Birthday Blessings

It’s been a busy week here but one full of blessings 🙂  My birthday fell mid-week, so I have been busy catching up with family.  Pressies included lots of new books (you can never have too many), lots of stationary (you can never have too many pretty pens or blank notebooks either, in my opinion), incense, candles and balls of wool.

As I had decided to bake my own birthday cake, I chose to try something different.  If things went wrong, it wouldn’t really matter, as it was my cake and not one I had made for someone else.  The cake I chose was a fondant fancy loaf cake, and for my first attempt it wasn’t too bad.  The only problem was it took far too long for the fondant icing to set, but it still tasted nice, if a little gooey and sweet 🙂

fondant fancy cake 1 fondant fancy cake 2(apologies for the picture quality –  a combination of tin foil and poor lighting, alas!)

This afternoon was spent at a much-loved local watermill.  First stop was the coffee shop for a lovely hot chocolate, then off for a short walk for a picture-taking opportunity.  The photos below show the inside of the watermill, a holy well beneath an impressive medieval bridge and the River Great Ouse.  Of course, a day out would not be complete without seeing some wildlife…cue Mr and Mrs Duck… 🙂

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