6 thoughts on “My Weekend in Pictures #1

  1. I’m intrigued by the tiesen lap. I looked it up and found several sources saying it’s Welsh and means plate cake (although one says it means moist cake) and includes mixed dried fruit. But beyond that, everyone seems to have their own idea of how to cook it, from grilled like pancakes to baked hard or soft. Yours looks on the lighter and fluffier side. Are those individual muffin tins, or is my perspective off and they’re all cake size?

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    • The cakes I baked were about the size of small-medium tarts, so your perspective was certainly not off. The recipe I use calls for nutmeg and currants, the source being my Welsh grandmother – the recipe, not the ingredients 🙂 These ones turn out like a crumbly fruit cake and are delicious.

      And, I was very good. They were made as a present and I gave them all away! 🙂

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      • They sound delicious! I like the cakes that are not so sweet, just a little dried fruit. But then, I like the cakes that are sweet, too. My “being good” for the week is that I just brought the leftover birthday cake into the office and left it in the break room, instead of continuing to snack on it. My friend who’s a much better baker than me made it, and it was super rich, more like a fudge brownie than cake. Wow, just a few bites was more than enough, and I had half of the HUGEST cake ever!

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