Soulless, Part 2


Danse Macabre by Michael Wolgemut (picture credit: wikipedia)

[To read Part 1, click here]

‘The change will soon be upon you.’

Pater noster—

‘There’s no point praying to your God now.  He no longer wants you.  You’re soulless, destined to walk upon the earth or burn in the fires of hell. I know which I choose.’


‘Yes.  You’re about to be reborn.’

This was written for Day 25 of “A Month of Mini Writing Challenges“.  See this page here for more details and a list of prompts.

8 thoughts on “Soulless, Part 2

  1. I love the story — so creepy — but hm…. stretching the story over two prompts, isn’t that a bit cheating, Sammi, on your OWN prompt, no less? Well, I guess you get to arbitrate, so by definition it works! 🙂

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