One Lovely Blog Award

One Lovely Blog Award

On my old blogs, I used to be really good with keeping up with these types of posts, but here, not so much.  So here is the first of two award posts I will be posting over the next few days / weeks…

Thank you so much to Joy Pixley at Tales From Eneana for nominating me for this award.  Joy is a blessing to anyone who blogs.  She reads post, likes and comments and I have been more than blessed to receive the sound critique she has offered me on my writing over the last few months.  Not only that but she writes some of the best fantasy fiction I have ever come across (and I do like my fantasy fiction so I know what I am talking about 🙂 )

The Rules

  1. Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.
  2. List the rules and display the award.
  3. Add 7 facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 10-15 bloggers for the award, and comment on one of their posts to let them know.

7 Facts About Me

  1. I have a small tattoo of a Welsh dragon above my right ankle.
  2. I have two cats: a black and white girl-cat called Bast (aka Mum, Tinker and Nudger) and a boy-cat who looks like a wildcat called Khepri (aka Cuddle Monster and Tiger)
  3. I have recently discovered stick weaving.  As soon as the video I was watching on YouTube claimed it was one of the world’s oldest textile crafts I knew I just had to give it a go.  I am a bit of a history nut (if you didn’t work that out when you read the ancient Egyptian names of my cats, I’m not sure you ever would have!) and this sort of thing interests me.  So far I have made a scarf but I am already planning my next projects: a woven tea cosy and a blanket…you can never have too many blankets or be too cosy 🙂
  4. I am really bad at social media.  I had managed to live without facebook until last September when my sister, who had been telling me to do it for years, decided she wasn’t going to ask any more and set it up for me.  I have posted on it three times since then…
  5. I suffer from anxiety and agoraphobia.  It’s something that I never talk about and often try to pretend isn’t a problem, but I find writing, as well as reading and making things, helps.
  6. I’m a vegetarian who hates peas and celery.  And yet, the smell of a roasting joint (especially chicken) or the cooking of bacon makes me think of home.  That is probably why I enjoy cooking meat for other people.
  7. I have three blogs that I am currently using (there are others but there is only so many hours in a day).  These are: this one, Sammi Scribbles; one that is dedicated to book reviews, Sammi Loves Books; and a craft (arts and craft, not witchcraft – though I have had two of these in the past, one of which I still post on periodically) and baking blog, Sammi Cox Designs.

My Nominations

(This is always the hardest part, right?)  As I am going to be working through another one of these award posts in the not too distant future, I am only going to nominate 5 other blogs for the One Lovely Blog Award…

If these award posts are not your thing, don’t worry.  Just know that I think you have a Lovely Blog 🙂

  1. Ajoobacats Blog
  2. A Line From A Book
  3. Faythe – Reveries of a Wild Soul
  4. Amanda McCoy
  5. Paula Acton

6 thoughts on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. Thank you so much for the kind words, Sammi — you made my day! And what great facts you came up with. I didn’t realize you have other blogs — I will definitely go check out your book reviews. I love your cats’ names! I have been naming my cats after deities for a while now, but never Egyptian (yet). So far, Hindu (Kali and Indra), Norse (Loki), and Greek (Ate’ and Nyx).

    Liked by 1 person

      • It really is a great name. I was hoping to find a black boy cat so I could name him Erebus, but this little girl was the one I fell in love with at the shelter. Probably because she was totally scared and feral and unsocialized and the least adoptable cat there, which broke my heart. Now she’s such a sweetie. Next time, Erebus.

        Liked by 1 person

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