Words on Writing #3 – Anne Frank

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“If I haven’t any talent for writing books or

newspaper articles, well, then I can

always write for myself.”

•   •    •  ♦  •  ♦  •  ♦  •   •    •  ♦  •  ♦  •  ♦  •

3 thoughts on “Words on Writing #3 – Anne Frank

  1. Those words are so appropriate for us all, aren’t they? 🙂
    There have been many times when I’ve had to write, only for myself, as a way of getting muddled thoughts clearer, or expressing my emotions in a safe way, and I’d imagine there are many of us who started off writing that way, before being caught by the writing bug, then writing for other’s enjoyment, too – very cathartic 🙂

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    • So appropriate. Writing is a great therapy and stress-reliever, and sometimes, it’s just so helpful to get thoughts out of one’s head and onto paper too. And, if one can find enjoyment writing for themselves, when other people enjoy it too, it’s a bonus 🙂
      Thanks for stopping by and commenting, Katy. Have a great weekend 🙂

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