The Destiny Charm in Between Worlds

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I am so excited to announce that I have a piece of flash fiction, The Destiny Charm, in the latest issue (Issue 2) of Between Worlds.

First, here’s a little about Between Worlds, taken from their website…

Between Worlds Zine is a quarterly short fiction magazine, publishing Young Adult and New Adult fantasy, horror and sci-fi tales of alternate worlds and the doorways that lead there.

So, What is The Destiny Charm about?

Liyara is being chased through the Tarian Forest because, even though she has never stolen anything before in her life, for some reason that morning, something compelled her to do so.  And thievery is a capital offence in Taria.  If she’s caught, there is only one way this will end.  However, destiny has a funny way of manifesting when you least expect it…

You can read The Destiny Charm here. If you do read the story, please let me know what you think.

This is what the editor had to say about The Destiny Charm:

‘The Destiny Charm’ lies at the intersection of extremely clever writing and world-building, fitting all this into an tightly-woven flash story. It’s a testimony to Sammi Cox’s writing that we cared so deeply about Liyara after only a few lines of narration, and its ending left us breathless for more of this intriguing world.

As you can imagine, I couldn’t be more happy with their response, one that left me very much humbled.

I’ve had a couple of stories set in this world now published (A Teller of Fortunes in “Travelers” anthology, The Wood-Shades of Winter in “On A Dark and Snowy Night” anthology and The Apothecary’s Tale in “The Key” anthology), but I realise that I haven’t written about it very much, if at all, here on the blog.  I think that is something I will have to change soon 🙂

Please go and check out Between World’s website, and if you have a moment, please like their Facebook page too.  For any writers out there interested in Between Worlds, their submission guidelines can be found here.


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