A Midwinter Haunting

I am excited to share that I have a ghost story, A Midwinter Haunting, in an anthology from FunDead Publications called O Horrid Night: Chilling Holiday Tales for the Black-Hearted.  The collection was released this week, but my contributor’s copies haven’t arrived yet, so no photo.  However, as soon as they come through my door, I will definitely be sharing a picture 🙂

For now, here’s the book description from Amazon:

Pristine, white snow shrouds evil things that revel in the longest, darkest night of the year. A fresh waft of peppermint brightens a monster’s foul breath. World weary ghosts have only until dawn to seek their retribution. The wind howls through the trees, or is that a choir of unearthly voices? “O Horrid Night” revives the tradition of telling ghost stories on Christmas Eve, when it is said that the barrier between the living and the dead is thinnest, and spirits may walk the earth. Such tales were in vogue in Victorian England (remember good old Jacob Marley), but the origins of the tradition stretch back in time, in celebrations of the Winter Solstice, Yule, and Sol Invictus. Gather your friends and loved ones together, get cozy with warm drinks or a roaring fire, and give them the gift of a spine-chilling ancient holiday tradition.

My offering tells the tale of Christina, who wakes one Midwinter night to find she is outside in the freezing cold, something she can’t remember having roused her from sleep, persuading her to go out into the night, into the dark.  And what she finds out there she will remember for the rest of her life…

Find it on Amazon and Goodreads

4 thoughts on “A Midwinter Haunting

  1. How exciting, congratulations! I’ve only recently heard of this tradition of telling ghost stories at Christmas (it came up in a couple of the Gothic haunted house stories I’ve been reading). Not a tradition here, but it seems like a good one. And your story sounds scary, too!

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