The Fortune Teller Detective Update

It’s been sometime since I have written anything hereabouts regarding Andromache Jones and the first volume of short story mysteries that I have tentatively titled, The Fortune Teller Detective, apart from giving it the briefest of mentions here.  So an update is long over due…

The Magician 2014This first collection is now complete.  That’s five short stories in all, with a little bit of flash fiction introducing the collection and setting the scene, and another bit at the end to bring it to a close whilst setting up the storyline for the first novel.  Each story also has an ‘extra’ that ties in with it somehow, which was fun to create.  At the end of the book I have collated a list of characters from all the stories, as well as an explanation of all the places mentioned in them.

The Apparition Front CoverWhen I first started The Magician in September 2012, I had no idea that I would create a volume of short stories that would be set before the first novel.  At the time, I had already written what I thought would be the first two novels in the series, and was half way through a third.  That has now changed as the first novel in the series is also set before what was originally book one.  Another point that I struggle to believe is that it has taken nearly three years to get The Fortune Teller Detective this far.

But I have enjoyed every minute of it.  And I can’t wait to begin putting the finishing touches to novel #1.  The plan for the novels is to try and go down the traditional publishing route if it’s possible.  But at this time I don’t know what is going to happen with The Fortune Teller Detective.  The first two stories, The Magician and The Apparition are already available to read for free from a number of places, which although it helps to get the series known, must reduce the value of the short story collection as a whole in the eyes of a publisher…

Thanks for taking the time to read this update, and enjoy the rest of your week 🙂

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