Making Friends

I have been so busy making friends this year…sparrowhawks, butterflies, bees, dragonflies, jackdaws and now…a red kite.

Against the backdrop of a slate-grey sky, the red kite hovered gracefully overhead for a good long while before I had the wit to think, “Go and get the camera, Sammi!”  By the time I had done so, of course it had flown away.

And yet, fortune must have been with me today, for a couple of hours later, standing in the same spot, who should I spot in the sky but the red kite once more (I am assuming that it is the same one because I can and it makes for a better story 😀 )

It’s a shame that second time round it didn’t fly as low as it had done earlier, but I can’t complain.  Although the picture looks better on my camera (you can pick out the white markings on the underwing quite clearly) at least its shape and forked tale are distinguishable.

red kite


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