Waiting for Wings

She stood at the very edge of the escarpment, at that point where her heels were still on the top of the hill but her toes were dangling off the edge, hovering in the air.

It was a long way down.  

She closed her eyes and stretched out her arms, imagining that they were covered in feathers, and with one leap could catch an updraft and fly off to…well, anywhere she wanted to go.  Just like in the story where the chieftain’s son had grown wings so he could fly to the sun and save his sister from the god who wanted to marry her.

With a desperate sigh, she took a few steps back.  One day she knew that dream would see her falling off the edge and tumbling into nothingness.

But it wasn’t today.  She hadn’t learned to fly yet.


8 thoughts on “Waiting for Wings

  1. Hey Sammi,

    I can almost feel the pull of the wide open yonder stretching away from the edge of the escapement….I want to step off the edge…it’s the only way to know if wings are feathered for flight or feathered for a fool to fall. One step is all it’ll take….perhaps it is her anticipation that stops her from leaping into the void and flying away to the Sun? When will she take that next step I wonder?

    Another thoughtful and thought-provoking post that reads like a dream unfolding. Thank you for sharing your character’s fledgling experience. I hope she will chance that first flight and sail to soar forevermore.

    Enjoy your evening Sammi, rain free I hope at least for a while anyway. Take care.

    Namaste 🙂


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    • Hey Dewin,

      Thank you (again) for reading and commenting 🙂

      “feathered for flight or feathered for a fool to fall” – love that 🙂

      I think she knows she’s not ready to leap yet, and that is what keeps her firmly grounded. It’s almost the moral to the story. Don’t rush to do something just because you want to do it, or do it without thinking on impulse; wait until you’re ready, until you’ve learned everything you need to do to do it right; until your fully prepared for it – or at least as prepared as you can be. As you rightly say, there’s only one test in the end, taking that first step, but in this case at least, she knows it’s not yet time for her to do it…and I think that makes her strong. As I’m writing this, I am really starting to like this character. I have a feeling she might be around for a while…

      Enjoy your evening too 🙂

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      • Hey Sammi,

        You are welcome, another piece of writing enjoyed, thank you 🙂

        I can accept and appreciate her reluctance and thirst for knowledge and wisdom, but I also sincerely hope her sense of grounding will never have her miss out on a opportunity by waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting for the ‘right’ day to come along when she dare take that first leap of faith and step of the edge of the perilous ledge into the unknown. Fortune favours the brave, or so they say.

        How does she know it is not time for her to fly? What thoughts prevail to deny her the freedom of the skies that she desires? What certainty does she seek before deciding she knows enough? How will she know when the time is right, what will be the determining factor that persuades her she is ready?

        I admire her character and strength of resolve and shall look forward to reading of her progress as she journeys to convince herself it is now time to fly 🙂

        I imagine you will enjoy writing for her character and plotting her path towards lift-off!

        Thanks for the reply and further thoughtful observations and perspectives.

        Take care Sammi C. Happy dreams of flying 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


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      • P.S: I just came across this Astrological summation for Friday 19th May and thought it associated well with your post 🙂

        ‘Today, Venus opposes Jupiter ahead of the Sun entering Gemini this weekend. It presents us with an interesting balancing act between head and heart. On one hand, we’re being encouraged to explore our emotional desires and encourage our feelings to develop. At the same time, matters of the mind will demand our attention. But these bedfellows don’t have to be strange. They needn’t work at a tangent or cross-purposes. In fact, it’s through skilfully articulating emotion that our greatest opportunities now present themselves.’


        Interesting stuff uh?

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Good Morning, Dewin! I hope Friday finds you well? Thanks for sharing this; it does tie-in with the story, almost uncannily. A nice little bit of synchronicity to start the day 🙂 Very interesting stuff 🙂

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      • Hey Sammi,

        Welcome to Friday evening and the start of the weekend proper…it seems there is a little dry weather and sunshine rolling in for a couple of days. No doubt you’ll be out and about enjoying it 🙂

        Happy to hear you found words of interest to ponder within the text. Synchronicity indeed 🙂

        Have a wonderful weekend.

        Namaste 🙂


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  2. Very emotional piece, I really felt like I was there experiencing it with her. The description of her toes over the edge and the wide open sky beckoning her gave me a thrill – and a fear of heights, or rather, a fear of jumping. I’m not sure how to read her thoughts about learning to fly though, because I can’t tell whether she’s in a fantasy world where flying is a real possibility, or if she’s in the real world, where she means just to jump — or perhaps something in between, like parasailing.

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