Weekend Writing Prompt #24 – Shadows

A word and photo prompt to get your creativity flowing this weekend.  Use the prompts separately or together.  It’s up to you.  Write a piece of flash fiction, a poem, a chapter for your novel…anything you like.  Or take the challenge below – there are no prizes (it’s not a competition) but rather a fun writing exercise.  If you want to share what you come up with, please leave a link to it in the comments.

Word Prompt


Photo Prompt



Prose Challenge – Write a story in exactly 113 words that begins in the photo above.  Where you go from there is up to you.

Poetry Challenge – Write a haiku inspired by the word prompt.

Can’t wait to read what you have come up with!

27 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt #24 – Shadows

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  4. Greeting Lady Sammi C, Setter of Saturday Challenges, Writer of Witchery, Namaste 🙂

    Hoping Saturday afternoon finds you purposefully engaged else pottering passionately perhaps making cakes, bakes, or tasty treats, perhaps out walking pausing to take a seat with a view, something to inspire to flicker flame higher, to almost burn and crisp at the edges 🙂

    I am not Haiku writer, but I had a little go,
    I am writing Haiku’s until the clouds drift and go,
    Then I’ll be back to happiness: musing little smiles,
    Tie the laces one more time for a journey of a million miles.

    I am a little below par today, my expression has lost a lighter touch: shadows reach rake and grasp to cast me asunder, so this a little gloomy 😦

    Incisive, divisive, estranging discordant
    Isolating alienating schismatic mordent
    Astringent pungent trenchant shadow serpent
    Piercing razor-edged, keen, sharp acerbic disturbance

    God Bless. Namaste 🙂


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    • Hey Sir Knight, Slayer of bossy dragons and champion of treasure-filled quests 🙂 There’s a sharpness to your four lines; they certainly pack a dark punch. Gloomy, perhaps, but isn’t that the very essence of shadow? Wishing you the brightest of blessings 🙂

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      • Greeting Lady Sammi, Namaste 🙂

        I have yet to serve the final coup-de-grace but the pleasure when I do will be immense…the most personally satisfying moment of my life. There is a moment later this coming week that I am relishing…face to face with a pathological liar who personifies evil, this Knight has sharpened his tongue to a razor-edge and will slice very slowly to ensure all possible pain and discomfort. Perhaps a death by a thousand cuts like they used to do in the folklore legends from afar.

        Regards my Haiku attempt: it is an occupational hazard when one is a fire diviner to taste toxicity in a flame. I didn’t wake up gloomy, I must have been poisoned by something, stung no doubt. So, is poison then the essence of shadow – as in something toxic creating an imbalance to a ground state of being more centred on happiness? Sometimes fire divining makes me wonder what is truly in someone’s heart.

        Have you set this week’s challenge? I’ll just go and have a look.

        Take care 🙂

        God Bless. Namaste 🙂



  5. Hey Sammi C, Namaste 🙂

    I wrote this poem and didn’t know what to do with it. I published it in the Out-House on my site. Hope you don’t mind me adding the pan-pipe track? It is my all time favourite in that genre. A tune called The Lonely Shepherd. I thought it went well the theme of shadows? 🙂

    ~ Shadow ~ By ~ Dewin Nefol ~

    Field ploughed furrowed fallow, harvest complete season hollow,

    The sallow withers stripped foliage bare, autumn winds chilling night air

    Darkness distends; coldness extends icy compression, deep depression

    I pause to wallow: fleet swift beat of summer’s Swallow, last bloom falls from summer’s Mallow,

    Shallow shifting shades of sun-kissed Apollo, hallowed still, in autumn mellows, yellows,

    My desperado follows gallant to the gallows poised in winter’s mouth where She waits

    Baited and biting, born beating bleating to blither, to flood to feed the drouth,

    To scourge to purge to scratch to scrub to scab, to reach and rake, to grab and grasp,

    Surge splurge ravage Spurge, merge submerge diverge converge urge to emerge

    Upsurge upon Spring tides, husks burnished and bidding for life, budding blooms

    Fair Ladies swoon, honeyed Moon violin vibrato staccato plucked from stars,

    Next spring I begin again would winter’s wounds wield scars, frost bitten, given to grace

    Who walks with me, talks with me, shares her sweet embrace with me: her See a lonely shepherd

    Blizzard weathered Snow Leopard, Solar centered phantom drifting platinum gold amongst peaks, valley folds,

    Handsome his heart a swollen magnum, spirit-full spiritual, incorruptible melodic anthem

    Tuneful his truth melding to forge in his hearth, hardened by winter’s bloodied aftermath,

    Set jaw, set stride, do I lead in epic venture where others step-aside, else hide, not I,

    With an a Angel treading at my side, I fairly race dash dart and glide, ice rides

    Snow tides white waves shifting drifting sifting smothering life-frozen strife, ice-bound staves, unmarked graves,

    Where I sit with Sorrow to mourn share her woes, in winter’s early light, chilled hands cold bones,

    And lips tinged with soft pastel blue, eyes deeply sunken, moistened dewy hue, wet tracks

    Behind an ashen veil, she hides her pale and pallid skin, cracks and lines with shadows etched in,

    Filled in with suffering, her buffering despondency and despair: guilt and grief our ever noble pain,

    Her comfort an Eternal Flame again and again, Lady Sorrow she bleeds away all my strain,

    Leaves me calm and centered and silenced again, she an Angel always present above, a guardian everlasting,

    A Lonely Shepherd’s dove: roaming sheepherders Mourning Goddess of Love.


    Thank you for setting the challenge. Enjoy your weekend.

    God Bless. Namaste 🙂


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    • Hey Dewin 🙂 I’ve not listened to panpipe music in ages – that was such a treat 🙂 Your poem is absolutely wonderful. My favourite line: “Behind an ashen veil, she hides her pale and pallid skin, cracks and lines with shadows etched in,”- there’s a sadness there, but beauty too. Have a great weekend 🙂

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      • Hey Sammi, Namaste 🙂

        It is a sensational piece of music: dependant on one’s mood it is either haunting or emotionally stirring, perhaps a combination of the two, but either way it is incredibly powerful to listen to, dream to, or use as a visualisation tool. I have always thought Pan pipes express the wilderness like no other musical instrument although I can’t readily delineate why other than to suggest it has something to do with the frequency the instrument operates at…it feels indivisible/symbiotic with the body as if every note expresses divine breath in harmonic form. The high notes especially – their reach is awe inspiring, their energy carries the soul so high it atomises, dissipates amongst the stars.

        Fair Lady Sorrow, an Angel of Compassion, perhaps she should lift her ashen veil once in a while and let a little sunlight tease her cheek to a rosy shine 🙂

        Hoping all is well with one and all and you enlivened else left rosy cheeked by autumn’s colourful bride.

        God Bless. Namaste 🙂



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  9. I absolutely didn’t have time to write but I was intrigued by the photo and so….. here are my 113 words.

    Andrea was oblivious to the lacy shadows formed by the branches of
    the magnolia tree. Always the artist, the sun had etched
    a negative of the branches in the carpet of grass like a screen print.
    There was the tawny yellow snaking of branches in the scorched grass and
    the contrast of the lush green grass that
    now magically bore the resemblance of a tree in more
    than one way. Littered on this grassy canvas magically etched
    with the image of a tree were hundreds of discarded
    leaves. They cascaded from the branches above to accidentally
    make the portrait of a tree below. She didn’t notice
    the whimsy although she might have on another day.

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    • Thanks so much for joining in with the Weekend Writing Prompt. I really enjoyed reading your story. I like how the leaves fell to create a portrait of the tree on the grass – it’s such a beautiful image. Have a great weekend 🙂

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