Jingle Spells, Jingle Spells, Jingle All The Way…

I am either late with this, or very, very early…don’t worry; things will become clear in a moment…

I have some exciting Christmas-themed news to share.  I have had another short story published in anthology.  A Christmas anthology, whose very cool title is Jingle Spells.  Now everything makes sense! 😀

The anthology has been put together and edited by the very talented Heather Marie Adkins, who runs CyberWitch Press.  This is the press’s first anthology, and I owe Heather a big thank you for all her hard work.  I didn’t make things easy for her as she not only had to edit my story but change my spelling from British English to American English so that all the stories in the collection are consistent.  Isn’t the cover pretty 🙂

Jingle Spells Cover

I am honoured to have my story feature in such an amazing anthology, alongside such amazing authors.

Here’s the book’s description:

Jingle Spells

Jingle Spells is a feel-good holiday collection of witch-themed tales, from a witch hunt at the winter solstice, to a Christmas dinner in danger of being ruined by an imp. Here you will find a sparkly pair of shoes holding one woman’s destiny, and a magical, mystery-solving cup of latte. Meet a broken young woman unaware of the powers she possesses, and a teenage boy with the fate of the world on his shoulders.

Featuring short stories from veteran authors J. Laslie, Sidonia Rose, and Heather Marie Adkins, and introducing Sammi Cox, Brittany White, and K. Laslie. Sit back with a steaming mug, light up the fireplace, and enjoy these six tales of magic, mayhem, and love.

Solstice Flames by J. Laslie
A Midwinter Manifestation by Sammi Cox
The Witch’s Shoes by Sidonia Rose
Molly by Brittany White
Holiday Dreams by K. Laslie
The Witch’s Brew by Heather Marie Adkins

My own short story, A Midwinter Manifestation is about Maeve Featherstone, a modern-day sorceress whose presence is required when Evie Whitworth dabbles in magic when she’s been repeatedly told she shouldn’t.  So, if you like stories set around the Winter Solstice, if you like imps, if you like all things magical and witchy, please have a read.

Currently, Jingle Spells is available to download for FREE from Smashwords, Kobo, Barnes and Noble and iBooks.  It is available from Amazon, but we are waiting for it to go free before we start sending people that way – though feel free to keep checking 🙂  A print edition will follow soon.  I will keep you updated!

Links for the Jingle Spells anthology:


Barnes and Noble


8 thoughts on “Jingle Spells, Jingle Spells, Jingle All The Way…

  1. Ooh, just found it on Smashwords and read your story — very fun little romp! That poor Maeve, having to put up with Evie. I know exactly what you mean, about someone who nods as though they understand what they need to do, and then goes off and does whatever they want anyway. Why, I wouldn’t be surprised if those books Evie keeps getting into “mysteriously” disappeared some day!

    Liked by 1 person

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