We met in autumn (tanka)

I am really enjoying trying my hand at writing tanka and it’s all because of Ramblings of a Writer and her wonderful weekly tanka prompt challenge.  Thank you so much for the inspiration, Kiwinana 🙂  This week the words were “autumn” and “winter”…

frosty spiders web

We met in autumn

Beneath leaves of red and gold

A love that burned bright

But ended in the winter

With the frost and snow and ice


14 thoughts on “We met in autumn (tanka)

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  2. Hey Sammi,

    🙂 I’d like to hope that were true…I do so enjoy a happy ending in matters of the heart, ever more so at this time of the year 🙂

    It’s always a pleasure to read your crafted outpourings and linger a while to muse on your choice words 🙂

    Hoping you are enjoying both St. Stephens Day and the seasonal holiday, and will be looking forward to the New Year celebrations as and when they arrive! One wonders what resolutions or intentions, wishes and dreams, you might carry with you into the New Year?

    Have a great week Sammi 🙂 Take care.

    DN – 26/12/2016

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    • Hey Dewin 🙂
      Aw bless. You’re right. At this time of year happy endings should be mandatory. No sadness, only sweetness and all things nice 🙂
      Thank you – it’s nice to know that my “choice words” are being read. And you always leave such nice comments:)
      I am enjoying the festivities – thank you. I hope you are enjoying yourself too 🙂
      As to resolutions and intentions, dreams and wishes for 2017 – I have been thinking about such things today. I can’t believe there are only a few days to 2016 left so I better decide what I am planning on focusing on. Though I might do well in taking stock of this year first. Knowing where I succeeded and where I failed might help in determining what I should concentrate on. Lol. It sounds sensible anyway 🙂
      Wishing you the brightest blessings for 2017!

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      • Hey Sammi 🙂

        Ah yes indeed happy endings and happier hearts should be mandatory in much the same way as mince-pies, choccy Yule log and chestnuts roasting on an open fire are as well lol 🙂

        I enjoy your writing Sammi, and it would be amiss of me not to express my thanks for the pleasure to be found in its reading 🙂

        I am doing my upmost to maintain the festive spirit and giving careful consideration to maintaining the momentum all the way through the 12 days of Christmas. Despite having to return to coal-face again on Thursday, my 5 day holiday (including the weekend just gone) has been very much appreciated and made to feel welcome. A rare chance to breathe and opportunity to take stock of the year soon to pass in the hope of making the most of the new year ahead. Talking of which, I found this phrase tucked away in a quiet corner of WP, which I thought worth pinning to the bathroom mirror: If yesterday’s big idea is now today’s big impediment, don’t feel obliged to follow it any longer.

        Given the frequency of your worthy successes during 2016, one wonders if you even failed at all, never mind knowing what is to be concentrated on next! Your success story seems to grow by the week, leading me to conclude (as a suggestion) that perhaps it may be time to dip a big toe into more serious thoughts of pursuing publishing possibilities with your novel? 🙂 What say you Sammi to that crazy old idea? 🙂

        But whatever direction you head, and whatever priorities you may have, I hope all your dreams come true and you receive all that you desire. 🙂 Best wishes and good speed in all ways for always and always, and especially for 2017!

        I’ve just found out they have DreamWorks, The Troll Hunters on Netflix, so must away to while away an hour or two and catch up with a little animated R & R 🙂

        Sweet dreams Sammi,


        DN – 26/12/2016

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      • Hey Dewin! I hope you are well and enjoying your holiday 🙂 I’m a little (OK – a lot) behind with replying to all your wonderful comments, and I still need to go and read the next part of your amazing poem, but I’m determined to get there…

        How was “The Troll Hunters”? A little animation is good for the soul. Lol. I’m hoping to get round to watching “Finding Dory” today, and I’m totally excited about it! 😀

        Definitely! – If Christmas isn’t about love and joy and smiles, I don’t know a time of year is 🙂 I’ve never eaten chestnuts that have been roasted on an open fire – I’m pretty sure that should be added on to the list of things to do before I die 🙂 And yet, I’ve never tried chestnuts so I might not like them…wouldn’t that be disappointing lol

        Maintaining the festive spirit through the 12 days of Christmas – I’m sure I have failed at that already 😦 lol A little time to myself to just sit quietly and reflect and channel a little inner peace – that would be heavenly… That is a wise and useful phrase you found there. I’ll scribble that away and add it to the front of 2017’s diary, methinks.

        Aw bless you! There were a few failures this year – but they serve to heighten the blessings 🙂 And, your suggestion is well-timed indeed! I finished one of my novels at the end of November, so fingers crossed, I might manage to do something with it in 2017. One of the lovely ladies from my online group has offered to read the first chapter for me in the new year – she is such a lovely and kind soul – and then I may see if I can find a few people to act as a beta readers. It makes me so nervous to think of anyone reading it though. What, I wonder, is what is on your list of resolutions / intentions / dreams / wishes for 2017?

        Have a bright and blessed day, Dewin! 🙂

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  3. Good afternoon Sammi 🙂

    Hoping the 27th day of this chilly seasonal December finds you shining radiantly as might the star on top of the olde Yuletide tree 🙂 You sound gleeful and full of Christmas spirit despite the subtle request for a moment to draw breath and find a space to unfurl. On which note, there’s never a rush or need to reply to my comments (or read my poem)….I enjoy wandering by here and leaving a footstep or two in the snowy whiteness of your page with or without a response from the nib of your magic wand 🙂 So thank you for finding time before you head out of the door to locate Dory to leave a scribble or two and a warm smile. Both are much appreciated.

    Delighted to hear of nervous but positive apprehension at spreading your literary wings into the novel world of novelling 🙂 I find the prospect very exciting for you and sincerely hope your ‘intention’ to pursue that novel end will manifest in a book to be proud of, and rightfully so after having invested both effort and love into its creation. My pinkies and perkies are crossed for success! I implore you to make known its progress, and will wait in anticipation of the posting that boasts of its publication with breath held and a smile reserved for such an amazing occasion 🙂

    I am very surprised you’ve never tried Chestnuts? Have you never found yourself wandering through the Christmas markets that seem to spring up on every corner at this time of year and made haste for the chestnut (and/or jacket potato) vender? One day you must at least try one…they have a pleasant subtle nutty taste that is neither overpowering or underwhelming. Chestnuts are not the same as marmite, in that the distinction between disliking and liking is so finely balanced so as to make it necessary to go back for a second opinion 🙂 I tend to migrate in the sellers direction if for no other reason than their stalls are normally amongst the warmest there, and for the sake of a couple of pounds get to linger and enjoy the warmth both inside and outside that they both seller and chestnuts offer. They are worth a try perhaps? Hope you like them 🙂

    ‘What, I wonder, is what is on your list of resolutions / intentions / dreams / wishes for 2017?’ Hmm, that is a very good question Sammi lol 🙂 And one I to have been ‘struggling’ with over recent days. My mind has been turning, twisting and bending in all sorts of directions of late as might a computer shuffle and file away snippets of data and coded information. I’ve let the programme run its own course to arrive at its own conclusions and possible endings. I am feeling strongly drawn towards Snow Leopards once again and the Buddhist tradition and feel an inclination to return to my books for insight and further evaluation (I might also consider opportunities to visit Tibet at some point this year as well, but conclude that this may just be a metaphysical thing rather than a physical journey there. I tend to think in extremes at both ends of the proverbial scale and settle somewhere in the middle when everything shakes down within me) I am not certain why this feeling has come about again, only that I feel I have come full circle somehow having waded through the million thoughts and speculations that pass through ones mind when writing, and especially whilst writing my poem. Somehow and in someway either the two are linked or there needs to be separation, one from the other…a way perhaps of cleaning the palette in preparation for something else, something ‘other’. In addition I am also drawn towards more fundamentally Pagan traditions and a return to the earth in some way shape or form. I tread with a degree of care in both regards for it is sometimes possible that I sense and feel the sentiments and sensibilities of others so readily as to believe they are my own thoughts and am learning to separate out their notions from my own. But either way, I can see a return to self-study being an essential and central aspect of 2017. Perhaps the learning will feed further into my writing and poetry and reveal its influence in words and thoughts, which appears to be my method of arriving at verse. Above and beyond that there is always the intention to find another job, but I have a feeling I will not give that too much attention…I regard any job as an occupational hazard to actually living and my participation necessary to keep me alive, I am not materialistic and certainly have little or no intention of seeking promotion whilst with my present employer. And finally on a personal level, I hope to maintain and support the friendships and companionships already in my sphere whilst I also continue to meet new and interesting people across all walks of life.

    I’m sure the above list isn’t complete but as an impulsive answer to your thoughtful question, it will suffice for now 🙂 So Sammi, having declared my initial thoughts, what of your own dreams and wishes, intentions and resolutions…what thoughts prevail in that finely tuned aerated mind of yours? 🙂

    As to Trollhunters! It’s awesome lol 🙂 Kelsey Grammer does the voice for one of the primary characters, and that just sold the show to me lol 🙂 His voice, with its characteristic inflection and intellectual tone is just excellent, and the animation for his character just spot on. The story itself is endearing and visually very pleasing. Guillermo del Toro (Pan’s Labyrinth, Crimson Peak) writes and produces (possibly directs as well?) and he is one of my favourite directors….edgy, dark, and happily disturbing in a thoughtful way. I’d recommend watching the animation to anyone! But then I am a fan of the cartoon and probably always will be lol 🙂 I think I am on episode 4 already with intentions of concluding the full season before work curls her claw beneath my collar and drags me kicking and screaming back to the coal-face 🙂

    Which leaves me to ask how your quest to find Dory went, and if you enjoyed the show? I’m guessing you did…the excitement you expressed above kind of gave the game away already uh? 🙂

    I’ll leave you to enjoy a quiet space and shall look forward to catching up again when you’ve had chance to draw breath and map out your entire year for 2017 lol 🙂 Take care as you walk between then and now and best wishes in coming up with a master plan 🙂 I shall be interested to hear just where your thoughts and dreams are heading.

    Stay warm and cosy and have a wonderful afternoon and evening. 🙂 Cia for now.


    DN – 27/12/2016

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    • Hey Dewin 🙂

      I hope the first week of your 2017 has been thoroughly enjoyable. Sorry for the slow reply; it’s taken me a while to get back to the blog after the fun and the chaos of the holidays lol 🙂 I read the latest instalment of your poem in the week and thought it was thoroughly fantastic! 😀

      Reading your thoughts on 2017’s possible dreams and intentions was very interesting. Thanks for sharing them with me 🙂 Snow leopards are amazing creatures – when I was growing up, I used to have posters of them plastered over the wall next to my bed (jostling for space with postcards from my favourite films) and close by I kept a small cuddly version of one. Visiting Tibet (either physically or metaphysically) sounds exciting, as does a return to self-study. I find some areas of Buddhism completely fascinating and keep a few small statues of Guanyin around my home, alongside pagan deities. Wishing you lots of luck and enjoyment on your journey 🙂

      As for my own thoughts for this year…even though we are 8 days into 2017, my thoughts are currently a jumble…a tangled ball of too many threads. Somehow I need to get rid of the threads whose sole purpose is to confuse me and lead me away from the path I should be on, and to do that my levels of concentration, which are steadily improving – thank the goddess! – need to improve further. So practising mindfulness is certainly on the agenda. And I know a number of goals that I should be working towards, but finding the right way to get them has been the challenge over the past few years. Hopefully, when my amazing levels of concentration materialise as my very own super-power, things will become clear lol Alongside mindfulness, I also need to work on finding the perfect balance between everything that I want / need to do and to achieve that I must organise my time better and learn not to get so distracted lol Then, there is learning to trust myself a bit more and not to let my nerves and anxiety to get the better of me and prevent me from doing the things I want. Apart from that there are a few writing goals I would like to tick off this year: putting together a complete book of poetry, getting back into writing about witchcraft and paganism (which will probably involve a starting a separate blog) and then there is always the idea of a collaborative project…

      So there you have it; a glance into my muddled mind lol

      Trollhunters sounds great. I will certainly add that to the list of things to watch 🙂 Finding Dory was amazing, but I expected it to be before I watched as I love Finding Nemo so much.

      How is Sizzles doing with the tarot? I hope you are helping him out whenever he needs it…especially when it comes to holding and shuffling the cards 🙂 lol

      Wishing you the brightest blessings for the coming week!


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