candle in the dark

It was the worst night of the year.

It was the best.

A time to remember,

When she spent the year

Trying to forget.


The good times.

The happiness.

The hard times.

The laughs.

Why did it hurt so,

Recalling the past?


“I miss you everyday,”

She whispered,

Tears spilling down her cheek.

“I love you for always.”

A light in the deep.


So she lit all her candles

To guide them all home

So for one night of the year

She would not be alone.


© Sammi Cox, 2016

10 thoughts on “Samhain

      • Great review, Joy. I’ll have to write mine soon.

        I too wondered about when exactly it was set. It had a very Victorian Gothic feel to it, but some of the references made me wonder if it was actually set a little later, which was a little confusing. The gravestone too I found puzzling.

        I saw the movie a few years back and although I liked it, the book was (as always) better.

        Overall, I did enjoy it. It was definitely one of the best ghost stories I’ve read.

        Liked by 1 person

      • From the synopsis I read, it sounds like the movie was really quite different. It always makes me wonder, why did they bother basing the movie on the book if they were going to change so much about it? Frustrating.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yes, the movie was quite different – from what I recall there were characters that weren’t in the book and it did deviate from the story line quite dramatically. I think if I had read the book before seeing the film I would have been far more annoyed at the movie.

        Liked by 1 person

      • The book is almost always better, so if I like the movie, I’ll like the book. At the very least, the book will almost certainly include a ton more information than the movie, so I get extra stuff. The main problem with this approach is that if I don’t like the movie I might not read the book. Or if I *really* like the movie and then the book is almost unrelated, that could be disappointing.

        Liked by 1 person

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