Getting Closer to Nature

I thought I would share another trip out to The Vale of Marston, Bedfordshire, UK with you all… I hope you enjoy the photos.  I wouldn’t be surprised if one or two make it into the Weekend Writing Prompt sometime over the summer. 🙂

View looking out over a little pond. In the background you can just see a wooden bridge. This spot is so peaceful…

Wild roses (dog roses) are currently in bloom. I love them. I think they are one of my favourite hedgerow flowers (I have one growing in the garden). The white flowers are most common, but I love the soft pink petals. The photo above shows one of the darkest pink flowers I’ve seen.

The photo doesn’t capture it as well I would like, but looking through here was like looking in to Fangorn Forest…

The are so many pieces of woodworking dotted all over…unusually shaped benches and seats, and carved pillars flanking walkways…

Much of the day was spent shower-dodging. In the photo above you can see the rain moving through the vale.

This patch of purple-pink flowers (maybe marsh mallow, though it might be too early in the season for it) was so pretty to see…

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