Choosing the Road (Earthbound #7)

It has been (many) months since I posted a chapter from Earthbound.  If you are new to this story, visit its index page here where you will find links to all the previous chapters as well as little more information about the story itself.

The first step of a journey is always the hardest.  You must work out where you need to go and how you are going to get there.  You don’t want to begin by starting down the wrong path, for who knows if you might ever find your way again.  Thankfully I had my map laid out before me.  All I needed to do was follow the directions I had been given.

From my look around I could see there were three options before me.

The first to my left was a narrow animal trail that seemed to disappear as soon as it started beneath the tree canopy.  The way looked barred in places due to overgrown brambles.

The second directly in front of me was much wider and the path clear of all obstructions.  The sun shone down through great gaps in the branches overhead, bathing the path in golden light illuminating a number of wild roses.

The final one was to my right and appeared wider than the first but narrower than the second.  To either side of it grew two young oak saplings flanking the entrance, and just beyond them I could see a little of the way ahead due to the moderate light that filtered down in places.

I had a choice to make.  The dark path, the light path or the one that was in between.   The bramble track, rose track or oak track.

I closed my eyes and allowed my heart to make the decision…

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