Writing the day away…

I’m not exactly sure where this day has gone.  The weather has been pretty miserable here, which in turn has meant a day for writing, naturally. Yay!

I’ve been spending the day trying to update my Wattpad…why?  Probably because I’m struggling to decide just which of the many writing projects floating around Sammi Scribbles HQ I should be focusing on for Camp NaNoWriMo, which is frustrating to say the least.  Apart from that, I am very excited about Camp, which starts in less than a week and I’m so pleased with the cabin I’m in – big hello to any of you, if you’re reading 🙂

Anyhoo, I can’t believe that it’s been nearly a year since I was last on Wattpad  Oh my!  So much needed updating (there is still more to do).

First, let’s start with my profile.  I now have a new background image and changed my profile pic to the one I use pretty much everywhere else.  It’s nice to be consistent 🙂  These two changes alone have brightened up my profile and made the whole page feel fresher and infused with the right kind of energy…you know what I mean.  It feels less neglected.  I’ve also updated my bio.  The old one sounded so fussy, but that’s gone now.

Then I decided that the version of The Magician: An Andromache Jones Mystery on Wattpad needed its right and proper cover.  It only had the other one because I wanted to play around with Wattpad’s cover creator.  Looks better, right?

The Magician: An Andromache Jones Mystery Wattpad Cover (July 2014)

The Magician: An Andromache Jones Mystery Wattpad Cover (July 2014)

The Magician wattpad

The Magician: An Andromache Jones Mystery Cover – this is the cover that you will see if you download the short story anywhere else.

Chronicles of the Craft has had a face lift too.  A new cover and an edited summary has made this writing project look loved again.

Chronicles of the Craft - wattpad

Chronicles of the Craft – Old Cover

chronicles of the craft new

Chronicles of the Craft – new cover

Which of the covers do you prefer, old or new?  I would love to hear your thoughts…

I completed the thirteen short stories / chapters for Chronicles of the Craft (vol. 1) as part of NaNoWriMo 2015 (I was a rebel and wrote 50,000 words for a number of short stories and on top of that I edited about the same again! Phew!) And yet, I never got around to uploading the last seven stories.  The plan is post these remaining stories over the next couple of days / weeks – and just so you know, some of them will be exclusive to Wattpad.

On top of that, I’ve also been working on two volumes of poetry, one of them at least destined for Wattpad.  It’s now just a question of working out which poems should go in which volume…it sounds easy but it’s been remarkably hard work…Of course, I love it! 😀

So, if you want to see what’s new over at Wattpad, follow this link here to my profile, and my stories.  Looking forward to seeing you over there!  It would be great to find some more Wattpad-folk to follow – my reading list is still a bit empty…


11 thoughts on “Writing the day away…

  1. Hi Sammi! You’re very productive – amazingly so. Well done 🙂 Beinterested to know how you find Wattpad. I’ve never given it a go, though I know some find it great for feedback etc. What’s your experience of it?

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    • Thanks Lynn. I like Wattpad but I find that I’m not consistent enough in using it to make much of a success of it. From what I can gather, if you post work regularly and read and vote on the work of others regularly, you can pick up a good following and get some very constructive feedback. But it all takes time, doesn’t it, time that might be better spent writing? I’m not sure. I like it as a platform though, and for the potential it holds, if I can just find that extra time to use it consistently.

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      • Time is a big problem, I find. I have WordPress, signed up to Twitter, Facebook, Goodreads – but it’s only the blog I work on regularly. Not enough hours in the day to focus on them all. Thanks Sammi, that’s really interesting, 🙂

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  2. Hi Cabin-mate! Good luck figuring out what to focus on – you only have a few more days, eek!

    I’m curious about Wattpad, but I’ve been expanding my various social media forays recently and need to figure out how to manage everything I’ve put on my plate now, first.

    Feedback on covers: I really like the font on the second Magicians book. It looks very professional to me, much more than the font used on the other three. It also leaves more room for the image to shine, and I like the dark blue and black contrast. For Chronicles of the Craft, I actually like the first one better. It’s more immediately clear what the photo is of, and the color contrasts look more striking, whereas the second image comes off a bit blurry and vague to me. I like the font better on the first one too.

    Have you thought about using the same font on all your book covers? I’ve read that that’s one way of making them look more like a cohesive “body of work” when they all show up in a line on Amazon or some other page.

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    • Thanks for your thoughts on the covers, Cabin-mate!

      As for my project for Camp, I think I am going with two…one is completely new and the other is a continuation. I always have more than one project on the go at a time as I find it helps me concentrate more on what I am writing. Not sure how that works exactly, but it seems to 🙂

      Before I joined wattpad a few years ago, I had heard it described as a mix of creative writing platform and social media platform, which suited me as I didn’t do much, social media wise. I think it’s useful if you have the time for it. (I am hoping to make time for it now). I too have been trying (a little!) to expand my social networking, but it is slow going. Finding the time for everything seems to be the hardest part as I don’t want it to eat too much into my writing time. Neither do I want to commit myself to too many things and have them all suffer for it. I now use facebook more than I did and was wondering if a facebook page might be useful as a sort of hub because you can link everything to it…

      I had heard about using the same font on all books for a series but not for all books by one author. But now that you mention it, it makes sense. I suppose it’s another form of author branding, isn’t it…?


  3. Good morning Sammi,

    How are you, and how was you Easter Weekend? Did the Bunny leave you chocolate this year…have you been a good girl? lol 😀

    Hopping Bank Holiday Monday has you waking eager to scribble and focused on making those critical choices regarding projects for Camp. Don’t be put off by the squall raging outside the window! Hurricane Katie has been there all night and is merely shaking things up a little and encouraging everything towards a higher energetic state…perfect timing perhaps with Writing Camp nigh on the horizon 🙂 You already sound fired up and waiting for the ‘b’ of ‘bang’ to launch yourself out of the starting blocks and get on with writing itself! I’m absolutely certain you’ll make the right choices for deciding upon your projects…perhaps you even know which ones you’ll take with you already? 🙂

    Sammi Scribbles HQ…I like that name for your writer’s sung 🙂

    Regards your prolific output last year…13 short stories and ‘50,000 words for a number of short stories and on top of that I edited about the same again! Phew!’ Phew indeed! That really is impressive! When did you sleep?? lol 🙂 Your energy and passion for writing never cease to amaze me Sammi! One wonders how prodigious you’ll be this year with your writing? Or perhaps that is dependant on what you hope to achieve as your focus, the types of projects you are working on, and/or how you will invest such relentless energy and vigour to best effect?

    And good luck with organising the poetry. What a wonderful exercise to have to undertake! Are you keeping to specific themes in the volume or offering a more diverse cross-section of work? 🙂 Wattpad is something new to me, and like Joy, I too am curious to look into it a little more. I thought your profile excellent, at once direct and informative and yet warm and friendly, with an inspirational edge and a genuine passion for your writing.

    I was looking with interest at the covers for both Chronicles of the Craft, and The Magician, and I much prefer the updated version of The Magician: it’s much more dramatic with the dark image clearly visible, set in the perfect shade of deep blue, and the title differently rendered and moved. I do like the shapes of the silhouettes in the photograph used. I think the new cover works far better in keeping with The Apparition as well. Regards Chronicles of the Craft – I’ve always liked the power of a lit candle as an image, it has a magnetism that seemingly draws me into its soft light to either escape or explore the darkness, to seek further into it or seek further refuge from it and find comfort or perhaps even hope. The updated cover offers many contrasts, but I find an overall sense of sadness or sad memory lingers in the subdued shades and fallen petals of once radiant flowers. I think of endings and change, and of past and future, but feel suspended continuously in the present to reflect on, loss? I know nothing of the content of Chronicles, or what motivated your final choice for the covers, but I like the mystery and draw of both, each for different reasons.

    Well Sammi, I’d best head away and go get the bank holiday Monday started in earnest…one has to take full advantage of the extra free time off work and I’m sure to find much to do 🙂 Of course, I’ll keep fingers crossed for a thoroughly enjoyable time spent at Camp, and wish you well with your deliberations, preparations, and endeavours. Good luck, best wishes 🙂

    Judging by the weather, I think it’s another day for staying in the snug…it’s getting wild outside! lol 🙂

    Have a wonderful day.


    DN – 28/03/2016

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    • Good evening, Dewin! 🙂

      “have you been a good girl?” Hardly, but the easter bunny left me chocolate any way. lol What about you? Were you a good enough boy to be left chocolate? 😀

      As to the choices for NaNo, I have decided to go down the route of working on two projects: A continuation of an old project and the start of a new one. I know what the old project is, a novel I’ve been working on for the last eighteen months, but I now need to decide on the new one. There are a number of options vying for my attention and characters whose voices wish to be heard. Luckily I still have a few days to work things out…

      I’m glad you like the sound of Sammi Scribbles HQ 🙂 It’s a great place to get lost in the imagination…

      I always seem to be scribbling something down, and I’m never far from a notebook or my phone (which holds most of my poetry), so that goes some way to account for the quantity of writing.

      I’m going to need a little good luck organising the poetry. It’s a harder job than I first anticipated as I want to ensure both volumes feel cohesive, and that is hard to do when I’m so close to the poems. I’m not sure my eye is critical enough…like anything else, I suppose it is a learning curve. Both titles have been chosen, as well as the themes; the covers have also been designed. And, as I was working through this, I’ve decided that there will be an additional volume of short / flash fiction / creative ramblings at some point. Again the title is chosen but I’m struggling with the front cover. These projects may have to be put to one side for a while, depending on how NaNo goes. Oh! How I wish there were more hours in the day! 🙂

      I like wattpad – it’s a cross between a creative writing platform and a social media platform, and there are some amazing writers on there, as well as some well-known ones.

      “I thought your profile excellent” Thank you. That’s just what I wanted to hear. 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your insightful thoughts on the covers. It’s much appreciated, especially your words on the updated Chronicles cover. When I see purple, I automatically think “magic”, and I suppose I assume everyone else does too. To read your impressions has got me thinking…

      Well, it has been lovely to talk to you, Dewin 🙂 I hope you’ve enjoyed the easter weekend, and, as always, Brightest Blessings for the week ahead 🙂

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  4. Good morning Sammi,

    Hardly a good girl? But still you got chocolate? How fortunate you are! 🙂 I tried extra hard to be a good enough boy this year, but sadly there was no Easter bunny bringing me chocolate 😦 Obviously, I’ve not been quite good enough…and even Sizzles failed me this year, not even a cupcake or fancy flapjack, nor crème egg, snickers bar or chocolate button! Never mind, there’s always next year, I hope 🙂

    Very pleased to hear of decisions and commitments regarding your choices of projects for NaNo, and equally excited to learn one of them is a novel! 🙂 Would that suggest you might be taking the novel towards completion, and perhaps onwards from there to submission?? I guess time will tell what you ultimately decide, but I find it an exciting possibility all the same. I will of course be interested to know of decisions for the ‘new project’ should you choose to reveal them. You are very fortunate to have such an active imagination and such depth of choice available to you. It goes without saying that I wish you all the very best with both projects. Good luck, best wishes. 🙂

    Sammi Scibbles HQ 🙂 Indeed it does have warmth and appeal about it and is very defining. I was considering names for here, but I guess I’ll stick with Bryn Myrddin and keep ancestry and tangible family roots current…and the name has a better ring to it than Dewin’s Den or something similar. Do you have a house name placard, or a sign on your writing room door?

    My friend Paul is one to use his mobile phone for writing as well: he finds it a convenient way of always having to hand a scribble pad, just as you do. Both you and he are already cast in the writer’s mould, and seem more able, or perhaps more willing, more readily, to write when chance allows than I, but I have been giving thought to upgrading my antiquated phone, and/or investing in a tablet or other portable device. I tend to dream rather than act or record thought, and I forget so much as a consequence. I’m hoping an investment of money will help me to acquire new habits and use time when travelling or between events to write as well as dream.

    I like the intensity of your approach to organising the poetry. Every choice sounds carefully considered, every option evaluated on its intrinsic worth and considerately weighed. I can empathise and understand how difficult it must be to decide which poems to include in which volume when one is close to the work and all were lovingly hewn from the same rock with the same heart. I guess this is what you were saying when we discussed the difference between fiction and poetry…a poet always loses a little piece of themselves within every poem they write. But you have come away with an additional volume of work that you hadn’t anticipated, and that alone keeps the momentum going in getting your work organised and ‘out there’ to be read and viewed. I’m sure your final choices will express all you want to say within the volumes. If you want to bounce some ideas for the cover of the flash fiction collection, I’d be happy to help, even if my impressions only leave you thinking on alternative perspectives J Purple is a magical colour 🙂

    Thank you for merrily chatting away with me and for your company over the weekend. I always appreciate both. I hope your week’s preparation for NaNo brings you to readiness, and your current projects find their natural conclusion. It must feel good to be starting to clear the desk in advance of Camp…like a spring-clean! So sincere best wishes and good speed as you sail your way through the remainder of the week.

    Have fun, take care always 🙂


    DN – 29/03/2016

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    • No chocolate? Oh no! Perhaps you could conjure some up with a little bit of wizard’s magic? And what was Sizzles thinking? After all the nice things you said about him…

      Thank you so much for the best wishes for NaNo. I need them. I thought I would have got over a plot hiccup in the old project by now but my muse seems to have deserted me on this. She has a rebellious streak and won’t stop whispering words about other projects…My muse has as much concentration as I do at the moment! As to the new projects, I will make my final decision tomorrow, methinks. An extra day to ponder on a few final points never goes amiss!

      I should get a sign for the writing room door – that’s a great idea! Do you have one? Bryn Myrddin is steeped in mystery and magic, and thus is perfect 🙂 It’s good to have a name with such depth of meaning…

      Dreaming is the best kind of inspiration. I’m a dreamer too 🙂 My excuse…it helps in seeing how a storyline might play out 🙂

      Thank you so much for your kind offer – you are a star! 🙂 And I am very grateful. However, I am currently absolutely clueless as to the cover of the flash fiction collection. Not. One. Idea. Just a title. That’s all I got…And the more I think about it, the more my head hurts lol

      Keep dreaming and Bright Blessings for the rest of the week!

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