Hibernating in May (A Little Update)

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I go through periods where I seem to cut myself off from everyone.  It’s nothing personal and there isn’t any reason behind it.  Sometimes I just find it hard to connect and hard to blog.  It’s not that I don’t want to talk and comment.  On the contrary.  I do.  But I do find it difficult.  And of course, the longer this period of social hibernation goes on, the harder it is to break out from.  So you can guess that this is where I am right about now.

Thanks for everyone bearing with me.  Also thanks for reading, thanks for liking, thanks for commenting and thanks for putting up with me.  You guys are amazing! 😀


3 thoughts on “Hibernating in May (A Little Update)

  1. I do this too. My friends all think I’m very extroverted, because usually I am, but then I’ll go for a week – or two, or three – and just “hermit” myself away. I literally say that when they call to ask me out. “Sorry, can’t. I’m hermiting, and unfit for social contact.” 🙂

    Anyway, you’re awfully easy to “put up with,” Sammi. On your bad days, you’re still nicer than some of my Facebook friends on their good days!

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      • You are definitely not alone in this! (Pun not intended, ha ha!)

        I was like this before I recently took up writing again, so I doubt it’s a writer thing. Although maybe writers tend to have more flexible schedules — e.g., not 9 to 5 jobs — so they have more freedom to “hermit” when the urge strikes.

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