view from battlefield shropshire

The horizon stretched for miles.  On and on it advanced, with no end in sight, no pause for rest.  Endlessly expanding, tirelessly discovering, moving quickly over ground just covered, in search of new ground to conquer and claim.  On and on, into the distance it reached, and on and on it continued to grasp.

I wished that it would stop, just for a moment, along with the ceaseless meanderings of my mind.  So that, in peaceful stillness, I could find the chance to appreciate all that I knew or thought I knew in that brief moment, without the need to uncover more.

But instead, my mind, just like the horizon, keeps moving.  It won’t be still.  It won’t be content.


2 thoughts on “Horizon

    • Thank you, Mary. Yes, it is definitely nice to just be still for a little while but sometimes it’s easier said than done especially in a world that doesn’t stop moving.
      Brightest Blessings 🙂


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