The Attic Room

Beautiful cover, isn’t it…

I’m so happy to share that one of my short stories has been included in another of Fantasia Divinity’s anthologies, See Through My Eyes. The anthology brings together a collection of ghost stories; my own offering is entitled, The Attic Room. 

Summary (from Goodreads)

A scream slashes through the quiet night, a chill pierces your skin. The shimmering image of a woman forms in the mist, singing a haunting lullaby. She beckons. Will you go? Featuring 25 haunting stories, SEE THROUGH MY EYES is certain to chill you to the bone and make you wonder who is real and who is not. The Living? Or the dead? Join us as the dead seek to claim their revenge upon the living!

The Attic Room

Bryony Thompson is driving to see friends who live in the middle of rural nowhere.  When her car breaks down on the way, she is forced to stop over at The Blacksmith’s Arms, an isolated country pub offering bed and breakfast.  But the ancient inn is not as quaint as it may first appear…

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Goodreads | Amazon UK | Amazon US

10 thoughts on “The Attic Room

  1. How exciting! I’m so happy for you! Sounds interesting, and what a fabulous cover they put together.

    I have Fantasia Divinity on my list of possible places to submit to, so this is also reassuring for me — that if they like your stuff and our stuff is in the same general vein, maybe I have a chance!

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    • Thanks so much, Joy.
      They do come up with some great covers.
      I can’t imagine any venue turning down your stories, Joy, honestly. So definitely give them a try. Also if you check their Facebook page, they posted a list a few months back of all the anthologies they are hoping to put together by next spring. They only tend to post the calls that are currently open on their website.

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  2. Very well done, Sammi! You succeed again. I too saw Fantasia Divinity’s name somewhere and wondered if they were on the level – so hard to tell if a publisher is okay just from their website. I’ll look into their anthologies – and they publish novels too, don’t they?
    Many congrats for your ongoing success 🙂

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    • Thanks so much, Lynn 🙂 It is hard to tell today, there are so many venues, all saying all sorts of things…
      Fantasia Divinity publish a monthly magazine, anthologies, fairy tale retelling novellas and have recently started accepting novel manuscript queries too. Before, for the anthologies at any rate, they offered payment in terms of a free copy of the book, but now it’s a cash payment in line with the word count, or for the novels / novellas, royalties.
      As I mentioned to Joy, check out their Facebook page for a more complete list of the anthologies they are planning on putting together.

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