The Heron

river ouse

The heron stood still
A vision of patience
And though the world around it
Continued on, continued moving
The heron remained
Waiting for the
Perfect moment
Only then, when the time was right
Would it gracefully and swiftly
Make the transition
From stillness to movement
With the fluidity of water
Before taking to the skies
To enjoy its solitary flight

This poem was inspired by a heron I saw this afternoon.  We were in the car, and as we drove past a meadow next to a river, we saw this solitary heron taking a walk.  It was such a shame that I didn’t have my camera with me.  Though, that being said, the heron seems to be a regular visitor to this area as we have seen it a number of times.  Perhaps next time I will get a photo of it…

The photo above, which was taken last summer, is of the same stretch of river.


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