The Magician, An Andromache Jones Mystery – 4th Birthday!

Of course, when I say birthday what I mean is that four years ago today, The Magician, An Andromache Jones Mystery, was released.  Yay!

The Magician 2014

To celebrate, I decided to create a little bit of quote art, using some of my favourite snippets from the first two chapters of the story.  What do you think?  Which is your favourite?  Let me know in the comments…






The Magician, An Andromache Jones Mystery, is available to download for free via Smashwords in a number of different formats – you can even use the online reader, should you wish!  If you would rather download it from a different retailer, including, Barnes and Noble, Kobo and iBooks, please see this page on my website for the links.  You can also read it via Wattpad.

Authors, especially those of the aspiring kind, rely on the feedback of readers to get anywhere in the world of writing.  I would be eternally grateful if you’ve not yet read The Magician (or the second short story in the series, The Apparition), to please give it a go.  And, if you could rate and / or review it on goodreads, where you downloaded it from, or on your own website or blog, again, you will have earned my eternal thanks.  Don’t forget to let me know so that I can thank you! 🙂

The Magician, An Andromache Jones Mystery

Andromache Jones has somehow managed to capture the attention of The Magician and finds herself caught up in The Game, his challenge that has very real life and death consequences, and not only for her. Can she complete the test he has set in the allotted time and live to see another day, or will failure, and The Magician triumph?

The Magician is the dark debut of the soon to be available Andromache Jones Mystery series. This is a prelude to the witchy whodunnit series, and your chance to get to know the heroine of the books.

Thanks everyone for your support.  It means so much to me.



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