And now for a little publishing news…

Keeping with the Halloween theme…A few weeks ago I submitted one of my short stories from last year’s Spooky Writing Challenge (hosted by the amazing Sindy on her blog, here), to the wonderful Free Lit Magazine.

The story, entitled The Cellars (click to read the original version), underwent an edit and was given a new ending (a proper one as opposed to the open-ended cliffhanger I gave it twelve months ago)…And, I am pleased to say, it has been included in Free Lit Magazine’s latest issue, dedicated to the theme of ‘Terror’. Yay! 🙂

If you are after a spooky read, please do check it out and let me know what you think.  It’s free to read, just follow this link:

3 thoughts on “And now for a little publishing news…

  1. Oo, scary story! Sometimes _not_ being able to see what you’re up against makes it even more terrifying. So assuming that wasn’t James, I wonder what he’s going to think when he goes down tomorrow morning to check on her bag. Or will it be mysteriously cleaned up by then? Hm…. (Devilish grin.)

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    • Thank you so much for taking the time to read it – I am so grateful. You are always so generous with your time and comments 🙂
      I too wonder what James will find in the morning…it might be more than he’s expecting… 😀

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      • I figure, the amount of time it takes to read a short story is trivial compared to the time and effort and care the person took to write it. And the time it takes to comment is practically nothing. It is so easy to honor and support each other’s work, why not take a few minutes to do it whenever I can?

        And yes, I hope James gets a RUDE surprise! 😉

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