Weekend Writing Prompt #23 – Taste

A word and photo prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  Use the prompts separately or together.  It’s up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes (it’s not a competition) but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

Word Prompt


Photo Prompt



Prose Challenge – Write a story in 35 words, inspired by the theme of taste, without actually including the word “taste” in it.

Poetry Challenge – Write a rhyming couplet inspired by either your favourite food / drink or your least favourite food / drink.

Can’t wait to read what you have come up with!

36 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #23 – Taste

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  3. Hey Fair Lady Sammi C, Writer of Witchery, Namaste 🙂

    Saturday rolled in so unexpectedly that it is now afternoon when I venture here. I hope I find you well and living the dream: autumn kisses the horizon with vigour, she will soon blow through with wrath! 🙂

    I imagine you knew the photograph would have me salivate, hungry as I always am for the sweetness of sugar 😉

    ~ Sugar ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

    Enticing me to one taste too tempting to not take two,
    Two too few to not take a third. Would five be absurd?
    You please my eye Sammi C within these golden baked sweets,
    The ones you know I’d roam for, to savour your tasty treats.
    Rippled above a porcelain shine, your cakes look divine.
    Cooling on the hot-plate, on a windowsill, with a sign: ‘Queen of Hearts’
    This Page of Hearts, this roaming Knight, he without portfolio,
    By the sill he waits for your back to turn, then he’ll grab a handful and go!
    Else might you confront him now knowing he is there?
    Waiting by the windowsill, your tasty treats wide in his stare?
    Why not invite in the Knight to taste your delicious wares?
    You are a Queen it is true, but your chamber isn’t a lair/ Is it 😉
    But a carnival of cakes and tasty treating bakes,
    and flakes of kindness drizzled with purring Grimalkin.
    This Knight who views your sugared treats: does he do so with eyes of sin?
    Or merely because he’s rapacious and wants to get stuck in!? 😉

    Thank you for setting the challenge. How did you know that those particular cakes are my out-and-out favourite? Do you have a key to my secret door and explored my sugar-coated sins? 🙂

    Hoping all is well wherever you may be. Take care of one and all.

    God Bless. Namaste 🙂


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    • P.S: I’ve just met a man who is named after the Morning Star, Aurora 🙂 His daughter is named after the Moon. I am in wonder and awe. I explained how Venus was my Love also. Quite a moment, quite a connection revealed. 🙂 Just thought I’d share.

      God Bless. Namaste 🙂


      Liked by 2 people

      • Hey Lady Chef Sammi C Baker of Cakes, Writer of Mystery 🙂

        How are thee? Spellbound no doubt by Autumn’s rush as she bustles into town, reaching for the extra duvet or the eiderdown, yet excited by the buzz and rattled energetically, cold days, dark nights, Halloween mystery!

        Thank you for loving my poem 🙂 If only I knew quite where your kitchen was Sammi I would be a frequent visitor to your chamber door 🙂 As it is your mystery remains concealed and veiled behind a thick mist of steam rising from a plethora of freshly baked cakes, and I cannot find my way through such a shroud. If only I had the muzzle of a hound and not the nose of a sugar-fiend Snow Leopard, I would hunt those baked goods down and devour them all rapaciously bwahahahaha! As it is I roam and roam and roam in hope that one day fate will deliver me to your Kitchen Door: the fabled portal to Sugar-Heaven 🙂

        Viennese Whirls rich and crumbly with cream and jam centres are neither cake nor biscuit but a form of tasty baked treat unique. They display all the criteria one would normally associate with Victoria sponge cake per se, but they have solidity to their form, and crunch, and crumbles, they remind me of a Devon cream-tea…no doubt similar to the scones served in the tea-room of the Mill you enjoy so much. So yes, they are my out-n-out favourite…and you can send them by post 🙂 🙂

        Brightest Blessings for a wonderful weekend. Take care of one and all.

        God Bless. Namaste 🙂



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