Weekend Writing Prompt #12 – Indecision

A word and photo prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  Use the prompts separately or together.  It’s up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes (it’s not a competition) but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

Word Prompt


Photo Prompt


Prose Challenge – Write a story in no more than 300 words that begins at a crossroads.

Poetry Challenge – Write a poem in no more than 20 lines that contains the following words at least once:

  • indecision
  • sign or signpost
  • choice
  • hesitating or dithering

Can’t wait to read what you have come up with!

33 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #12 – Indecision

  1. Good morning Sammi,

    How are you doing on this bright and breezy day? Another fun Saturday challenge, thank you 🙂 I decided to have a go at the poem…

    ~ Dally ~ By ~ DN ~

    In dithering I’m withering, I’m weathering
    Tethering ties to indecision
    Else abandoning choice for hesitation,
    Anticipation for fear, how queer!
    When signposts sign to climb and rise,
    To lift and soar in infinite skies and yet,
    My unease stays I’m appeased by delays,
    Pleased by dubiety doubt and disinclination.
    My vacillation and oscillation with uncertainty
    Is certainly incertitude,
    My cunctation compunction.
    An equivocation of ambiguity and second thoughts
    That ought cease their woeful whine, its time
    Ambivalence resolved reservations,
    For humming and hawing to still!
    It will, when scruples and qualms, shilly-shally and stalling
    Stop fooling with hesitant words.

    As ever a creature of habit I’m heading out the door to explore a wilderness of wide aisles and alleyways that is the supermarket laying beyond the next hill. I’ll travel swiftly undercover of daylight, taking with me only the clothes I wear on my back and my ubiquitous, fundamental ‘bag for life’. I will be back…

    Have a wonderful weekend SC. Looking forward to reading your contribution for this challenge 🙂

    Namaste 🙂


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      • …other than to say thank you Reena 🙂 I live I learn I listen I discern, I fine tune and reset the crystal, I dawdle I diddle I riddle I delay, and find ways to fill my inking pistol 🙂

        I sat idly watching a Mandelbrot zoom,
        not in the light but in the gloom
        On an evening pregnant with a swelling Moon,
        An night reflecting in my unlit room.
        Though not doom my mood mirrored back,
        mimicked the weather her lightening crack.
        Her roar a sore with precipitous pour,
        Her rampage raw rage flailing flak.
        I turn in my chair to stare at the screen,
        to gaze at repeating patterns of green
        relentlessly recycle its recurring scene,
        perpetuating a voyage like none ever seen,
        Or seen unseen not even in dreams,
        or the glitter of gleams
        or undulating seams,
        and streams of flowing gold.
        Or so I’m told I’ve never been sold,
        on using the same patternation twice.
        The self-repeating form however quite nice,
        cannot compete with Nature’s multiplicitas entice.

        Have a wonderful week!

        Namaste 🙂


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    • Hey Dewin, I really enjoyed the wordplay in Dally. It’s one of those poems that works really well when spoken aloud – like many of your poems 🙂 I hope you returned safely from the “wilderness”, you intrepid explorer 😉 Thanks for joining in with the Weekend Writing Challenge. Bright Blessings 🙂

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      • Hey Sammi,

        How are you doing? Thursday evening at long last and all but more day to go in the pits before I come up for air and enjoy another weekend 🙂 How was your Thors day Sammi?

        Thank you for kind comments made and for the possible implied suggestion to give the spoken recital a go? A good idea! 🙂 I have a chap in mind who was gifted with a voice for storytelling or late night radio, one or the other for sure. I had intention to ask him to read an earlier chapter of the Merlin poem but was unable to pursue the idea to conclusion. Perhaps it is something I shall seriously consider for the continuation of the poem…it would be a wonderful idea to have the entire story on audio. Hmm, I shall think more on this idea, thank you for the reminder 🙂

        Thank you, the voyage to the supermarket may not have sounded at all adventurous but its no mean feat battling your way through the hordes of trolley shoppers and shopping trolley shoppers shuffling around the store. But suffice to say I survived unscathed this time. Would you subtle reference imply that I should be more adventurous than grocery shopping? What might you have in mind as an alternative? 🙂

        Another enjoyable Saturday Challenge, thank you. They are becoming harder but with that comes enjoyment and chance to fill a short while whilst waking up on a Saturday morning. I am looking forward to this weekend’s deviously dastardly and dastardly devious challenge.

        I’ll bid thee a good evening Sammi and hope Friday fills your every expectation. Take care of one and all 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Hey Dewin 🙂

        Thor’s Day felt like a day named after a god of thunder lol How was yours?

        Spoken poetry is only something I have recently really begun to appreciate. It allows listeners to hear the poem exactly the way the poet meant it to sound (or the one reading its interpretation), but also the rhythm and rhyme is magnified.

        Saturday Supermarket Excursions are awful and require immense planning 😦 Saturdays are my least favourite day to go get provisions – it’s far too busy. And I tried to avoid busyness at all costs 🙂
        However, if you really wanted to test your mettle, you could always seek out a dragon or go in search of a fairy ring lol 😀

        I’m glad you’re enjoying the weekend writing challenge. I try to come up with something new each week if I can and I think that’s why they are getting harder. I have a really difficult one tucked away awaiting the right prompt…

        Have a nice evening and a perfect Friday 🙂 Brightest Blessings

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      • Hey Sammi,

        Oh no, yours wasn’t a good day then? Sorry to hear that. Mine had its moments but overall I think it was easier going than yesterday, which certainly put the woe in Woden 🙂

        Listening to Damh the Bard is pretty close to spoken poetry, but I do understand what you mean. Thank you for the reminder. Sometimes it is easy to forget the diversity of titles and viewing options available on You Tube.

        Ah you set a challenge, and both extraordinarily difficult tasks to fulfil 🙂 I think you’ve set the bar far to high for this jellybean – what am I superhuman, a demi-god perhaps? Lol 😀 – but I will rise to the challenge. No problem. The fairy ring…curiously on my walk to work Tuesday morning I found an imitation gold ring on my path. It was gold metal and missing the largest glass inlay but otherwise it appeared intact. On closer inspection the ring had come apart at a join but being moulded that way retained its integrity. Perhaps not quite a fairy ring, it was of standard type size (how big do fairies get? And what is the collective name for a group of fairies?) but it is still a ring. Just the fairy still to go then! As to the dragon…hmmm, I think that battle is going to come next week, but I’ll say no more for now.

        I am glad to hear you are not one for shopping; it is inspiring to know that others loathe that chore. Yes I agree my choice to go Saturday shopping is poor planning on my part coupled with laziness, or perhaps that should be choice to get home after a long day without need to detour etc. I have no vehicle or else I would take advantage of 24/7 trading and shop early hours of the morning. You are always a busy bee Sammi, perhaps that is why you detest shopping? 🙂

        I have a really difficult one tucked away awaiting the right prompt… What would be the right prompt? Lol 🙂

        Thank you for blessings…I am hoping for a day of peace and quiet and early chance to come and go from bond bind tether and necessity and return home for the weekend.

        I trust your Friday will be an improvement on Thors-day…Thuggy…and inspire the perfect weekend. Take care of one et all.

        Namaste 🙂



      • Hey Dewin 🙂

        How are you? I hope your week is going well 🙂

        “-what am I superhuman, a demi-god perhaps?” – Well, yes, of course you are, on both counts 😀 So you found a fairy ring, made out of fairy gold, which we know is not real gold, at least in this realm. Has the fairy to whom it belongs materialised yet, or is this perhaps a gift or message from the fae…lol

        “As to the dragon…hmmm, I think that battle is going to come next week, but I’ll say no more for now.” Has battle commenced, Sir Dewin? Is it over???

        I understand the need to get straight home after a hard day at work. Only when you have walked through the door can you put the day behind you… There is nothing quite so satisfying as the sound of the door clicking closed…

        Wishing you the Brightest Blessings:-)

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      • Hey Sammi,

        How are you on this Thursday evening?

        Thank you for asking after my week – not so good – and for confidence in my ‘nature’…either superhuman or a demi-god lol 🙂 Neither of which are true. Sadly, I’m merely human and still waiting for my invite to Olympus. Don’t we all?

        The ring I am not sure about. I think it was a fracturing of something, like an end to something. Could it have been from the Fae? Hmm, it’s possible of course, and I’d like to believe so, but perhaps in finding it the magic spell is broken so that I don’t really know? Am I too old to believe in the Fae? 😦

        Sir Dewin has a certain ring to it don’t you think? Would that make me Arthurs 13th Knight? Hmm. I read someplace that Arthurs Hall held well over 1000 Knights of The Round Table 🙂 As for the dragon that is tomorrow. Who can say what the outcome will be or who will clean up the messy aftermath. I work in darkness at the coal-face, anything could happen. Keep fingers crossed for a positive outcome please 🙂

        I like to get home after any day ending in ‘y’ not just work days, and evermore so after a holiday. But work days, Friday evenings especially, the dream from 8am in the morning is to get home. And you are so right, when the latch closes, it is a joyous sound. Better still when night falls and the curtains close: then and only then is the bottle sealed with one on the inside of it cosy.

        Your week Sammi, how has it been? Productive? Happy? Cloud free? Exciting? Inspiring?

        Thank you for the reply SC 🙂 I’m looking forward to Saturdays challenge…will it be the demonstratively dastardly and determinedly difficult one you keep referring to?

        Have an enjoyable evening. Take care of one and all.

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Hey Sir Dewin 😉 (I’m not sure “hey” is the correct way to address a knight…lol)

        I hope you are well, and enjoying your week so far 🙂

        You are never too old to believe in the Fae!

        How big would a round table have to be to fit 1000 knights around it? Very big, methinks! 🙂

        Brightest Blessings for the rest of the week!

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      • Why Fair Lady Sammi, it is a thrill to spill ink with you 😉 Hail me as thou wilst fair maiden but I bid thee, pray keep calling me Sir and admiring my flam’d brazen greaves, and the mighty silver bugle slung hanging from my blazon’d baldric, else listen to my armour singing ringing as I ride whistling beside remote Camelot lol 🙂 (I borrowed from Tennyson, oh well! lol)

        How are you doing? My week has yet to begin per se so I will delay an answer until later in the week. Deal or no deal? 🙂

        As to the Fae, they kindly left me the 7 Hearts card on my path on Friday last week. And today they beckoned me into the second-hand shop to gift me a blue angel bookmark. Also on my path home two magnetic numbers, possibly something to do with a donation to the charity shop. The numbers found in order, 4 and 7. It’s been a fascinating afternoon finding out about 4 and 7, and 47 as well. I thought 74 didn’t apply as it didn’t follow the order I found them in. So all-in-all a good day. And yours pray tell?

        Ah, King Arthurs Hall itself may possibly have been called the round table. It might then have been able to cater for 1000 at a banquet sitting. Mind you, I’d not want to do the washing up….Sizzles can see to that, me I shielding running like Kirk Douglas did in The Vikings with Tony Curtis lol 🙂 Will you joining us for mead chicken and hullabaloo?

        Have a wonderful week. Thank you for blessings, I may need them yet to help ease my wounds from dragon fighting on Friday. With a bit of luck and TLC I should pull through 🙂

        So until next time….Take care of one and all in Castell Cox, castle cats and princely moggies included.

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Thank you, kind Sir 🙂 You are indeed fine, fair company to spill ink with. It must be that sharp, charmed wit that entertains all in the realm of Blogland so well lol 🙂 And I don’t think Tennyson would mind.

        I am well, thank you, though sad to report the loss of three verses of a poem I was working on this afternoon. And no matter how hard I try to recall and rewrite them, it is never the same 😦 I’ve had to bake a batch of cup cakes to help me get over the tragedy…Thankfully it wasn’t the Macha poem / drabble, which I was working on at the same time…

        Deal 🙂

        The Fae have been busy then. Oooh…another playing card. In the tarot, the 7 of hearts (cups) speaks of dreams, wishful thinking, the imagination and choices. The bookmark sounds enchanting. An afternoon studying numerology – absolute bliss! I hope it added clarity and context to their appearance?

        Yes, I do believe the round table is itself a medieval chivalric addition to the mythology. I tend to prefer the “dark age” mythology on the whole. Poor Sizzles – he’s the sweetest 🙂 As a vegetarian, I must pass on the mead chicken, though I’ll happily take a tankard of the honeyed brew as the hullabaloo fills the great hall 🙂 I may even join in with the dancing or sing a song…

        Battling dragons is never easy. I hope your wounds are not extensive and that you will recover from them soon 🙂

        Castell Cox made me think of Castell Coch, which, I have a suspicion, was your intention?

        Wishing you Bright Blessings on this damp and soggy evening 🙂

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      • My Lady, tis sweet pleasure beyond all measure
        To entwine a line else share an inkwell with thee.
        My delight is your feather’s felicitous company…
        Ink-dipping with you always fills my quill with glee

        This Blogland Realm, what an excellent thought…a landscape to journey through upon a flashing white stead, perhaps a war-horse with noble pedigree and esteemed honour sporting a tri-feathered plume. Would you swoon or sway if that horse came your way? I think I would submit to its might not fight or fret or flee but wait to see what it might say.

        Tennyson rocks! Or rather, he did, now he just flows a babbling brook 🙂

        Sammi, may I have a cup-cake? Please? Pretty please? 😉 I know I should never ask for one but even when I do and put a cherry on the top you still never let me taste your cakey bakey wares 😦 But I do hope they consoled you and the sugar lifted your spirit. Losing lines…I can feel your woe, that sense of loss and the burden of trying to remember. Let is go SC…and what is destined to return will come back to you…and perhaps it might also come back in a different guise.

        I hadn’t forgotten about the Macha/Drabble union…you seemed so preoccupied and enthused with your own work for me to have asked and disturbed the flow. You know I always admire your commitment and loyalty.

        Deal! Okay, cool…I’ll report in at some point over the weekend. Saturday perhaps 🙂

        Did I let slip mention of the 7-Hearts because I hoped for your Tarot perspective? Maybe! lol 🙂 You are an Oracle in these things. I like what you say about the 7! I am intrigued and will ponder longer and find common ground between all parts of this particular equation…there must be a single denominator, a single connection linking all parts. I love a mystery! The bookmark becomes evermore beautiful each time I consider the simplicity of its form and the complexity and wonder held within it. The Numerology I shared with a colleague at work today. We both agreed the Angel is very special. Universal.

        A vegetarian? Hmm, interesting. I appreciate that as a lifestyle choice and think it a positive alternative. Family members have also chosen to remove meat from their diets. My issue has always been with the volume of food one needs to intake in order to replace what has been removed. My perspective is no doubt aged and far removed from the truth, but I know of at least three people who sit down to the meal table three times per day and take in whole greengrocers worth of food sufficient to see them through to the next ingestion marathon. I respect your choice of course and have tried it one or twice myself but cannot sustain it. I am to lazy a cook to experiment with flavours etc.

        Sizzles may seem the sweetest because I always report him in a good light. I am compassionate in that way. He is normally pretty good except for the times when he gets a little to excited. That’s why it is best to let him see to the washing up whilst we join the Knightly throng for merriment and good cheer! 🙂 Ahh, a song! Why yes indeed, drink and sing away: leave us wanting more more more! But my Lady, please save the first and last dance for me 🙂

        As for my wound, ‘tis but a scratch.’ ‘I’ve had worse.’ Lol 🙂

        ‘Castell Cox made me think of Castell Coch, which, I have a suspicion, was your intention?’ You caught me out and roused my folly! 🙂 Have you ever been there?

        Damp and soggy is what Wales does best. If it were otherwise I would be concerned lol 🙂 But I hear sunshine is en route for the weekend with the feint/distinct possibility it may stay for a day or two. Now there’s a thought to have me reaching for the flip-flops and umbrella lol 🙂

        Thank you for the reply. It’s is 3:17 and I should away to Zzzzzz. I’ll bid thee Nos Da, sweet dreams, and catch ya later!

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Greetings Sir Dewin, Knight Errant 🙂

        I hope Thursday evening finds you well. It’s always a joy to read a comment from you that begins with a few rhyming lines 🙂 Your poetry just flows and flows and flows. I wouldn’t be surprised to learn that you find yourself speaking in rhyme sometimes…

        I suppose it all depends on who is riding the horse, whether I swoon, sway, or flee away.

        Well, the thing about the cupcakes…they’re all gone. A yummy vanilla sponge, glace icing and rainbow sprinkles ensured that anyone who laid their eyes upon them, feasted upon them also. One day I’ll have to bake you a cake lol The two (yes two!) I managed to capture before they disappeared did console me. For now, I’ve put the poem to one side, with what I know are less than perfect verses, but hopefully I’ll be able to somehow salvage it when I’m not still smarting over the lines I lost.

        The Macha poem / drabble is slow going at the moment, and I’m so sorry for that. Time is a finite, precious commodity, and it seems to be constantly slipping through my fingers. So far, I have written the opening drabble and half a drabble for another part of the story much further down the line. But that’s it 😦 Perhaps I need to set out a timetable to focus my mind better towards it…

        I decided to go vegetarian at a very early age and have been one for two-thirds of my life. However, I still cook meat for friends and family, as I don’t believe my choices should affect others. Rather surprisingly, I have been told that my bacon sandwiches and roast dinners are to die for…which is quite strange lol

        Me? An oracle? I like that. 😀 And as for the 7 of Cups, it’s a card I have an affinity with. One of my current poetry projects focuses on the tarot, and a line for the 7 of Cups reads, “Day-dreaming, pie-in-the-sky”. These cards and working out their significance…it’s rather like a bit of metaphysical sleuthing as you find clues and try to piece the puzzle together.

        Poor Sizzles has to tidy up while we dance and sing? We’ll have to tell him the dishes can wait so he can join in too. Seems only fair. “But my Lady, please save the first and last dance for me” – I bet you say that to all the medieval maidens… lol 😉

        I have been to Castell Coch, though it was many years ago. I have some beautiful memories of my visit there, and it holds a special place in my heart. And whenever I think of a fairy tale castle, it is that castle that I think of. Have you been?

        Noswaith dda and Bright Blessings 🙂

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      • Noswaith dda Lady Sammi, greetings 🙂

        At your salutation my Thursday awakens from slate grey to shine with the colours of my Lady’s favour. All is suddenly well in my world, thank you…

        …and yet there’s still no cake for your hungry Knight? Not even a crumb from my Lady? Perhaps a mere morsel left over from the two you squirreled before they were gone? 😦 But alas! They are indeed all now gone and I left famished and still salivating, still dreaming of the day you bake me just one small cake…the best cake you have ever made, fit for an errant Knight: full with the flavour of your favour and light enough to keep him buoyant and happily sated. But until then Lady Sammi, should I linger longer to twine lines with you some things are going to have to change around here else this hungry Knight without portfolio will take his mighty stead baldric and bugle and leave: else throw his rattle from the pommel and bid thee “a very good day indeed!” en route to yonder bake-house 😉

        You say the nicest things about the poems I write. They don’t deserve such praise me thinks although such praise is inspiring. Thank you my Lady: even if thou art tight fisted with thy tasty treats thy quill is always effervescent and I reminded of my humble station…humbled just to be writing on your Blog, my Lady 🙂

        Regards the wandering stead…if the witch in your Dragon-maiden tale had ensured a horse rather than a dragon on the other side of the puddle, what then..

        Would you swoon sway or flee away,
        Else experience an occurrence of fainting?
        Would there be in thee a commotion of emotion?
        Perhaps less a swoon more a dizzy motion?
        Maybe a wobble a wibble somewhere in the middle
        A light-headed giddy or trembling in the Heart?
        Might muzzy and unsteady else woolly-and-heady
        Be reason why you’d stay and not depart?

        You made Sizzles blush again with your opening salutation. He’s moved from the P.C to the rocking chair on the other side of the room and now sits on the silver cushion. The armourers are coming tomorrow to fit his new suit…it’s made from a new hybrid material, light and flexible yet able to withstand hammer blows. It sounds funky. He’s also given me forewarning that we shall soon be stabling his mare! No idea what that will mean – nightmare or horse – only time will tell of course. I trust his judgement when it comes to introducing new pets into our merry fold. I’ll let you know! 🙂

        I admire your commitment to the vegetarianism. I imagine it becomes a way of life rather than a conscious choice, something that you don’t really think about anymore per se. You are a generous soul and no doubt a generous cook as well: I know those who wouldn’t cater for others but find some adequate compromise. Does your vegetarian diet exclude eggs, fish, milk? I would find it hard to replace those items with alternatives. Ahh, so you make a wicked sarnie eh?! 🙂 Excellent! That is always good to know, especially when your cakes have run out and a Knight gets hungry. However, I am curious to know if the dinners that people are dying for are the diners that people are dying to eat?

        Of course you are an Oracle! You told me so, but I guessed as much, you’ve an answer for everything and always have the last word. ‘Day-dreaming, pie-in-the-sky’…see, always the food reference when you know I am hungry…you are such a teas my Lady, keeping me mean and keen. Lol Yet I like the prospect of eating sky-pie. Does it come with cream or custard? And ice cream, please. Or a cake? 🙂

        I like the phrase metaphysical sleuthing! There is a whole series of stories in that one phrase alone. Have you used it before? The clues are coming quickly and I am pressed into action to find the answer. Today my finds were all metal A small spanner, a metal washer, and on the way home a small key. It has expanded the ongoing puzzle still further. I am confident of something special tomorrow and will report Saturday.

        Sizzles knows his place in the kitchen and his way around one as well, he’ll be fine. I am not singing unless I am in the shower singing. “But my Lady, please save the first and last dance for me” – I bet you say that to all the medieval maidens…” – well yes, all of the very pretty ones of course – it was a line borrowed from Sir Lancelot’s book of errant chivalry lol I think he was trying to entice me away from the Knightly path, naughty, naughty.

        Castell Cox sounds a better name for the castle in which beautiful memories are kept and keeped. You deserve a multi-millionaire to build you a folly and fill it with a fairy-tale. I wonder what sort of a place you’d hope for? Castell Coch is a stunning boundary marker, a dream in a forest on a hillside. I have been only once, and would return on a quiet day to look more. Cardiff Castle is also another treat on the eye and the view from the top of the keep worth the walk up stone stairs.

        Werll that’s me done for another night my Lady. I must lay down my quill and still for slumber. Inky-dipping was fun this evening, thank you, our mingling a tingling that quivered my quill and penned a line 🙂 Should you be as grateful for it being Friday tomorrow as I, then I am certain you’ll hope for a trouble free quickly passing day building to a very slowly unwinding evening and a weekend that feels like it will last for all of summer.

        Take care my Fair Lady Sammi. Nos da.

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Hey Dewin,

        Sorry I’m a little late responding to this. Hope you’re have a great week 🙂

        I do believe this “hungry knight” be having a tantrum…Perhaps we shall have to set this humble knight a quest where he is afforded the opportunity to win his cake so he might stop complaining…lol 🙂

        Your poems are worth all the praise they get – after all, I’m not the only one praising them, so there! 😀 And you leave another magical eight lines to forever grace the page…marvellous. If the witch in the story conjured a horse instead of a dragon I think the story would have unfolded very differently…and yet it what way, I have no idea lol

        So are we to address Sizzles now as “Sir Sizzles”? His armour is to be made out of a material that is light, flexible and strong…it sounds like mithril to me…Has Sizzles been to the Shire recently?

        I use the term metaphysical sleuthing regularly – it describes what my witchy sleuth, Andromache Jones, gets up to perfectly 🙂 Did you find any more treasure?

        Naughty, Naughty, indeed! And just like Sir Lancelot, no doubt you are quickly forgiven after a softly spoken word and a flash of your smile…

        A folly filled with a fairy-tale – that sounds interesting. I think I would prefer something smaller though…perhaps a witch’s cottage in the middle of an enchanted forest. Unless I discover a spell for housework or the gifted castle comes fully staffed…

        I’ve been informed that I have been to Cardiff Castle but I was only a baby at the time so naturally don’t remember a thing about it. I’ll have to add that to my list of places to visit 🙂

        Wishing you the Brightest Blessings for the rest of the week 🙂

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      • Hey Sammi,

        How are you this Wednesday evening on ‘hump day’ – the middle of the week? All well I hope, all happy and as it should be 🙂

        I am in training this week for a new job role. It’s been a good week so far and I seem to be learning something…not sure what, but something. I have ten new feathers on my keyboard to give me a helping hand.

        And whilst on the subject my finds this week include (and in no particular order: two tissue paper hearts, one blue, one pink. One rubber with a Blue Bunny on it from the Disney Store, one gold bead, one silver bead, one pearl bead, the left arm of a Lego figure, a small part from a kids board game – it has a picture of a blue mouse on it, three hair-bands, two more small washers, a small blue foil star, a small red foil love heart, and best of all a bracelet. The bracelet is not expensive (costume jewellery) but I think still quite beautiful. It’s made from three thin twisted tubes of plastic mesh with magnets that marry at either end. Inside the tubes of mesh are hundred of small cut glass gems. In the bright sunlight the bracelet dazzled on the ground and I could not miss seeing it. It arrived on my path at a most curious: the synchronicity as always perfectly aligned to thoughts, endeavours and perhaps intentions. Another story for another day. So yes, all in all a busy week pondering the unfathomable. Lol 🙂

        I didn’t write either of the two poems…it was Sizzles! 🙂 The first because he knows that his master (that’s me) is tired and needs a long holiday somewhere warm away from current circumstance, and the second because he was curious to know what a galloping horse may have changed in to: the dragon became the dragon-maiden’s sweetheart? Sizzles likes a happy ending. 🙂 He has horses on his brain at this time, I think it must be because he now has his armour and needs a stead. Once that is done, he’s says he needs a Fair Lady Teddy Bear so he can go off gallivanting, sorry gallanting lol and doing Knightly deeds for maidens 🙂 The Sir status is the new him, and I am happy to go along with it for now. But if he thinks I am clearing up after his mare, then that’s another matter lol 🙂

        Indeed Sir Sizzles is a wonderful title! He is delighted that Lady Sammi bestowed favour on him and blushing (as usual a dashing teddy) has bowed with an elegant (if not overly done) long slow sweep of his arm whilst saying, ‘My Lady.’ He’s such a charmer and every bit a Knight fresh our of Lancelot’s School of Knightly Craft lol 🙂 However I must be honest he looks every bit the part of a shining Knight, the armourers have done an exceptional job with his armour. To my innocent eye it looks as though he’s not wearing anything at all other than red cotton but he swears blind I’m just not able to see it. So yes, perhaps it is mithril but a new updated invisible mithril! 😉 I wouldn’t know if Sizzles has been to the Shire for mithril or disappeared off elsewhere – he has all day for mischief when my back is turned and travels widely. But I shall look for clues and let you know. Any ideas on what to look for? I know you are an authority 🙂

        ‘Naughty, Naughty, indeed! And just like Sir Lancelot, no doubt you are quickly forgiven after a softly spoken word and a flash of your smile…’ – they swoon lol 😀

        I like the sound of the quaint witches cottage buried deep in the woods. It’s perfectly you. Just imagine the writing you’d get done unless perturbed by unwelcome strangers carrying pitchforks ad torches etc 🙂 What if the castle were styled like an enormous cottage and encased in a forest and also came fully staffed and serviced? Or a castle so large it contained both a forest and a witches house inside of it?

        Cardiff Castle is well worth a visit and a half day is long enough to see it all with care, so do add it to the long list of places you’d love to visit, perhaps it’ll bring back memories if you went back there? Oh, and take your camera!

        And lastly…I do believe this “hungry knight” be having a tantrum…Perhaps we shall have to set this humble knight a quest where he is afforded the opportunity to win his cake so he might stop complaining…lol 🙂

        Hmm? Now what ‘quest’ might you have in mind my Lady of the Tasty Treats? Does it involve courage and bravery bordering on near death? Or is it a deed of daring do in another altogether daring do type way? Will it be a quest fit for a Knight and nigh on impossible for a mere humble mortal? If so I’ll send Sizzles lol 🙂 And if I publicly accept is it as a quest worthy enough for this Knight, (lol) will that make the agreement binding?

        I’ll leave you to the comfort and cosiness of a Wednesday evening and trust it will provide thee well resting after a busy day. Thank you for the reply. always good to have a natter.

        Take care of one and all in the Witches House! Enjoy the remainder of the week.

        Namaste 🙂



      • P.S: Here is a taste bud inspired prompt for a challenge idea some Saturday morning. I came across the word Durian, and it related to ‘Durian Fruit’. I Googled it and the first entry describing its taste read… Durian Fruit is a strange combination of savoury, sweet, and creamy all at once. A Durian is supposed to have subtle hints of chives mixed with powdered sugar. It’s supposed to taste like diced garlic and caramel poured into whipped cream 🙂 I am having trouble imagining some of her descriptions but it sounds weirdly interesting uh? 😀 lol

        Liked by 1 person

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