Weekend Writing Prompt #11 – Guardian

A word and photo prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  Use the prompts separately or together.  It’s up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes (it’s not a competition) but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

Word Prompt


Photo Prompt

This cute little fella is a grotesque, found on St Mary’s Church, Shrewsbury. To be a gargoyle, he would need to have a waterspout coming out of his mouth.


Prose Challenge – Write a fairy tale in 150 words or less that has a guardian-type figure / creature in it.

Poetry Challenge – Write a limerick inspired by a grotesque. [To learn more about grotesques, check out this post I wrote back in June 2014]

Can’t wait to read what you have come up with!

44 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #11 – Guardian

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  5. Hey Sammi 🙂

    How are you doing?

    Another enjoyable Saturday challenge to get the little grey cells fired up. Thank you. 🙂 I recall the gargoyle post in 2014 so thought I’d continue the story I was telling of schoolboy adventure. The names are changed to protect identity…

    “Guard Ian!” The priest’s voice rose in panic as the grotesque exploded through the side of the church building and with teeth and talons bared hurled itself at the schoolboy daydreaming atop the cathedral roof.

    Barely time to intervene the priest grasped for his crucifix and with adept skill sent it spinning towards the grotesque.

    One moment when reality changed before him, when time slowed sufficiently for the beast to make eye contact and in that moment impart an understanding that there was never going to be an end to suffering.

    The crucifix hit hard and imbedded deeply into the splitting skull of stone. The grotesque howled, staggered under the impact but maintained its forward momentum towards the boy. The priest moved quickly striding for the parapet where the gargoyle had already seized the boy firmly in blood-drenched claws and was falling through the battlements to a splintering death below…

    Thanks SC. Will you be writing something for your own challenge to add to the creative pieces already linking here?

    Hoping Saturday morning brought brightest blessings and your weekend will bring many more. I left yo a challenge in a reply to your comment on my blog. Will you respond to it? 🙂

    Namaste 🙂


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    • P.S: Hey SC, a limerick before I go get groceries…

      A verdurous gargoyle of underworld pedigree
      Once appeared on a wall right next to me.
      Said she, “your eyes are closed but I still see.”
      “You hide inside your fleshy hide so cannot disagree,
      entropy and death are always awaiting thee.”

      Namaste 🙂


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      • A wise gargoyle, imparting a dark truth. It reminds me of the medieval momento mori, The Three Living and The Three Dead. I like the description of “underworld pedigree”. Verdurous is a great word 🙂

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      • Hey Sammi 🙂

        Evergreen and youthful the grotesque is made of stone and weathers more slowly than our fragile form. It is why they still remain on the edges of roofs after hundreds or years….and why death always haunts us.

        ‘Underworld pedigree’ – born as spawn of the darkest heart perhaps? Although I don’t imagine all those living in the darkly realm are all darkly hearted.

        Reference to the momento mori is gratefully received, thank you. I have distant recall of having had it mentioned long ago but chance now provides to delve a little deeper. I shall follow trails.

        ‘Verdurous’ – when I say the word I want to drop the ‘r’, verduous being easier and quicker to say. Perhaps I have a lazy way of speaking or it’s just me finding Virgo efficiencies in using up breath for spoken words. It’s why I am always so quiet 🙂

        Hoping all is well and your Monday a success story that would sell a million copies if written as a novel 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Hey Dewin! I hope Tuesday has been a fun-filled blessing 🙂
        “I shall follow trails” – love this! 🙂 Like a trail of breadcrumbs leading to destinations unknown. Very Hansel-and-Gretel-esque lol
        I too wish to drop the “r”, only remembering to say it when I’m paying mindful attention to its correct pronunciation lol 🙂
        “Hoping all is well and your Monday a success story that would sell a million copies if written as a novel.” To get that many sales I think Monday would have had to have been filled with masses of high drama indeed!
        Wishing you bright blessings for the rest of your evening, and the rest of the week 🙂

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      • ‘Like a trail of breadcrumbs leading to destinations unknown. Very Hansel-and-Gretel-esque’ lol 🙂 … 🙂 I have a very sweet tooth, so do you think it might be possible to exchange breadcrumbs for something more saccharine?

        Regards your Monday…does high drama always look down on low drama? 🙂

        Enjoy your evening Sammi. Sweet dreams for when you get to Zzzzz.

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Er…not sure that’s recommended. Something more saccharine is likely to attract wasps… 😀

        “Does high drama always look down o low drama?” Hmm…One of the great questions of our time lol 🙂

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      • Er…okay, not sure that sounds so good. Now Bees on the other hand lol 🙂

        And no time to ponder the answers to these grand questions either.

        Hoping all is well in the rising swell of surface water: our flats are again a castle fortified with a moat.

        I wrote a poem for a fellow Blogger’s challenge. It is a grey day…

        Her day a play awash with grey
        Her theatre a drama of turbid Love.
        From high overhead her fears and dread,
        Fall as tears raining down from above.
        Hoping all is well.

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Oh, yes, bees would be fine 🙂

        Oh no, the moat is back?! How awful. I hope the waters recede soon.

        Beautiful poem, if a little poignant and sad. You can really sense her anxious heart and pain as you read the four lines. You manage to capture so much in so few words. Great stuff 🙂

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    • Thanks for joining in with the Weekend Writing Prompt, Dewin 🙂 “The names are changed to protect identity…” – lol. Great story. You cram a lot of drama and tension into such a small space. I can imagine this grisly tale coming to life as I read it…

      Will I be writing something for this challenge? Perhaps, I’m not sure yet. My muse is actively engaged elsewhere at this moment in time. She is in a serious mood and when I mention grotesques and gargoyles and the like, she gets annoyed and asks, “How am I supposed to provide the inspiration for every idiotic idea that you come up with? Now get some writing done and stop daydreaming!” lol 🙂

      You left me a challenge? How can I refuse…I’ll be sure to check it out 🙂

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      • Hey Sammi 🙂

        How are you? And Monday, how did it go: did it thrill, spill, spell or please or otherwise perhaps bring you to your knees? My day brought a bit of all 5, but overall it was a good day and enjoyed in all ways.

        It was a pleasure to engage with the challenge Sammi…in fact I was remarking in a reply to you how you have encouraged me to write prose and how of late I’ve enjoyed participation here. There is much for me to enjoy, learn and take away with me in your work – and by extension learn from your wraith like muse with attitude, girlfriend lol 🙂 She sounds quite a formidable ‘creature’ as Rex Harrison may have let slip as Dr Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady (1964) 🙂

        ‘You can imagine the story coming to life’….it DID happen just as described Sammi and I am living proof that I survived the encounter atop the cathedral roof in St. Albans lol 🙂 One day I’ll tell you how the rest of the tale unfolded…

        Yes indeed how can your wild muse refuse to amuse herself musing on Macha? They sound as though they will find much common ground…your muses angriness and annoyance complementing Macha’a war like nature, equine stamina, and sovereignty. It should prove to be quite an encounter! 🙂 I shiver just thinking of the creative ferocity the two will inspire within you and unleash upon your feather!

        Enjoy a wonderful evening. Say ‘hey’ to the moggies and pass Miu’s mewling meow there way.

        Take care SC, keep smiling in all ways always.

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Hey Dewin,

        I’m fine, thank you, and my Monday was very productive indeed. A tanka, a piece of flash fiction which might be the first part of a serial, and few chapters on my new WIP. I couldn’t ask for more. Glad to hear that your Monday thrilled, spilled, spelled, pleased and brought you to your knees. Not all at once though, I hope? 🙂

        I’ll look forward to hearing how the rest of the tale of unfolded. I await its revealing with bated breath lol 🙂

        I have started my first draft of Macha’s story. I began scribbling whilst listening to a little Damh the Bard this afternoon – on a side note, one of his songs, “Merlin Am I” made me think of you 🙂 Anyhoo, if you want an 8-line-teaser, just let me know and I’ll happily share the first verse. In fact I would be interested to hear what you think.

        The moggies say “hey” back – or they did before they decided it was time for *another* nap. Cats are so hardworking…

        Take care of yourself, Dewin and have a bright and blessed evening 🙂

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      • Hey Sammi 🙂

        It’s great to hear your quill is on fire flurrying and fluttering your inky nib 🙂 You have been busy – poetry, fiction and prose – and I imagine have polished fruits to show for your artful endeavours. I have to admire your dedication and focus Sammi, you’ve a seemingly endless motivation and a bottomless well to always draw from: you simply love what you do. Such productivity and dedication is a statement that says so much about you SC in a very positive way.

        Ah excellent, you’ve started a draft of Macha’s story! Thank you! 🙂 The speed at which you write is electric. Yes indeed Sammi, please tease me with an 8-line taster…I’d be absolutely delighted to read it and respond! Its exciting being the recipient of secret verse sent under the cover of email. Is Macha born from fire and flame? Will she burst from the page like a charioteering wraith? Or is she regal and fine, a swan graced with lace and thoroughbred pace, her fire a force of freedom worn proudly upon her breast? ‘I await its revealing with bated breath.’ 🙂

        The music, Damh the Bard is captivating. I have been listening to it since first reading your reply. Naturally enough I started with the Merlin track…my mind drawn into the melody of his story-telling. Played on loop now several times, it places one into the period and ushers my mind into imagining the scene unfolding before me. His lyrics capture the sadness and madness of battle, of death, destruction: the folly of Kings that had Merlin find solace in the forest. Both sad and elevating, I enjoyed the listen and have continued with other tracks available on-line. Damh portrays Merlin as both Shaman and Druid: his referencing more in keeping with my view of Merlin, although I always want to add a touch of wizard to his character. Thank you for the reference…for thinking of me and knowing I’d enjoy the magic and enchanted of the music and lyrics 🙂 I’ve added it to my favourites…music to listen to when writing I think. (When he speaks rather than sings, I am taken back to watching the storyteller at St. Fagans)

        Those hardworking cats of yours and your patient regard for them always leaves me with a smile. Did they actually manage to yawn out the whole word ‘hey?’ Or were lips tight closed long before the mewl arrived at ‘e’? lol 🙂 I imagine the warm weather is exhausting for them as it us for us….just being awake appears to be one burden too many to cope with. Bless ‘em! 😀

        Thank you SC, I shall try to take care and avoid getting into too much trouble, again. And you too Sammi, enjoy a wonderful evening, take care of one and all, and thank you again for rising to the Macha challenge. Best wishes in all ways always,

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Good afternoon, Dewin 🙂 I hope your Woden’s Day is progressing favourably and that you managed to keep out of too much trouble on Tuesday evening lol 🙂

        One or two polished fruits, yes, but what I’m finding at the moment is that it’s all movement in the right direction and my concentration levels seemed to have picked up to allow me to work on longer projects, which is a blessing.

        As for Macha’s story, it’s only a very tentative start. I’m still not entirely sure of the exact format it’s going to take. I’m currently leaning towards an 8-line verse of poetry followed by a 100 word drabble (or perhaps it might be the other way round) for each part of her story but it’s not set in stone. The opening verse is inspired, of course, by Jake’s reference to her in Growing Pains 🙂 Anyway, I shall send the first verse along and you can see what you think. Just remember…keep your expectations low!!! lol 🙂

        So glad you enjoyed Damh the Bard. His songs are captivating and have the power to transport the mind elsewhere – pure magic! Did you listen to any of his other songs? How can I not think of you whenever Merlin is mentioned – you are becoming synonymous with the wise old druid lol 🙂

        Re: the cats. All right. You found them out. The “hey” was more implied with a flick of an ear and a twitch of a whisker. I’ve told them to hang their heads in shame, but all they did was roll over, yawn and go back to sleep. They are completely unflustered in the face of criticism…

        Have a great evening, Dewin! Brightest Blessings 🙂

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      • Good evening Sammi 🙂

        How are you? 🙂 All’s well in all ways I hope, and your day enjoyed in ways that will linger as memories for years to come? 🙂

        Woden of the Wild Hunt wedged my front door, else pledged to ignore the roar of this boar as he pounded on the door until fist were sore: and with that saw sawed the wedged door into two halves that made a whole. No easy feat but I managed to complete crawling through that hole, shouting until my throat was hoarse, and with unknown ability climbed upon that horse and rode far away… So yes, a good day, thank you Sammi 🙂

        As for trouble…I slip and slide and slide to hide my naughty hide from getting caught. Is that what you meant? lol 🙂

        Polished fruits, stamina!, improved concentration levels and all heading in the right direction…how good must that feel? And how confidant is must make you to know you’ve energy and conviction to finish every project started. You’ll have to give me the recipe for whatever it is that has you fired up and flaming 🙂

        Time has long passed Sammi for me to expect anything other than your best, it is what you always do, forever pouring the whole of you into what you do 🙂 Thank you for sending on the poem…I have not yet accessed email, but am excited by the prospect of doing so. I like the format you suggest: the inclusion of drabble is a wonderful idea to blend with and compliment the poem. I am so pleased you are motivated to ‘own’ the poem and complete the challenge set.

        Damh the Bard…indeed I did to continue to listen to many of his tunes, for perhaps a couple of hours or so. I have it now earmarked as a favourite on You Tube. You put it so well Sammi, his music is enchanting and with ease carries the imagination away to a distant place long ago. I was very much reminded of my experience listening to the storyteller at St. Fagans in that when one gives into the magic of stories it is very hard to wake up from the dream. Aww, thank you for commenting so about Merlin, I am charmed, Sizzles is reddening, the pixies are perky, the monks munching KP crisps whilst Hermes looks at me from the edge of the desk with a sculptured stare and the leprechaun dances a jig on his stand of Connemara marble. All seems right with the world once again. Thank you SC 🙂

        ‘The “hey” was more implied with a flick of an ear and a twitch of a whisker‘ Lol 😀 I knew those recumbent cats of yours were encumbered by slumber and unencumbered in their dreaming. Life sounds far too comfortable in the loving embrace of your home Sammi…they should be earning their keep! Truthfully, I adore their felineness, their nonchalance and aloofness: it is quite charming. Miu says ‘meow’ in Egyptian 🙂

        Yes indeed, enjoy your evening as well SC. And best wishes for the latter half of the week. Take care of one and all.

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Hey Dewin! Hope you’ve had a great Friday 🙂 I am fine, thank you. The sun is shining on this fine evening, as I’m catching up on WP, listening to some 90’s indie / alternative / pop rock. A nice introduction to the weekend,methinks 🙂

        Your Wednesday sounded quite remarkable lol And yes, that’s exactly what I meant lol

        If I had the recipe, I would bottle it and sell it. Or perhaps just keep it for myself, so no-one could get any work done but me 🙂 I think I just let slip one of the phases of my evil master plan… I think the key this week has been allowing myself to accept that I’m not going to finish everything right away (or even in the immediate future), and that I do work best flitting between projects. And that’s ok…

        The trip to St Fagan’s sounds enchanting. “When one gives in to the magic of stories it is very hard to wake up from the dream” – so very true. Ah, so the comment got a reaction from the whole gang? Great stuff!

        Don’t worry, my cats know just how charming they are – or should that be, they know how charming they *think* they are, lol 🙂

        Wishing you brightest blessings for the weekend. Have fun! 🙂

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      • And you have fun as well Sammi 🙂 Enjoy the flitting and fluttering and creatively unleashing your master plan upon the page. Bwahahaha! 🙂

        The whole gang have stilled at last, their chatter and natter now whispers. Peace prevails whenever I take the headphones off.

        Your cats flourish in your loving care, and I think all cats actually know they are charming, it’s what makes them a cat.

        Take care, stay dry and warm, and enjoy the cosiness of your hearth and fire and the 90’s blasting in headphones.

        Namaste 🙂


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