“A Family Reunion” and an update…

A Family Reunion:

My short story, A Family Reunion, has been included in the latest Zimbell House Publishing anthology, Children of Zeus: A Collection of Mythic Tales.  The story focuses on one of Zeus’ less famous children, Pandea, a moon goddess who (for the purposes of this story) decided to keep contact with her immortal family to a minimum, choosing instead to make her home alongside mortals.  However, Zeus doesn’t like to be ignored by his children…

I had fun writing this story.  I love Greek mythology and I enjoyed seeing how many Greek gods, goddesses and heroes I could mention.  Zimbell House has a few more Greek mythology-inspired anthologies coming up and it would be fun to try and write something for another one if I can.

You can learn more about this anthology by checking it out on the publisher’s website or heading over to Goodreads.

The update:

Having spent most of the week in bed with the flu, I was overwhelmed to see such lovely comments left for me regarding the publication of One Turn of The Wheel, when I did finally feel well enough to switch the computer on.  So, I just wanted to let everyone know, I’ve not been ignoring you!

6 thoughts on ““A Family Reunion” and an update…

  1. Congratulations! I am so impressed at all your anthology publications. How do you even find these opportunities? You must be so diligent about keeping track of them, and writing all these stories to submit. You get more stories *published* than I am able to write in the same period of time, wow!

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      • Well, I have a whole list of publishers on a spreadsheet, but it turns out you have to actually keep checking their sites and seeing what the latest call is and then actually write and submit something — a few steps that you seem to be doing very effectively!


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