Weekend Writing Prompt #16 – Colours

A word and photo prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  Use the prompts separately or together.  It’s up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes (it’s not a competition) but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

Word Prompt


Photo Prompt



Prose Challenge – Pick a saying that has a colour in it (green as envy, seeing red, blue murder, not black and white, etc) and write a story about it, using no more than 100 words.

Poetry Challenge – Write a poem of any length that includes all the colours of the rainbow.

Can’t wait to read what you have come up with!

35 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #16 – Colours

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  7. Hey Sammi,

    Apologies for mis-posting my poem…I have a very poor connection when the rain interrupts business. Thank you for letting me repost. This is my poem for your Challenge. Thanks 🙂

    ~ Rainbow ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

    I was tormented by distemper teased by each dark lie,
    I was torn to tears with discomfort, determined for answers why
    I was standing before a window pained in conference with the sky,
    When of sudden into my view an Angel fluttered by!
    Never one to hide surprise I was hastened to softly sigh!
    Hastened to chase this wispy grace lost in flighty lullaby!
    Hastened to unfurl my pretty wings: to lift away and fly!
    Hastened to race through empty space and soar to lofty highs!
    From whence I’d reach further still; to grasp and strive to rise,
    To rise to climb and soar beyond my cloudy scattered skies,
    To lift to drift to flash and float to scintillate like a spinning mote,
    To dash and dart else glimmer and glide upon a never-ending ride!
    But alas!
    What fool am I to foolishly conceive of such a world of make believe!
    When here I am held rooted to the floor, my outlook bleak, my day a bore,
    Pray tell by what forgotten law was judgement passed my desire ignored!
    When all I want is something more: no less no more than something more!
    Melancholy mused her mournful mood, clouds passed over where I stood
    Its mood a brood of hapless grey: long lingering shadows cast my way
    Cast to a mould of growing doubt, that slippery eel, once routed out
    Now chased by Crows, woe’s mournful bird, harbinger of the poet’s Bard.
    One pregnant pause birthing biting rain, one whispered word softly falling again,
    and again and again in the quickening gloom, with its dimming sin, portentous doom
    One word reigning, ringing out from the loom, splashing my pane with flowering blooms
    My sky was a sky falling fast and hard, my fool a fool falling no longer scarred
    No longer scarred, charred scared or barred, or rubbed raw by the never-ending bore,
    the daily chore and tethering, the weathering and pretending, that I ignore, at my peril,
    Now purling pearls upon my pain, ice diamonds glistening beneath solar reign.
    For now climbing high to arc in the sky in a multitude of delirious shades
    Steeples a rainbow leading its hypnotic weaving betwixt Heaven and Earthly glades
    Upon skies breast she wears her crest, her dress a fest of colours blessed
    colours guessed colours pressed from nothing more than wilderness!
    I feel her zest her fervent rest I sense fecundity stirring her sweet bloom,
    Her ark an arch a distended womb a loom kept turning a delivery room,
    A flume for earthing the birthing of my earthling re-birthing exhumed from a tomb
    In new guise, new eyes new costume, and new colours for my scribbling plume.
    Fine in form, in flaunt in favour, her fair flurry flowed in flashing flavours,
    Pure flavours to savour, her favour a saviour, her velour amour coloured gold
    A Love spangled gold and rolled in folds and folds of rolls and rolls pleated completed bold undefeated,
    Her magnificence untreated, her form once born sat elegantly seated, in the heart of her living God.
    Far away beyond pain, my disconsolate dazing, far beyond pane, my office glazing, I stood,
    Upon her wonder helplessly gazing, wrapped in gild and gold and auriferous hazing, I watched
    Her prismatic lazing languorously bathing amidst seven hues from one colourless shading,
    Each grading bewitching each shading a witching a stitching a switching of swathes
    Amazed else crazed and colour bathed, I was cloaked in cloth of multi-coloured fire
    My passion flamed burning, a pyre vast and yearning, and scorching hot with desire,
    Panting near ranting this fire this flame this impassioned gain, this urge to step to stride
    to make haste to chase and mount Her indescribable curve with a fervour that never dies!
    So I driven smitten, bowed heart in ribbons, my soul possessed by indomitable fire, this desire!
    Aspired in me, inspired tears removed my fears, carried me to the ragged edge, to one last ledge,
    This the perilous fledge: to fall or surmount one last doubt, to rise or fall the foolish fool who failed to take one last step,
    Who failed and bailed out!
    Barely begun barely undone, battered by a gale coursing through my veins, and rain!
    Still thundered pouring haplessly forlorn, still beating biting as if now torn with weep and woe
    such vicious throws her viscous blows a pain to slip and slide trickle and glide, upon my skin salted suffering
    Teased, begged, pleaded, urgently needed, finally receded as I stepped beyond the pale.
    The pale veil of intrepid faith, impels compels my heart to haste its climb upon Her bowing arch
    My frightened soul fiercely blanched, my mind entranced, my eyes wide, privy to her mystery,
    To a land extending without an ending, an unending never ending in no more than evermore, a forevermore
    Far, far away from mediocrities law, my office chore, the bore that led me quickening, hastening to foreign shores.
    I pause at the Zenith to admire the view, immerse myself within prismatic hues, else glean and gloat
    Flutter and float untied unaided uncomplicated, held fascinated by lustre and grace, the many colours of her face,
    Her facets her features her translucent charade, her character her grace her blessed façade, her purity her arch,
    Her spectrum ne’er marred, or tarred or tainted in colourless guise, her splendour intact across unchaste skies.
    When of sudden a whisper on a jet-streaming breeze falls with force upon my ear, “Seer! See!”
    “See! Do not turn or turn to flee! See all the bounty set aside for thee, all the Love embracing thee, don’t you see?”
    “Beauty all around you found bound to words of harmony! Poet please see! See Spirit lift and rise for thee!”
    “Watch,” said she, “from the crown of the rise in front of your eyes are Elders waiting to meet thee!”
    From my rainbow’s high mount I stood looking out, eyes searching probing far and wide: across countryside,
    stretched patched like quilt spilt upon the ground, undulating alternating nature lay unbound, unfound.
    But then I found bound to the base of my Bow an ancient Cairn erupting in brilliant light, so impossibly white,
    so scintillatingly bright like a an exploding Star or ethereal grace rising composed and tailored tailing poetic elegance.
    “Seer see!” came the whispering voice once again to me, “Seer see, see how works the mystery, the mystery that is all of me!”
    “The mystery that is at the heart of thee, the mystery that is key to thee, the one keystone key to set you free, the key to let you be.”
    I watched and waited for this light animated to climb and climb the arch of Bow to rise and rise on her rainbow flow,
    To rise and rise from far below to pass into the Light from deep shadow, to escape the depths of deathly hallow.
    But yet there was no form to this ascending bright light, no presence no substance no definable mass,
    No quantity to discern but a quality to learn, a quality in scintillating pose, and prose, and posy,
    and none more rosy than a sonnets dewy drabble, words to unravel the noblest heart, else give quick start to embers flame,
    igniting sparks in Love’s infinite game staged over and over and over again, when always, ‘for my Love’ is an endless .
    No further away than a young love’s stutter, this spectre of light began to flutter, to flutter to flicker, to move ever quicker
    Until suddenly there in front of my eyes, in front of my eyes to my unimaginable surprise, a ghost in front of my eyes!
    I heard its cries its wails its sighs, I heard last words it could no longer hide, soft words gently stirred before final rest,
    Last tender sentiments, words saved for best.
    “Dewin, my dear fellow,” this bedazzling spectre said unto me,
    “in this ‘otherworldly light, it seems perfectly right that you and I should meet here on the Bow.”
    “It was ordered below having been ordered above, you know the messages carried by our Mercurial dove.”
    “Dewin,” he said, “if my time with you allowed for longer regard, I’d find better words to welcome Dewin the Bard!”
    “You see,” said he, “an Elder will know when it is time to go, time to leave our Earthly grove, when it’s time to press on,
    flutter be gone before the coming of the very next age, my Sage, that’ll be you, in Red Kite hue, the who who is now the who in you.”
    “Who knew it would be you, did you, did I, did the role of the die, did my heart inform me before dying?”
    “Alas no, I’d be lying if I said otherwise, my demise a surprise quick to happen, quicker to stricken quicker to sadden.”
    “There was no heir to tier the towering turret, no legacy left to loot, no quill, no thrill, no remaining will, no prodigy sailing my boat.”
    “It was therefore decreed in the bowels of the Earth, at a counsel of no less than 12, decreed and agreed to make offer the seed,
    To a member outside of the Order, so that’ll be you who’ll see it all through, carry the new and continue to pen the next line,
    “It’s your time!” said he, “Oh, you’ll be fine, you’ve plenty of time to live and dream and simply be, just being free to live a melody”
    “Dewin, I’ve one pressing favour to ask of thee, one favour to beg, nay urgently plea, tis hugely important to only me,”
    “Hugely important to my sanity, hugely important to the sanctity of our eternal Love, my dove my darling, my Fanny B.”
    “Dewin, pray tell her of my passing words as I descended through the veil, tell her of my undying love as I ghosted beyond the pale.”
    “But most of all my prodigious friend, tell Fanny Brawne she was my Grail.”

    Many thanks for setting the Challenge Sammi. I hope to have time early this week to flick through the other pieces here. As always it offers intrigue and delight to do so.

    Until next time we meet on a Blog site near you, take care of one and all, have a wonderful week and a very pleasant evening. Ciao for now

    Namaste 🙂


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    • Wow. What an amazing poem – “amazing” doesn’t do it justice, but I’m currently at a loss for words – I think I’m still lost in the poem. It’s so beautiful, the story within it so full of emotion and colour. Thank you for sharing it with everyone here 🙂 Thanks for joining in with the Weekend Writing Prompt. Have a great weekend 🙂

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      • Good morning Sami,

        How are you this morning? 🙂 Welcome to Saturday an the Bank Holiday weekend! Oh joy in a hand-basket overflowing like a ripe hamper. I love three days off work. Are you doing anything special this weekend? 🙂

        I couldn’t sleep so thought I’d pop back here and add a line or two to the poem. Thank you for your lovely comment Sammi 🙂 I’m really pleased you liked it, got lost in it, stayed a while within it: the poem was something a little different style wise, and perhaps provides an option when writing the continuation of the Merlin story. Mixing styles up a little might help with pacing and story reading length. I don’t know we’ll have to wait and see.

        Anyhow, I’m looking forward to today’s Satruday Challenge 🙂 DO tell, will it be the hard one lol 😀

        Thanks Sammi, I wanted to add a few extra lines to the above poem, hope that’s cool for school.

        ~ Rainbow continued… ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

        “Dewin, pray tell her of my passing words as I descended through the veil, tell her of my undying love as I ghosted beyond the pale.”
        “But most of all my prodigious friend, tell Fanny Brawne she is my Grail.”
        “Why Mr Keat’s it would be my absolute delight sharing your sentiment with one so bright.”
        “My Star from afar as she will always be the one shimmering her glimmering upon every blue sea.”
        “She is no longer my woe spilling a tear from the corner of my eye, I had no tears left on the day I died,
        my tear ducts sealed and quickly dried and into their hollow I soon followed buried by soil sod and sorrow.”
        “But I would die again for her if for only one chance more to hear the love in her heart’s purr.”
        We stood sharing the one same view silent in our solitude but for the whispering wind and our thoughts fluttering away,
        Who might say where they will come to lay or even come to lie having blown far from home untethered and untied,
        Who might say upon what tide they’ll ride and slowly ebb away or drift and fade and dim and fly as legends always die: as a long sigh
        over time with their rhyme withering as fable in a world never able to keep either Love or Romance alive.
        “Flourish without me my dear sweet Love,” he said at last and turned to face me once more.
        “Dewin we have another ascending light alongside us as we head on through to Eden’s door.”
        “My dear friend, his statue has shared your travels when you’ve journeyed together before”
        “William Davies meet Dewin our Bow walking friend, our Wizard for company until Paradise End.”
        Far older in person than his hooded statue suggested William was elegant dark eyed suited double-breasted,
        Divested of youth not spirit striding assuredly away having shaken my hand bidding me ‘good day’,
        He was leading our way to promised lands,
        and sands shifting upon windswept shores of islands rippling upon one universal sea teeming with infinite possibility,
        Said he, “follow me I will guide thee quickly upon dawn’s energetic tide walking a path we’ll call your Supertramp’ Stride.”

        Ha Ha 🙂 I shall be back later to see what devious devilry you task us all with today 🙂 Bwahahahahaha!

        Hoping all is well and you woke to sunshine wherever you may be. Have a wonderful day! Take care SC 🙂

        Namaste 🙂


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      • Good Morning Dewin 🙂

        I am fine thank you. And yourself? Excited by the three day weekend? Of course you are! 🙂 I have a few things planned…lunch with family, catching up with my sister, listening to the cricket, a few poetry submissions I’m hoping to complete and get sent off before the deadlines fly by. I have one poem I’m still umming and ahhing about…I’m also hoping to find an hour or two to squirrel myself away somewhere to work on the Macha story. It’s never far from my thoughts, but time has been lacking as of late to dedicate to it. Do you have any plans for this marvellous weekend?

        These extra lines are a joy to read. You are such a gifted poet – your talent flows effortlessly, or that is how it seems to me 🙂 “But I would die again for her if for only one chance more to hear the love in her heart’s purr.” – this is such a beautifully moving line. Is the tale all told, or is there more still to come? 🙂

        Hopefully you’ll enjoy this weekend’s challenge 🙂

        Wishing you the Brightest of Blessings 🙂

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