I (rather surprisingly) made the short list!

So…umm….wow!  The latest story I posted up on Sweek, The Cultic Coffee Collective, made the shortlist for the MicroCoffee competition they have been running.  I’m totally blown away…it was completely unexpected.

Here’s what it’s about:

In the future, the people of the world are divided along the lines of what beverages they drink.  It sounds simple.  It sounds civilised…

This is the very short story of one of these groups, The Cultic Coffee Collective…

If you want to read the story – and I would be ever so pleased if you did  (it’s short, less than 200 words) – click on the cover below.  And, in case you’re interested, here’s the link to my profile, where you will find my other very quick reads, including one about a dragon 🙂

Thanks all.  Have a great evening 🙂


12 thoughts on “I (rather surprisingly) made the short list!

    • Thanks for reading it, Joy. I appreciate it 🙂

      I agree. The site is confusing and probably could do with a detailed “how to” guide. When I first signed up I found it very hard to navigate, but with a little practice I’m finding it easier.

      All their updates, competitions, challenges and results are posted through their social media. And, when a new competition is started all the details can be found under the “featured” section of “Explore”. I follow them on Facebook, which is where I came across them. Then I use the website to upload stories and read other peoples. To find the entries for the challenges I search for the challenge’s tag. It sounds complicated and long-winded, but the prizes they offer for the competitions are interesting.

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  1. Hey Sammi,

    How are you doing? Hoping Thors Day struck a chord with you rather than leaving a dent lol 🙂

    I couldn’t let your good news pass the eye without stopping by for a quick read, or two, of short-listed words. You sound pleased and bewildered, yet happily so in both aspects 🙂 I thoroughly enjoyed the featured fiction and thought it a clever contemporary idea, witty and keenly observed it provides a social commentary on our beverage drinking addiction.

    Dragon-maiden was equally fascinating, enchanting and charming, your fairy-tale a spell from a good witch. Loved the movement throughout, the shift from one state to another state through the puddle portal was a great idea. And a happy ending spelt L-o-v-e. Aww, you know how much I enjoy a happy ending 🙂

    Your trophy cabinet of a bookcase must be almost crammed full by now with the many literary accomplishments you’ve to your credit! I say almost crammed full as I imagine there’s one space still set aside for the first novel? 🙂

    Congratulations and best wishes for more surprises that make you go ‘wow!’ over the forthcoming weekend 😀

    Take care of y’all you hear 🙂

    Namaste 🙂


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    • Hey Dewin,

      I’m fine, thank you. And yourself? Thor’s Day has been busy, yet enchanting.

      Thanks so much for reading both stories. I really appreciate it.

      Bewildered, certainly. I believe that the other two stories I have up on Sweek are much better than the coffee-inspired one, but then I suppose it’s quite a different, strange theme, and not something I would normally write.

      I *knew* you would like The Dragon-Maiden 🙂

      There is always room on the shelf for that first novel…if only I could get the darn thing finished… 😦

      Thanks once again, Dewin. Take care and Brightest Blessings 🙂

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      • Hey Sammi,

        Thors Day was fine thank you, although to suggest mine was enchanted may be stretching it a little. Every day is magic but without the company of birds on the roof outside the window where I sit at work today, my day passed more slowly than it might of done otherwise. I missed them today and wished they had been there…or rather I wished I was there wherever they were with them 🙂 But ce la vie as they say.

        I *knew* you would like The Dragon-Maiden… Oh you did did you? 🙂 You were right, and I am still unpacking the symbolism whilst recalling the story and its hidden nuances. I like to sleuth lol 🙂

        One day you will get that darn novel finished…please don’t make that day tomorrow 🙂

        My pleasure Sammi. Always nice to stop by for a pit-stop 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Hey Dewin,

        A day without birds is a sad day indeed. Yes, I would rather be with them wherever they are, than be in work but have there with me. They’re bound to be having much more fun doing whatever it is that they do 🙂

        I did only because it had a dragon in it lol

        “I am still unpacking the symbolism” – have you found much? Please feel free to share any thoughts…I’m intrigued 🙂

        Have a Fun and Fabulous Friday evening 🙂

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