A Mythic Tale of Love

An ancient-Egyptian themed garden had been opened in the city where Zoe lived that year, but she hadn’t felt moved to pay it a visit until that cold November day.

When she arrived she sat down on a bench close to a small shrine that was set out of the way.  Standing in the small shrine were two small colourful statues.  One was of the god Osiris, the other the goddess Isis.  Zoe stared at them, directing her thoughts to why she had come that day and the purpose of her visit.

‘You know their story? A mythic tale of love,” a voice said, breaking Zoe’s concentration.

Zoe looked up to find a woman around her own age – mid twenties – standing a few feet away.

‘I love mythology,’ the stranger explained.  ‘Osiris was murdered but he rose from the dead.  Isis never stopped looking for him.’

Zoe nodded.  ‘Yes, I know.  She got him back. It took a while but they were reunited in the end.  That’s why I’m here.’

‘P-P-Pardon?’ the woman stammered, looking a little confused.

‘Isis got Osiris back even after he had died.  He came back to her.  That’s what’s drawn me here.  Them.  Their story.’  Zoe paused, before continuing, ‘I lost my husband.  I miss him so much.  I want him back, here, with me.’

A look of sadness passed over the stranger’s face.  ‘I’m so sorry,’ she whispered, leaning over to take Zoe’s hand .  ‘How long has he been gone?’

‘Three lifetimes.’


11 thoughts on “A Mythic Tale of Love

  1. Good evening Sammi 🙂

    Oooh, this wonderfully eerie composition is precariously balanced on a razor’s edge, so finely poised as to offer the macabre on side and devotional love on the other. Your story left me chilled, delightfully confused, and contemplative on both the possibility of life after death, and/or reflective on the power and intensity of love to keep alive a memory 🙂

    Upon first reading, I was naturally focussed on the mystery of Zoe’s experience, and her motivation and mind-set. However, I reflected more and wondered if this could also be read as an internal dialogue taking place within the strangers mind…as if she were reminiscing of an earlier, happier time in her life when her husband had been alive…Zoe is then representative of the strangers younger self? Either way, I am equally affected by their haunting memory as I am warmed by the glow of treasured love. It’s an excellent piece of writing Sammi, thank you 🙂 I would be curious to know where the inspiration for this came from…it feels so ‘real’ and yet so fictional as well. 🙂

    You’ll know the story of Osiris and Isis better than I, but I recall the marriage was consummated, resulting in the child Horus. Zoe makes no mention of a child, and hence there is no continuance (of sorts) of her lost love. For me, this deepens her heartfelt tragedy and foregrounds her despair (and mystery) even further. I want there to be a part 2…not simply because I have questions requiring answers, but more that I want resolution for Zoe’s aching heart 😦

    I agree with Eric about the artful twist at the end! Just 2 little words was all it took to turn the story upside down and return confusion to my world! Great writing Sammi, thank you 🙂

    Hoping all is well on this chilly November evening. Have a great week! 🙂


    DN – 24/11/2016

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    • Hey Dewin,

      I hope you are enjoying your Saturday? 🙂 Thank you so much for your words and thoughts about the flash fiction. Sorry it took me a few days to respond 😦

      I am so pleased that it was able to raise so many different feelings and emotions – chilling, confusion and contemplation. You are very generous with your comments. Thank you 🙂 The idea of the internal dialogue hadn’t occurred to me, so I’m very grateful to you for pointing out that different interpretation. As for where the inspiration for the story came from, there are a few different threads that came together to create it. The first was that I have always had an interest in the subject of past lives and how they may or may not effect the present (a fascinating subject). Then I came across a post that mentioned a possible festival from ancient Egypt that celebrated the reuniting of Osiris and Isis after their separation – I think it was called the Festival of Burning Lamps. Unfortunately, I can’t find the post now 😦 And then there are the numerous stray thoughts that came my way that day – there would be too many to list, and no doubt their recollection would be very boring to read lol 🙂 Suffice to say, I was pondering on past lives and the story just sort of manifested, as stories are wont to do 🙂 I’m glad to hear that it felt real.

      To be honest, I’m not exactly sure how much Zoe’s story follows the myth, only that she finds a little comfort and hope in it. But definitely, thinking of the two alongside each other heightens the poignancy of what she says. Whether there will be a part 2 I’m not sure. I’ll have to think on it. It might be nice to have a happy ending for Zoe…

      Thanks for reading 🙂 Hope you enjoy the rest of your weekend, Dewin, and keep warm 🙂

      Brightest Blessings!

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      • Good evening Sammi 🙂

        How are you? 🙂 Thank you so much for the fascinating and detailed reply delineating your motivation for the story. I can readily appreciate how one idea flowed into another until the tale had blended and brewed. The myth of Osiris and Isis works perfectly as a foundation for your tale, and the rest, as you suggest, is pure imagination and literary skill. I thoroughly enjoyed its reading 🙂

        I will read a little further on past lives. It is a subject that has been presented to me before in various ways, but one that I have yet to research in any real depth. Judging from what I acknowledge within your story, I shall pursue this topic as a keen interest, thank you. The Festival of Burning Lamps is not known to me either, but again, I shall read more widely. Thanks for the heads-up 🙂

        I would enjoy a part 2 🙂 Zoe needs to smile in her heart again, and love needs to propagate, bloom, blossom and flourish. I hope she looks to the future with the same eagerness as she turns to the past. Perhaps Osiris has returned already, but in a different coat of flesh: in a guise Zoe has yet to recognise, understand, or perceive? Perhaps he stands to watch her as she sits and waits for eternity. It is a tragedy waiting to be healed by love 🙂 A romantic tale of timeless, devotional love needs a happy ending 🙂

        Thank you for asking, my weekend came and went in a blur…one moment I was sat writing, the next it was Monday morning and I was on the train to work! Where does time go when one is having fun…it’s never like that at work! 🙂 Oh, I meant to tell you…I found a little tin box on the way to work this morning. It lay on the side of the path just waiting for someone to pick it up. I’m so pleased that I did…there is an image of a Swan’s head on the lid of the box, with a backdrop of yellow and red. A little research online has thrown light on swan symbolism and now holds my fascinating until I can understand a little more. Three other items also found this morning: a pigeon feather, a small magpie tail-feather, and a conker cast in dark rosewood hue. I’m just off to check out the symbolism of Horse-Chestnut Trees. I’ll let you know what I find out, and in the meantime, if you have thoughts on Swan symbolism, be sure to tell me next time. Thank you 🙂

        Have a wonderful week! I’ll look forward to popping back another evening to see what mischief you’ve been up to 🙂

        Until then….


        DN – 28/11/2016

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      • Hey Dewin,

        How are you? I hope you are well and the week has been kind to you so far? I am fine, thank you 🙂

        As for Zoe…it’s funny, as an untethered character, she seems to be lingering these past few days, so perhaps a part 2 will be necessary, after all. As you say, such a tale deserves a happy ending…May be he is already close by, willing her to find him. Or is there a chance he doesn’t know he is her “Osiris”?…that would be a difficult if not strange conversation lol

        Your finds on the way to work Monday morning sound like treasure! A pill to sweeten the beginning of the working week, from the powers-that-be perhaps? lol As for swan symbolism, I have always thought they are associated with royalty and often come to represent queens and sometimes goddesses. Also (off the top of my head) grace, fidelity, gentleness, hidden strength/power, transformation and beauty. I will eagerly await your interpretation of that bounty of symbols. You must be in favour with the earth 🙂

        Does everyone know I get up to mischief? And there I thought it was the world’s best kept secret…*sighs*… lol 😀

        Thanks for stopping by and chatting 🙂 Take care, Dewin, and enjoy the rest of your week 🙂

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