the future? 😀

    Have a wonderful blessed and enjoyably exciting long weekend…Bank Holiday in the UK and the sun is shining! Whoop! Whoop! 🙂 I hope all that you would like foretold by your cloud-images comes to pass 😀


    DN – 29/08/2015

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    • Good Morning Dewin 🙂

      I hope you are well? I am putting my busy week behind me this morning with the help of copious amounts of tea and good music 🙂

      Thank you for reading and joining in with my little bit of silliness 😀

      Yay! – you saw the dragon in photo 1! When I showed it to a friend last night, they saw a crocodile, but now that you mention it, I can see the sea-horse too. In photo 2 my eye is also drawn to the three clouds on the right, but the only one with any clear definition is the top one, which makes me think of a bird of prey, possibly a vulture (which sounds quite ominous!) but it could also be a man with wings and a bird’s head. I like your own thoughts here. In photo 3 I see a side profile of a cuddle-toy-care-bear like creature, taking a leisurely stroll on a crown-like cloud…lol – I have absolutely no idea what, if anything, that could ever mean! Trust you to find a wizard in one of the photos 😀 lol That’s amazing. In photo 4, I see an eye, but the overall impression is one of finding a balance between the light and dark.

      To be honest, I’m not sure. On the one hand, the sensible part of me (that doesn’t often put in an appearance) says of course not. It’s far too open to personal interpretation and you can more or less see what you want to see. But then, I find dream interpretation really interesting, as well as other forms of divination, and the same could be said of them or anything that requires the use of intuition.

      Wishing you the Brightest Blessings for the Bank Holiday Weekend. Hopefully the sun will remain… 🙂 Take care.

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  2. Good afternoon Sammi,

    Perhaps it was the little bit of silliness blog that had me read your Blog post late last night and wake early to cloud-gaze. And I was so pleased that I did…the feather shaped clouds of high altitude Cirrus and Cirrocumulus were painted as wings drawing Doves, Seagulls, Dragons and Swans across the heavens at sunrise this morning, the sky a host to a bewildering array of aerial forms. Everywhere I looked seemed alive and in flight and eclipsed in gold from the glow of the Sun. Very beautiful indeed 🙂 Thank you for the prompt!

    Were you awake to see this spectacle unfold, about 6.15am/6.30am this morning? I try to make more of an effort to wake a little earlier as September approaches…sunrises and sunsets at this time of year can be magnificent and worth curtailing the slumberous dream.

    Copious tea drinking and good music! That sounds a wonderful combo to start the day…is there any tea left in the pot, or will you be putting the kettle on and dishing up the pastries soon 🙂 Out of curiosity, what music do you enjoy at that awakening hour Sammi?

    Thank you for asking, I am very well, thanks. And you?

    Well now, the dragon in Photo 1 seems to be a shared interpretation 🙂 I wonder how many other people see it in this way? The crocodile perspective is intriguing, I hadn’t seen further than the immediate, but this is a great observation…last night’s friend had a keen eye. Commonality seems to perpetuate in our interpretation of Photo 2, although your determination is far more detailed than mine…you even state the bird type! How curious you define the cloud as male, that’s a little Freudian following the word vulture…although I’m certain ‘he’ is a caring soul to be airborne on wings. I hope so anyway lol 🙂 Cuddly care-bear creature walking upon a crown of clouds…yep, it’s there if one looks hard enough lol 🙂 Is the bear defined as male or female, or ambiguous in this regard 😉 Just asking? I think you knew I’d find a wizard in one of the images somewhere. And lastly Photo 4. I like your perspective better than mine 🙂 This has been a fascinating little exercise, and very revealing…if only one could find a pertinent reference to cuddly care bear, I’m sure you’d find it illuminating. Perhaps your reader’s can help interpret?

    Your last paragraph feels delightfully Geminian…the push and pull of the twinned mind is a beautiful mind to observe as it discerns through intuitive reasoning and intelligence the truth within the gaze 🙂

    Thank you for bank holiday weekend best wishes Sammi…they are of course entirely reciprocated with a cherry on the top! I hope the Sun is shining where you are and continues into the new week ahead! Have fun, take care, and keep a smile on your dial, and an extra cup in the pot! 😀

    Namaste Sammi C

    DN – 29/08/2015

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    • Good morning Dewin,

      Yesterday’s early morning sky-watching sounded amazing…I am sorry to have missed it. I was awake, but reading – if only I had opened the curtains! 😦 Cirrus and cirrocumulus have to be the best clouds for their ethereal wispy-ness 🙂 The symbolism of your list of winged creatures, combined with the gold colouring speaks of profoundly encouraging blessings. How very exciting! 🙂

      I can’t complain too much about missing the sunrise when I watched a beautiful sunset on Friday night from my window. I sat down at my desk to do some writing, but the colour of the sky completely captured my attention. Streaks of purple, pink and orange in a slowly darkening sky…I sat there staring out at it until it was dark, in perfect stillness. It was probably one of the highlights of my week 🙂

      My music choices are not to everyone’s taste…Yesterday’s was an eclectic mix of The Pierces, Goo Goo Dolls and Faun. Tea-drinking on the other hand…who doesn’t like tea? 🙂

      Oh my! I see how that reads now. It was supposed to be two distinct observations, an either/or, vulture or man, rather than a man and vulture. Oh my!

      The impression I got was that the bear was male. As for the teddy bear / care bear symbol…I have been told that apparently teddy bears symbolise love, affection, protection, reassurance, the end of loneliness and wishful thinking. But the meaning of the care bear will depend on which care bear it is…Who knew!

      Brightest Blessings for the rest of the Bank Holiday Weekend, and for the coming week 🙂

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