Words of Winter


The wind blew through the
Frost-encrusted trees
Whispering words of winter
Telling tales of snow and ice
Chilling all it touched with its
Frozen fingers
That clawed through the air
Until it reached the
Very heart of everything

This poem was written last week as a response to Esther Newton’s weekly writing challenge.  Out of the three challenges she posed, I opted to write a poem about winter.  This is the first time I have posted my poetry anywhere but on my own blog so I was extraordinarily nervous about it.

I am so new to writing poetry that I haven’t worked out if I am actually any good at it yet.  Over the years I wrote a handful of poems but only showed them to a select few.  However, these last six months or so, I have been surprisingly drawn to poetry, both the reading and writing of it.  And I am really enjoying it…perhaps that is all that matters?

Have a good weekend all! 🙂


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