The Storyteller’s Secret and a poem…

I am pleased to share that I have a short story and poem in the latest issue of Free Lit Magazine, the theme for which was “heroes”.  I knew when I first came across the theme that I wanted to write something based around Ancient Greece’s Age of Heroes but I didn’t anticipate the path my story would go down…sometimes it’s nice just to let the imagination wander a little…


The Storyteller’s Secret sees an old man arrive in an ancient Greek town to recount a tale of heroes past…only it isn’t the tale the gathered crowd wish to hear.

Also, there’s another poem of mine to be found, That Little Spark of Strength.

I do hope you have a read if you have a minute or two to spare.  There are some great pieces in this little gem of a literary magazine and I’m honoured to be part of it.

Click this link to read the latest issue of Free Lit Magazine.


5 thoughts on “The Storyteller’s Secret and a poem…

  1. I really liked your story, too. Not to play favorites, but I thought it was the best one. Loved the twist on the hero theme, and framing it as the storyteller telling the story nobody wanted to hear worked wonderfully.

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