Dreaming in Purple – An Andromache Jones Mini Mystery


It’s the day of the Bramblesgrove Village Fair and Andromache Jones is giving away free tarot readings. However, she woke that morning recalling she had dreamt in purple. And that can only mean one thing…something quite extraordinary is going to happen.

Dreaming in Purple is the first Andromache Jones Mini Mystery.  If you’ve yet to read the other Andromache Jones Mysteries, this very short story will serve as a great introduction to the witchy sleuth.

To read this free short story, click the cover above, or follow this link.  And if you do read it, don’t forget to let me know what you think!

3 thoughts on “Dreaming in Purple – An Andromache Jones Mini Mystery

  1. Fun introduction to the character! So many great elements already — prophetic dreams, magic tarot readings, an inquisitive nature that gets her in trouble, and a boyfriend with an interesting job… I can see how you could go all kinds of places with this situation. My only critique would be that it felt a little cut off at the end. You have this great setup that seems like it could go in many scary directions, and then it just stops, nothing comes of it after all, and it seemed to me like she accepted that a little too quickly. Just in the glimpse you’ve given me of Mac’s character, I would imagine she’d keep searching. (And maybe we’ll learn more in a later story, who knows?)

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    • Thanks so much for taking the time to read it, Joy. Thoroughly appreciated 🙂 So glad that you thought it was a fun introduction to Andromache. I agree with what you say about the abrupt ending. Truth is I originally wrote the story for the short story profile on Wattpad who was (still is) putting together an anthology of 5 minute reads which needed to be kept around the 1000 words mark. Even with cutting bits out I was still pushed for space, hence the cut off ending. I toyed with the idea of changing it, but have opted instead to leave it as it is on Wattpad for the time being and then perhaps use it for the basis of a future novella / novel. If I ever get the time…

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