The Ghost Amongst The Gravestones

Here is a snippet – the opening 100 words or so – of a ghost story I have been working on, inspired by this week’s Monday Inspiration

I hope you enjoy it 🙂



The mist swirled around the headstones like an ethereal snake. I had hoped it would have lifted by this hour, but the sun seemed weak today, lacking the strength to penetrate the fog that had drifted up from the river.

The air was damp. The ground was damp. A cold wetness permeated everything. I turned my collar up, pulling myself further into my coat. How I hated the churchyard!

In my haste, I tripped over a half-buried piece of stonework obscured by the gloom. I righted myself without too much damage to my person, but as I moved to continue on my way, I saw her.  Her sudden appearance caused me to start. 

Dressed in white, her shift, like her hair, clung to her in the dampness. She looked like she had fallen into the river. 

 Who was she?  And where had she come from?

7 thoughts on “The Ghost Amongst The Gravestones

  1. This is a great short story. I really enjoyed it and found the mystery very intruiging. Usually I’m not a fan of repetition, but the way you’ve used “damp” a couple of times in the same paragraph works in a poetic way I can’t explain!

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