20 thoughts on “Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!

  1. Hey Sammi,

    Dydd Gwyl Dewi Hapus!

    How are you?

    I was passing by your Blog when I saw those Welsh cakes you’ve been baking lots of today. They look nice 🙂

    I thought I’d write a short poem and share it here. Hope that’s ok?

    ~~ Who can say no to a Welsh cake? ~~~

    Who can say no to a Welsh cake?
    Not I. Could you?
    Who can say no to a Welsh cake?
    Not I. Would you?


    Straight off the stone, at the hearth of the home,
    with cinnamon and raisin flavouring.
    Straight off the griddle, still hot in the middle,
    with a drizzle of sugary sprinkling.


    Who can say no to a Welsh cake?
    Not I. Should you?
    Who can say no to a Welsh cake?
    Not I. Shalt you?


    Baked Dewi Dydd’s day, can their be better way,
    of celebrating them as Welsh symbols?
    Baked freshly today, can there be better way,
    of devouring them with their crumbles?


    Who can say no to a Welsh cake?
    Neither I, nor you.
    Who can say no to a Welsh cake?
    Not either I, or you.


    Straight from the grate, still hot on the slate,
    with a singed golden brown topping.
    Straight to the plate, oh no it’s too late!
    In their eating there been no stopping!


    So, who can say no to a Welsh cake?
    Not I? Not you?
    Who can say no to a Welsh cake?
    Can I? Can you?


    Hoping all is well. Have a wonderful week.

    Take care always in all ways for always 🙂


    DN – 01/03/2016

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    • Hey Stranger! 🙂 How are you? I hope 2016 is treating you well? I’m ok, thank you for asking. 🙂 You’re always welcome to share your thoughts and poetic scribblings here.

      A poem about Welsh cakes! That is fantastic! And it’s so true…far too many of them disappear between the griddle and the cooling rack 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing it – it made me smile. Who knew it was possible to capture the wonder that is the humble Welsh cake in rhyming verse? You are a poetic genius! 🙂 Is there a better way to end St David’s Day than with a poem dedicated to Welsh cakes? I think not. May you always be blessed with an abundance of Welsh cakes! 🙂

      Wishing you the Brightest of Blessings, and an inspiring rest of the week,


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  2. Hey Sammi,

    Good to hear you are well and thriving, writing, and baking with the same enthusiasm and appeal.

    Any Welsh cakes left on the griddle Sammi? 🙂

    How was January and February for you…are you glad to see the back of winter and see the front of spring? With the days growing longer and the nights shrinking shorter, the world feels far better balanced and poised. I think I even saw a very rare drop of sunshine spill from the relentless cloud always lingering over Wales. It didn’t drip for long, so I do hope that wasn’t Spring and Summer over with already! Fingers crossed.

    Thank you for asking, my 2016 has brought mixed blessings and mixed fortunes, yet born from them both comes encouragement and new avenues to wander, so I shouldn’t complain really. All’s well at Dewin’s.

    Thank you for enjoying the poem with the same ever-giving flavour of caster-sugar dusted generosity you would also have baked into tasty cake treats 🙂 I wasn’t certain if I had the recipe quite right – couldn’t remember if it was raisins, mixed fruit, or sultanas that are stirred into the cakey mix. And no idea at all of Gran’s secret recipe!

    “May you always be blessed with an abundance of Welsh cakes!” Aww, thank you, and you! 😀 Any Welsh cakes left on the bake-stone Sammi? lol

    I’d promised myself a couple of hours this evening to work on Copper Door, but I think my day is done and my pillow needs a hug. Zzzzzzzz

    Enjoy your evening and the dream that’ll carry you through to morning 🙂


    DN – 03/03/2016

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    • Hey Dewin,

      Unfortunately, all the Welsh cakes have gone. 😦 They are never around long. Even my cat decided to pinch one when I wasn’t looking! As to the recipe, I think you can make them with all manner of things these days. Last week I made four different types: vanilla with currants, cherry with almond, cinnamon spiced and raspberry jam-filled ones.

      Usually I am a lover of Winter but I have been really enjoying the early days of spring. When I lived in Wales I remembered it being much sunnier than the picture you paint…perhaps I’m looking through rose-tinted glasses (which is possible, or rather, likely)…or perhaps it’s climate change? lol 🙂

      “…mixed blessings and mixed fortunes…” I am sorry to hear that. Nothing too bad, I hope. But I’m always glad to read that all is well at Dewin’s. New avenues to wander, sounds exciting. Here’s to brighter fortunes and an abundance of blessings for the rest of 2016!

      “…and my pillow needs a hug.” Aww. I hope it got one 🙂 I also hope that Copper Door is coming along well. 🙂

      Wishing you the Brightest Blessings for the rest of the week. Take care.

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      • Hey Sammi,

        All gone? Are you sure? Have you checked the cake tin, the fridge, the larder, and the oven?? 🙂 Darn! They do always get eaten so quickly, ‘cos they are simply just delicious. Good job I went and bought some earlier or my cup o’ tea would be too wet without one. Your post inspired me to shop, or perhaps I just knew the cat would have thieved the ones you made and hidden them away! Which cat was it, just asking? Lol 🙂

        Ah, I see, the ingredients don’t have to be traditional and variations are permitted under the one name of Welsh Cake. Interesting. Either or all of those flavours would suit my palette. 😀 Are you sure there are none left? Check the cat’s basket, there has to be a stash of them there!

        Nothing wrong at all in wearing rose-tinted specs! In fact it sounds perfect for Spring’s flushing bride. I do exaggerate regarding the weather and throw a little artistic licence and mood out there for effect…it isn’t always gloomy, it just seems like it more often than not lol Climate change indeed! Love it. Where did you live in Wales, or have I asked you that before?

        The sun always shines at Dewin’s, Sammi…maybe not on the outside, but indoors it’s awash with bright colour and streaming light, perfect for following those new avenues and alleyways. Indeed, ‘here’s to brighter fortunes and an abundance of blessings for the rest of 2016!’ May you be so blessed 😀

        My pillow was hugged, as was teddy. lol 🙂 Joking, joking! I think I passed out with fatigue long before I got to bed and don’t recall anything more until mid morning the next day. I do enjoy sleeping nearly as much as I enjoy cake 🙂

        Any Welsh cakes left in the Welsh cake jar Sammi?

        Thank you for positive thoughts on Copper Door. Keep those best wishes coming; I could always use the extra help! Lol

        Take care always in all ways for always. 🙂


        DN – 07/03/2016

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      • Afternoon Dewin 🙂

        They were all gone. Not a single one was left in the house, not anywhere 😦 And the guilty cat who pinched one was the Cuddle Monster, Khepri. However, this morning I did bake a fresh batch of giant Welsh Cakes, just to tease you 😀 And guess what, the cat out-smarted me again! I will have to make a ‘Beware of the Cat’ poster for my kitchen, me thinks, just to remind me of how cunning he is.

        I lived in Aberystwyth for three years, attending university there. For two years I was very lucky to wake every morning to see the sea from my bed. Those were the days…It’s sounding as if I have donned those rose-tinted glasses again…

        You say hugging your teddy was a joke, but do we believe you? No way! 😀

        “Keep those best wishes coming” – Right you are…Wishing you a bounty of magical inspiration for Copper Door. I hope it is coming along well 🙂

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  3. Hey Sammi,

    Freshly baked. Giant. Welsh Cakes…oooh, you tease! 😀 Outsmarted again!? Oh that cunning, conniving, cagey, canny, crafty, crackerjack cat! Khepri be his name…’he who is becoming’…becoming a regular tea-leaf if you ask me! 🙂 Cuddle Monster indeed,…Cake Muncher more like lol Yes, do make that sign and add the word ‘burglar’ after cat 🙂

    Me thinks it is possibly you who are eating the Welsh Cakes and blaming the cat. Hmm??

    Aberystwyth is it? Lovely. 🙂 I am led to believe that it is a pretty good university and an enjoyable night out in the town? The West coast of Wales is unbelievably beautiful. You certainly sound if all the memories you made were good ones…the room with sea view especially so. ‘Those were the days’…why did they ever have to end? And what secrets do you have of those times? 😉

    I have driven through Aberystwyth many times. During my childhood days the family would holiday close to the town, renting a caravan on a dairy farm. As a child the farm offered a whole world of new adventures, including milking the cows. I recall learning very quickly not to trust the intentions of a cow in the stall for milking when its tail starts to lift. Suffice to say the cow got the better of me only once lol

    Should I admit to owning a teddy? Hmm? Well okay, he’s from the ‘Punkies Collection’ by Ty Toys and is called Sizzles – http://www.smartcollecting.com/details-beanie.asp?ID=1488 – and he’s lived with me for 14 years or there about. If memory serves me, he was the last on the shelf that day and needed a home lol He a delightful little chap and great company, and although a tad cheeky sometimes, and prone to getting lost around the house, I’d not part with him.

    You must have a teddy? Everyone has a teddy, don’t they? Life is so much better when one has a teddy.

    ‘Wishing you a bounty of magical inspiration for Copper Door. I hope it is coming along well’ Why thank you Sammi, that’s most kind 🙂 I hope it is coming along well as well! I’ve had a few new ideas and hope to incorporate some of them into the poem. The difficulty may be in knowing what to exclude.

    Thank you for your reply. Hoping all is well in all ways, and in all ways, always well.

    Have a wonderful Friday and a cracking weekend! 😀


    DN – 11/03/2016

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    • Hey Dewin,

      It seems you have got Khepri’s personality down to a tee! “Khepri be his name…’he who is becoming’…becoming a regular tea-leaf if you ask me!” This is great! 🙂 And as for me eating the Welsh cakes and blaming the cat…if only that were true! I’d be less likely to grumble about his crafty, cake-munching ways…lol

      I almost ended up at the university of Glamorgan, actually, because I knew South Wales better than West Wales at the time (it’s where my family’s from). But I loved being in Aberystwyth – it was like being on holiday for three years. The town was quiet for most of the year but come the summer and the warm weather, it was time to read or write on the beach or in the castle…definitely good times.

      Your holidays at the dairy farm sound fabulous! You’ve milked a cow? That is so cool! I’m glad it got the better of you only once lol 🙂

      Aww. Your teddy is adorable. So you only got him because he looked lonely on the shelf? Yeah, yeah. You’re not convincing anyone. 😀 “Life is so much better when one has a teddy” – I shall have to keep my eye out for one then 🙂

      Wishing you the brightest blessings for Saturn’s Day 😀

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  4. Hey Sammi,

    How are you?

    Saturn’s Day 🙂 I like that. I read somewhere that Saturn was linked to the 11th house of the Zodiac – the house of dreams, hopes, wishes, and desires. The article suggested this is the astrological indication that through the will and concentrated thought-power, the soul can achieve anything it wants. Saturn’s dark heavy influence – hard work, discipline, dedication – is exalted in Libra, the Venus sign of balance, symmetry and beauty, and epitomises our instinctive desire to create and perpetuate eternal beauty, which can only be found in harmony and equilibrium, and delivered through firm commitment to our endeavours. Saturn certainly sounds like a powerful ally to have around at the weekend!

    Regards Khepri…that sniping, swiping, snaring, snatching, furtive, ferretting, fleecing, filching feline, and rapacious rapscallion, he is a wolfish whiskered ‘weevil! I’m watching him lol 😀

    You have fond memories of university days, and rightly so, they are some of the best years of our life. I imagine Aberystwyth was a haven throughout the year, and not just the town or campus, but also the flourishing countryside and coastline either side. ‘time to read or write on the beach or in the castle’ ~ both sound perfect ways to spend lazy days and fashion treasured memories to always keep nearby.

    I am also glad the cow only got the better of me once…and so was my mum bless her, who had to wash my clothes lol Mind you, she was probably used to the horrendous mess….as a very young child when we lived abroad, I had a particular appetite for water-melon, and would happily sit amongst manure and seaweed enriched vegetable beds enjoying Nature’s finest dessert for untold messy hours lol Oh, how my mum must have enjoyed those days of Terry nappies, buckets of bleach, and applications of nappy-rash cream! Lol 😀

    So you like Sizzles eh? He’s a cool punkie dude. Curiously, he wandered into the living room yesterday afternoon and found a place to sit atop the computer. He’s looking at me now through his beady glass eyes and I can’t but smile at his wonky gonky ways. Perhaps that is why I love him so and had him come to stay in the first place.

    Do you really not have a teddy Sammi?? 😦 You must look! They say there is a teddy bear made especially for everyone, so perhaps your cuddlesome companion is already out there, calmly just waiting on a quiet shelf to be found.

    Life really is so much better when one has a teddy 🙂

    Enjoy a wonderful evening 🙂


    DN – 12/03/2016

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    • Good evening, Dewin! 🙂

      The astrological information on Saturn was interesting reading indeed. Thank you so much for sharing it. I really need to delve back into astrology -it’s something I’ve wanted to study but never actually got around to doing it.

      Again, Khepri to a tee! 🙂 wolfish whiskered weevil – absolutely love it! 🙂

      You must have been popular! But water melon is so yummy, I can see why you ventured through all that dirt to get to it 🙂

      Sizzles sounds absolutely adorable. So he was sitting on the computer was he? Offering a rhyme or two for Copper Door perchance? 🙂

      I suppose there might be a teddy or two round here somewhere from my childhood…perhaps I should take a look. But then who needs a cuddlesome companion when there are two cats in my home always after cuddles and huggles? 🙂

      Wishing you the Brightest Blessings for Friday, and the weekend!

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      • Good morning Sammi,

        The hands on the clock have moved into the wee small hours, and whilst I had intended to head to Zzzzz, I thought I’d stop by here first to quickly say ‘hello’, and wish you a pleasurable weekend 🙂

        Pleased you enjoyed the Astrology stuff – there’s so much to read about it as a subject for study, and all very absorbing. Some say it spells out the destiny of humankind? Hmm powerful stuff! And Saturn seems to be a most important aspect of this unfolding process, bringing disciplined will and iron strength to balance the sweet harmony of Nature’s, Venus. Cool dude, and a great team 🙂

        So…did you achieve success or make significant progress with all your endeavouring? How was Saturn for you? 🙂

        Lol Sizzles did indeed sit and suggest a few lines…he always does sit and chat away, he’s here now talking – it’s keeping him quiet that is the problem. He keeps the poem in check, or in cheek, whichever it is, and leaves me with a smile when writing takes us into the wee small hours. He’s just gone to make a fresh cuppa and grab a biscuit or two…want one? 🙂

        Aww, ‘cuddles and huggles’, and ‘cuddlesome companions’, so sweet 😀 With two errant strays vying for a cutch, your arms must never be empty of a furry companion to snug a hug with, but I hope you also find a teddy to share your writing desk. As well as making you smile, perhaps teddy will fend off the whiskered weevil and protect your baked wares from being filched…such talent for apprehending marauding moggies is a prerequisite for making it to teddy status and getting the label stitched into the seam. 🙂

        Right, well that’s me wiped out for another day and heading for the dream pool for a quick dip in the surreal. Hoping your weekend brings you hugs and snugs and miles of smiles, and all with a cherry on the top. Happy writing!

        Take care always for all ways, and in all ways, for always 🙂


        DN – 19/03/2016

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      • Good evening Dewin! Thank you for stopping by to say hello 🙂 You’re always welcome.

        “Cool dude, and a great team” -They definitely are. I like the idea of studying astrology but I do wonder if I have the focus and patience. I’m far too easily distracted and I get the impression that a great level of concentration is required. Perhaps that’s why I have never managed to study it before now…

        I did manage to submit the poems I wrote and they have both been accepted. Yay! One of them has already been published but the other won’t be for a few months yet. All I need to do now is decide which project I’m going to focus on for Camp NaNoWriMo. And that’s a problem all of it’s own! 🙂

        So Sizzles is the genius behind the poet? 😀 I’m only joking, of course. Does he make a good cup of tea? If yes, I will definitely have one. Milk, no sugar 🙂 If not, I think I’ll pass… lol

        Hope you have a great week, Dewin. Take care 🙂

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  5. Good evening Sammi,

    Welcome to Monday evening lol 🙂 How’s you?

    Thank you for the welcome to Sammi’s 😀 You know I like to come by your Blog and catch up a little with you and your scribbles… you always make it a pleasure to be here Sammi…and you serve the best cakes on WordPress. Thank you 🙂

    Astrology seems to offer something for everyone who takes time to look more deeply into it. It is a vast ocean, rich in myths, legends, stories, perspectives, facts, fictions, rules, correspondences and ancient traditions. I find it all fascinating reading, but I have no idea really how to compile natal charts and cast horoscopes and such like. That all seems far to complex and considered, and like you I wonder if I would have the focus or patience to learn. I tend to dip in and out of its gargantuan library and read a little of this or that as and when the moment arises or as and when I am led to reading it. Quite often articles of interest crop up just when the time is right for them to do so and offer their unique insight and/or share their influence and alter/deflect/realign thought patterns or processes to encourage understanding and effect degrees of positive change. And sometimes that is all that one needs: a small shift in thinking. If I had more time, perhaps I would consider studying it further, and undoubtedly find reward in doing so. As it is, there are just not enough hours in the day to do all that one would like and learn all that is interesting, and so I leave it to the experts out there who share their wares online, and take what I need accordingly. And that seems to work just fine.

    h so, congratulations once again for further publishing success! Yay! It’s a great way to start the new week eh? 😀 And this time poetry, excellent 🙂 It appears to be your year for achievement Sammi, and you seem to be very inspired by that. Will you publish the poems here once they have been aired elsewhere? I hope so. As to NaNoWriMo…have you decided yet on the project you will undertake, or do you have options to choose from? Or indeed, are you going to write something completely new to take and nurture through Camp? What are your thoughts about projects so far? And what do you hope to achieve with NaNoWriMo? What is the objective…will that affect the project you choose to do? I’d like to hear more about what you are considering. Good luck in everyway with writing camp…I trust you’ll keep us informed of progress here?

    Sizzles has always been the hand that steers the scribe! 😀 Never be fooled by his red cotton fluff and cuddlesome demeanour…inside there is a brilliant mind lost to his imagination, and a warm and gracious heart from where his sizzle flows. He is perfect, whereas I am far from perfect, and so it is indeed most fortunate that he came to stay and helps me out with the odd word or two every now and again, and gives me some sense of achievement to help keep me going 🙂 He is a cool, gentle dude…and yes, he does also make a decent cuppa: milk no sugar being his speciality of course! lol 🙂 Mind you, if I had one complaint, it is that he not very good at baking and teatime is a bit thin on tasty treats. I think he needs an education 😉

    Have a wonderful evening and a superb week. Fingers crossed for continued success 🙂

    Take care as always for always,

    DN – 21/03/2016

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    • Good evening, Dewin! Welcome to Tuesday evening 😀

      I serve the best cakes on WordPress? How kind of you to say so 🙂

      Thank you so much. I have yet to decide on the project for Camp NaNo…I have far too many options to choose from, both ongoing projects and new ideas, so I need to pick carefully. I won’t list them all here – it would make very boring reading indeed 🙂 I usually do NaNo in November with the aim of either almost completing the first draft of a novel or finishing up a number of smaller projects. I have never done Camp NaNo before; here the objective is whatever you want it to be, whether it’s working towards a word count or editing something you’ve already written. Camp is different from the November NaNo because you are assigned to a cabin of 12 other participants who are there to support and encourage you through the month – I’ve joined a private cabin run by another writer here on WordPress. I think we still have a space or two free if you want to join in 😀 I think I might be taking a break away from blogging for the whole of April to ensure that I try and stay focused. My concentration is not what it should be at the moment.

      Aw, you totally love your teddy. That is so cute lol. I suppose with regards to baking, he can’t get too near an oven or he might singe that bright red fur of his and we can’t have that – microwave baking only 🙂 He sounds like he needs to go cookery classes – or I can send him some recipes 😀

      Have a Bright and Blessed Week 🙂

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      • Hey Sammi,

        That was a nice welcome to Tuesday evening, thank you 😀 Hoping Tuesday evening finds you well and happy?

        Thank you for detailing your thoughts on Camp NaNo and explaining the objective of the Camp…you sound tremendously enthused, and seemingly full of ideas with options to choose from! Your output must be quite prolific 🙂 It does indeed appear to be an interesting and worthwhile experience, and you obviously get a whole lot out of it by participating. I like the set-up of Camp NaNo, and the idea of being supported by fellow ‘cabineers’ (lol), that must offer great opportunity to bounce ideas and help resolve difficulties in any number of ways, be it challenging story-lines, character development etc. I also like the idea that there is free-reign with the project/s you take to Camp, that it is not prescriptive, suggesting that there is diversity of practice amongst other writers…that too must offer great scope and depth with your own work. And lastly, I am impressed by what is achievable in such a short space of time…you mention completing drafting a novel or a number of smaller projects? That sounds quite intense, but in a good way. It does sound fascinating, and I am most interested and will give the idea some serious thought. It is a commitment of focus, time and concentrated effort, and I am currently involved with the Merlin poem, however, I will consider it carefully as it incredibly worthwhile and a whole lot of fun. In addition, I had hoped to get the Merlin poem to a place I’d be happy to leave it for a while, and not being there yet, well, perhaps knowing April is nigh will inspire quicker progress. So, thank you for the invite, it really is much appreciated. Is there a deadline for application Sammi? 🙂

        Teddy is precious and always will be, and I hope he thinks the same of me as well lol 🙂 I shall heed your advice and keep him away from the oven, singed fur is not a pleasant smell, and I’d not want him taking time off sick from attending to his other house-duties. He does have to pay for his stay you know lol 😀 Recipes would be great, and inspire me to buy a microwave oven…the last microwave caught fire and was never replaced. Teddy’s cooking is mainly confined to using the stove-top where he’s a whiz knocking up a full English brekkie. I’ll let him know about the recipes and get back to you just in case he makes a request for something particular. 🙂

        Lovely to hear from you, and see so many smiles wrapped up in 280+ words. Thank you 😀

        Take care to enjoy a fabulous week!


        DN – 23/03/2016

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      • Happy Thursday, Dewin!

        Oh yes, I am definitely excited about Camp. As I mentioned, it will be the first time I have done it and I have high hopes for an encouraging, productive month…that or just the opportunity to interact with other writers from around the world.

        “Your output must be quite prolific” – yes, but it’s quality not quantity lol 🙂

        I understand that it is a big commitment and if it’s something you’re not sure of, it can seem more of a chore than anything else. The past few years I thought about doing it, but I knew I didn’t have the time or energy to dedicate to it so decided to pass. This year, I’m more organised and so is my writing – for once! I don’t know if there is a deadline to sign up. I think it’s just when the cabin’s full, it’s full. But then there are other cabins 🙂

        You definitely don’t want Teddy taking time off. That will not do! 🙂 The microwave caught fire? Oh my! :-O

        “I’ll let him know about the recipes and get back to you just in case he makes a request for something particular.” – lol

        Have a great weekend! Brightest Blessings!

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  6. Happy Good Friday Sammi! 😀

    Last day of the working week, and two days of freedom! Yay! 😀 Happ Easter! Have a great bank holiday weekend.

    It wonderful to hear you sound all fired up and chomping at the bit to get stuck into the Camp. I’m sure you’ll make the most of the opportunity and perhaps surprise yourself in what you achieve and where your work might go. It’s quite a mini-adventure isn’t it? I’m going to pay heed to your advice about prepping and preparing in advance for Camp and knowing that it is coming. If I had known about it earlier, perhaps I might have been able to find some extra time or book some leave from work and really commit to it. As it is I don’t think i’ll be able to give it the concentrated effort and time that it really needs, and so this time around I think I will pass. However, I will keep November in mind, and certainly the Camp for next year. I also think I’ve a few miles writing to get under my belt before stepping up a notch and attending something like this. I don’t have the experience or speed and agility with writing as yet and I think I’d be unable to achieve personal objectives, and find myself somewhat disappointed as a result. Your writing experience, focus and energy far exceeds mine, and for you it is perfect, and a springboard to grander things. I really hope you find it tremendous fun, which you undoubtedly will, and come away having been successful with all your endeavours. Will you write a Blog or two just to keep everyone updated on your progress etc? It’d be great to hear how you are getting on 🙂

    Ted likes the idea about microwave cooking, but says that if I supervise him, he’s happy to stick to oven cooking 🙂 Regards recipes…he says to ask for Welsh Cakes and Strawberry Jam Victoria Sponge cake…thinking that as he’s just starting out he’ll keep it relatively simple to begin with before moving up to other baked items and deserts that take longer to learn. He says if you have any other simple cake recipes to send them anyway: variety, he says, is the spice of life 🙂

    Thank you for best wishes. Have a wonderful weekend 🙂


    DN – 25/03/2016

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