A Few Little Updates…

final-coverI thought I would write a follow-up post for a fun little project that went live at the beginning of December.  Yes, I’m talking about the anthology, Winter Magic.

As of this morning, the winter-theme poetry and prose collection has had 592 views, 27 votes and some beautiful comments.  If you have yet to have a read of the anthology, you can do so by following the link to Wattpad here, where you can read it for free.  Don’t want to read it on Wattpad or are a reviewer?  Check this out.

And so, because I had such fun working with everyone involved, and I rather enjoyed collating the bits and pieces together, I have posted another couple of calls for submissions for anthologies to be released this year.  Two are again seasonal anthologies, Summer Spells and Winter Wishes, and the third is for something a little different; Whispers and Echoes, an online journal of short writing.  That is, short poetry (in 10 lines or less) and flash fiction (in 100 words or less).

whispers-and-echoes-issue-1If any of these projects interest you, you can check out the submission guidelines by following the links below:

Whispers and Echoes

Summer Spells

Winter Wishes


5 thoughts on “A Few Little Updates…

  1. Ooh, you temptress! Love the sound of Whispers and Echoes if I can get something done between the hell of Valentine’s Day and the greater hell of Mother’s Day! Is it alright for me to sub, as I was in Winter Magic? That sounds like a lot of views – is that good? Being a newby to Wattpad, I have no idea 🙂

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    • Ha ha!
      Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and then the Easter holidays…no rest for the wicked! And I feel like we have only just gotten over Christmas and New Year!
      Yes, it’s perfectly fine for you to submit, Lynn. Fingers crossed for a few spare moments, lol 🙂
      For a small anthology, it’s certainly not bad and has already more than doubled my expectations in the couple of months it has been on Wattpad. As the weather warms up, I imagine the numbers will drop off, but hopefully, towards the end of the year, they will pick back up again. It would be fantastic to hit 1,000 views come December…

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      • That’s great! Yes, I’m sure many people won’t want to read winter tales when the weather warms, but the fact you’re heartened by the stats. Wonderful and a pleasure to be involved in 🙂

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