A Month of Mini Writing Challenges 2017 Days 21-30: The Links

It’s now October and that can only mean one thing…that the month of mini writing challenges is at an end.  My thanks go to all those who participated, whether once, a few times or every single day.  I hope you have had fun.  I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading all the challenge responses – you lot are a seriously talented bunch of writers and poets!

I would say that I enjoyed writing my own responses, but I faded away after the first ten days, rising once to publish a cluster of three posts, before fizzling out completely.  The challenges I did join in with, I had fun writing and couple of them I plan to return to in the future.

Below you will find the badges for those of you who wish to display them with pride, and below them, the final round-up of links from the 2017 challenge.  If I have missed any off the list, please do let me know, and I will add them.

If you’re looking for any more writing challenges or prompts to tackle, there are number to be found:

Have a great week everyone, and happy writing!

Participants Badge

To claim the badge all you need to have done is participated at least once in the challenge by writing something in response to one of the prompts and then posted it on your blog.  Easy!

Now go and display your badge with honour!

approx. size: 300 x 300

approx. size: 150 x 150

Links Day 21 – 30

Day 21: Write a story in 25 words or less about a book.

Day 22: Write a 50 word story that includes the words: expedition, rainforest, discovery.

Day 23: Write a poem about an alien.  Any length.

Day 24: The prompt is return.  Any length.  Any form.

Day 25: Write a story in 75 words or less about an encounter with a stranger.

Day 26: Write a poem on theme of “rejuvenation” in less than 10 lines.

Day 27: The prompt is “crime”.  The length and format are your choice.

Day 28: Write a story in less than 100 words that opens with, “There once was a castle…”

Day 29: Pick the name of one or your favourite bands / groups / artists.  Use that as your inspiration to write a story in 50 words.

Day 30: Write a spooky poem in 13 lines for Halloween.

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