Jousting for Murder – Short Story News

I love historical fiction.  I love to read it.  I love to write it, but I find it’s not something I write very often.

At one time, I believed, as did those around me, that I would be primarily a historical fiction writer.  I have in fact written two complete novels set in ancient Greece as well as a number of stories of various lengths and in various stages of completion set in other time periods.  But over time I gradually wrote less and less historical fiction and more fantasy and paranormal pieces.  Why that happened, I’m not sure.

Sometimes I will blend historical fiction and the paranormal together, like I did for the first story I got published, Idus Martiae, which was a re-imagining of the dream Caesar’s wife had the night before his murder. (You can read it here).  But still, my historical fiction writing has been limited, at least until these past few months, when I wrote The Sultan’s Daughter, set in a period and culture that I was unfamiliar with, and then Jousting for Murder, set in the Middle Ages, a period I have a great interest in.

And it is this latest historical short story that has been accepted and published in Tournament Games, an anthology dedicated to the Middle Ages and the Age of Chivalry.  The anthology is published by Zimbell House Publishing and edited by Evelyn M. Zimmer.

Tournament Games front cover

Jousting for Murder

The baron is celebrating his birthday with a joust and one of his closest friends, Miles Chevalier, is competing in a much anticipated competition.  However, when his opponent falls off his horse in front of the lists, it appears that Miles has killed him.  However, things are not as they seem.  Will Miles be able to find the truth behind the joust?  And more importantly, will he able to find the real murderer?

jousting for murder

You can learn more about the anthology over at the publisher’s website.

A side note:  Thanks go to Ben, whose knowledge of the Rule of St. Benedict proved extremely helpful in adverting a disaster in my story.  I will never forget that Benedictines were forbidden from taking food and drink outside of the walls of their religious house.  Brother John was almost in a lot of trouble… 😀

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