Weekend Writing Prompt – Year 1 Celebration and What’s New for Year 2

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So, if you caught yesterday’s post or the most recent Weekend Writing Prompt, you will have seen that this little writing challenge has now been going for a full year!  Yay!  Before I get to explaining how Year 2 of the prompts are going to differ from Year 1, I wanted to spend a few minutes celebrating all the amazing responses to the first 52 word and picture prompts…

Year 1 Celebration

Then I had an idea…(It’s even possible someone else suggested it to me, but I can’t remember…) what if we put together an e-anthology of some of the pieces of flash fiction and poetry written for the prompts.  Currently, this is only in the brainstorming stage, but I think the process would work something like this:

  • I set a deadline, probably 6-8 weeks from now for submissions to be emailed over to me
  • submissions would consist of no more than 5 pieces of fiction, poetry, or combination of both
  • submissions would only be considered for responses to any of the 52 weekend writing prompts from the first year, and only one response per prompt per submitter
  • it would be up to you whether you send over your original responses to the prompt or write new ones
  • if you haven’t participated in the Weekend Writing Prompt before, it wouldn’t matter.  You could pick up to five prompts (all Weekend Writing Prompts can be found here) and write a response.
  • responses written to the weekly poetry and prose challenges as well as free write responses would be suitable for submission
  • I would imagine most, if not all, submitted pieces would be accepted and included in the anthology, but of course, until all the submissions were in and I could see what we had, I wouldn’t be able to guarantee it.  Not only do we want to celebrate the first year of the Weekend Writing Prompt but also make the anthology a good read.  If we end up with a dozen responses to the same prompt and nothing else, we might need to rethink this project!
  • And finally…Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to offer payment for submissions as no-one would be making any money from it.

So there are my thoughts.  I thought it would be best to put the idea out there before declaring this a “thing” and then have to look on as nothing happens 😀  I know everyone is busy and many of you have just finished a very intense month of writing; I’m in the same boat.   The Weekend Writing Prompt feels like a community, and this would be a community project, so I really do need your input.  Please let me know in the comments below whether you would be interested in joining in with this e-anthology.  If we get enough interested writers and poets, I’ll then put together a set of submission guidelines etc.

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What’s New for Year 2

In Year 1 we had a word prompt and photo prompt, with the optional poetry and prose challenges all contained within each weekend’s prompt post.

In Year 2 there will be a single word prompt, with the optional challenge of writing a poem or piece of short fiction in an exact number words (the number will change each week).  Though the format and style of response you write will be your choice, I hope having an exact number of words to stick to will stretch your creativity and fire up your imagination.

There it is.  I hope to see you all over the weekend, checking out the first of the new style prompts.  And don’t forget to comment below if you have any thoughts / suggestions for the e-anthology idea.

Thanks for reading and take care 🙂

31 thoughts on “Weekend Writing Prompt – Year 1 Celebration and What’s New for Year 2

  1. Hey Sammi, Namaste 🙂

    How are you?

    I recall exactly who it was who suggested an anthology be put together from submissions for the Saturday Challenge, so I am very pleased to hear you’re considering that proposal once again 😉

    There is a great deal of talent writing here on your Blog each week and a wonderful community is taking shape: each week it seems submissions keep getting better and better. I applaud the initiative but think it a shame that in some small way the authors of the Saturday Challenge Anthology couldn’t make a little money collectively to be used to support other areas of publication and publishing for the community writing here: perhaps sufficient to part-fund a small co-operative publishing business on behalf of those contributing whilst also utilising the skills/contacts/and network of friends and associates already writing here like a pool of resource. This could be an opportunity just waiting to be nurtured and brought to fruition in the fullness of time? Just an idea.

    As for my scrawl and scribble submitted in response to the Saturday challenges that were set: by all means assess their worth and if good enough to meet the standard then please accept them as submissions and include the work. And if not then those words that didn’t quite make it can live-on in the comments section for posterities sake.

    I’ll pop back at some point tomorrow and see what degree of difficulty you’ve set and consider if I can meet that expectation! 🙂 Enjoy your evening.

    Namaste 🙂


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    • Hey Dewin 🙂 I thought it was you, but couldn’t be sure lol Thank you for the inspiration!

      As to your suggestion, it sounds great *but* I would not be the right person for such a task. I don’t have the time to dedicate to something like that, nor the organisational skills, marketing skills, or publishing skills in general to make it work. I would find it a struggle, and I know I would suffer under the (self-imposed) pressure to make it not only work, but reach some crazy level of success to ensure everybody got what they deserved out of such a venture. I would *like* to do it. I would *like* to be the person who could do it. But I *know* I’m not. 😦

      I hope you like the new prompt format when you see it, and am eagerly anticipating your response to it. Have a great weekend. 🙂

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  2. I have only participated sporadically but m glad to see you looking forward even as you reflect on your first year. When the call goes out I will respond with a couple of poems that I wrote for this weekly challenge. Thank you for your ongoing efforts!

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    • Thank you 🙂 I suppose it would all depend on what you mean by “epic”; epic compared to the set challenges or whether you would be inspired to write a novel 🙂 I think the maximum length we could feasibly stretch to is around 1,000-1,200.

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      • Anything submitted would have to be something already wriiten for, as you know I’m tied up with Asaric Tales. The complete 5-books total 650,000. That’s epic. And even my shorter stories tend to weigh in at 50k+. I have one or two ‘shorter’ stories but …

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      • That’s the total count of the ‘Asaric Tales’ quint. But that doesn’t include the entire series which includes another five stories each at around 100k each. Over the past five years, these have all been posted to crimsonprose. Now, as you know, I’m prepping them prior to e-publication (my ‘retirement’ project!) which is why I’m not writing new stuff.

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  4. Hi Sammi, your photo is excellent. Count on me, I found my pieces. I have separate folders for each challenge and other categories. I’ll look at the list of prompts and write a couple more for the submission.

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  5. I have finally caught up and reread this post. Count me in, sorry I’m a bit late, still recovering from April Challenges.
    Thanks for a wonderful year of photos and prompts. Happy Days.

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