A New Found Sense of Wonder (Earthbound #6)

(To read the story from the beginning, visit Earthbound’s index page here, or click here for part 1, I Dream of Things Far Away…)

An earth map of the stars…But what to do with such a revelation? I wondered.  It felt so profound that its very essence was bewildering.  Nonetheless I was captivated by the very idea and could not let it go.  To relinquish it now would be as if I had raised anchor during a storm, and so, relentlessly I forged ahead with my deliberations.

I was earthbound, grounded by root and soil, by grass and tree.  How could that which grew from beneath my feet elevate me skywards?  It was illogical; it made no sense.  And yet I was as certain of this as I was that somewhere in the vast expansive sky was my home.  My true home.  It was without reason but, perhaps it was beyond reason, requiring nothing more than simple acceptance.

I got to my feet and made a study of all that was around me, appreciating what I saw with a new found sense of wonder.  For, to my mind, a tree was no longer just a tree but a signpost; the unfurling frond of the fern that pointed like a finger was a marker showing me the way.

And so, with a renewed spark of hope in my heart, I looked at the forest bathed in warm, golden sunlight and mused over the biggest question to face me yet…in which direction was I to take my first step of the journey?

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