A Month of Mini Writing Challenges

A Month of Mini Writing Challenges

So September at Sammi Scribbles will be A Month of Mini Writing Challenges.  The plan is to complete a daily mini writing challenge by following that day’s prompt which will not only outline a theme but also state what format it should take.  It might for example ask for a poem written in less than 10 lines, or a story in less than 25 words. You get the picture.

For a list of the prompts, please visit the challenge’s page, here.  I will also be posting the prompts each day on my Facebook page (see the sidebar) should anyone else want to join in.

I’m very excited – this should be great fun!

8 thoughts on “A Month of Mini Writing Challenges

    • Hi Gabi 🙂 Glad you like the writing prompts – I definitely need them to get back into the swing of writing and posting every day! I think to keep things simple and relaxed we shall say that as long as the responses are posted at some point in September it’s a win 🙂 That way if things get too hectic or a day gets missed out it won’t really matter. 🙂 How does that sound?

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